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Rallying Cry to the Scots

Word from the Lord
through Rev Dr Cllr David P Griffiths, 14/11/12
“Over many years, the English have seen themselves as a superior race, with other parts of the United Kingdom seen as inferior. Yet it is the English who today are saying ‘Racism is very wrong.’ Yet it is the English who toured the world with pride, not accepting the culture of others.
“How foolish are the English!

“It is the English who have the great thinking universities: Oxford & Cambridge. Yet out of them has come a secular humanist thinking, that they can now live without God.
“How foolish are the English!

 “It is the English who have set up the whole of the south-east as a big place for earning money, seeing other parts of the United Kingdom as beneath them.
“How foolish are the English!
“Although having a Scottish Prime Minister, it is the English who supported the Millennium Dome, & then did not know what to do with it.
“How foolish are the English!
“Even though most of the success in football, & the huge support, is based in the north of England, they built a new soccer stadium in an overcrowded area of London, where the national team is based, having hardly won anything in the whole of its existence; whereas had it been based in the north, it would have taken on the culture of the north, where trophies have been traditionally won, & the most vociferous support gained.
“How foolish are the English!
“The English are proud of their cathedrals, & see them as churches, as they do their parish churches, as they call them. Yet it is men who has built these buildings. Do they really think I am coming back to take these buildings to heaven? I do not dwell in holy places made with hands. Yet they bow down to altars made of stone, & lack the spiritual nous to understand I dwell in the hearts of believers.

“How foolish are the English!
“Today they have a form of political correctness, which can now judge the sins of previous generations. So in effect, they are so clever, they have taken my job!
“Hillsborough was a terrible disaster, caused by the sins of men. To bring the changing English culture to judge a well-known culture of the day, of major police corruption at that time, can only be solved by the preaching of the Cross, where all men must come to be saved.
“I warn the English: there is no room in your prisons for all the sinners of the 60s, 70s & 80s. The truth is that many of these sinners of previous generations have gone to the prison of eternal torment, in that, instead of preaching the gospel, English people have laughed at the gospel story.
“English people have tried to make all religions equal. English people in government allowed the immorality of the 60s, whereas at that time the Scots were still holding on to their tradition; the Welsh were still holding on to revival instincts. The Northern Irish were still holding on to Reformation principles. Yet the English were singing ‘All you need is Love.’ Yet the love they were singing about is a love that has tortured & murdered millions of babies from the womb; a love that has promoted family breakdown; so many crimes being committed over the years that the truth is now in England that the justice system cannot cope.
“How foolish are the English!
“Yet this secular humanist nation of England now has a spirituality. At their Tower of Babel Olympic Stadium, they are now bringing everyone together in the rings of the Olympics, showing how proud they are of the nation’s history. Yet from the fires of Olympus, they brought out a rising phoenix to show that now they have moved on from secular humanism to embrace the end-time antichrist of paganism.

“How more foolish are the English to get? Spiritually they are the third world country above all third world countries. Having changed completely from acceptance of immorality in the 70s to now being appalled by it, they now dig up the sins of those in the grave! Surely this is My job? Are they going to bring coffins into courtrooms? Instead of digging up the sins of those in coffins, what they can do is remove all the laws that brought immorality in in the first place; removing the Abortion Act; removing of acts unbiblical, like the allowance of homosexuality; & making the NHS one that brings life, rather than death. For it is government policy of slaughtering innocents, government policy of broken homes, that brought the conditions for paedophiles to flourish.
“You deal with paedophilia by dealing with those laws, rather than digging up the sinners of the past.
“How foolish are the English! It is almost as if they are going to build prisons, & put coffins in cells.
“How foolish are the English!
“I say to the English: It is time to look at yourself, rather than everybody else. You proudly state you are a democracy, & have the Mother of Parliaments on your land, forgetting that constitutionally you are a theocracy, with an unelected head of state who is to hear from God, oversee a Commonwealth of Nations; yet you English embraced a European culture alien to your Constitution & way of thinking. Now you are over-stressed with foreign law your monarch is commanded by law to suppress! Yet you moan amongst yourselves, rather than petition the monarch to save you from foreign infiltration into your legal systems, which have moved from being the example to the world, to being the laughing-stock of the world.
“How foolish are the English!
“The English have been just as daft in their education programmes; having a well-respected examination system, changed it all, made everything easier for candidates, then said, ‘We’ve had the best results for years.’ Using children as a political football is a form of child abuse.
“So those in government who have made these crazy laws think that today, they can judgeother child abusers. So the devil is judging his own.
“How foolish are the English!
“Now the Scots had better wake up. Over the years of these English behaviours, Scots have looked down at the English, saying how stupid they are. And to a degree, you have kept to a higher moral standard than the English, & a far better education system.
“The same can be said of Northern Ireland. The Welsh however having the same legal structures of the English, over the years having become victims of English inadequacy, for which they now need a Saviour.
“So from where am I to bring a sorting-out of the English? Well, I am going to send missionaries into England. And from where am I to send these missionaries? Well, the Scots now proudly sing that they sent proud Edward homeward to think again. Scots like to think they have a mission to sort out the English. Well, I am going to bring about a blood-washed Scotland, from Shetland down to the Borders. This is why I am not only calling you set up College in Wales; I am calling you to set up the Bible College of the Hebrides, from where you will train missionaries to reach the English. 
“Now, don’t get Me wrong. The Every Creature Commission sends missionaries all over the world; but you will sense a particular anointing to reach the English.
“The Scots will love removing the altars from the English churches. The Scots will love taking off the Druidic gowns of the archbishops, & replacing them with the preaching gowns of the Reformation, & the barristerial tabs of law-making, which is the job, is it not, of the House of Bishops, the Scots apparently not having bishops. But they do have pastors, & the English need love in their Parliament; not the false love of the 60s, but the love which sent Jesus to the Cross, Scots in the past being well known for this hell-fire preaching, & passionate missionaries.
“The Scots must understand that the English are to be loved & cherished, & educated in thetraditional Scottish way. For the Scots are to bring to the English the reformation of God; all the grand cathedrals to become museums, to become antiques of the past; parish churches to have their altars removed. But the Scots must know I am to remove their abominations too; for in Scotland I am to remove all pagan influences on Reformation Church groupings. The split groupings of the Presbyterians are to be healed; for they are to be brought together to assist the English spiritually. The national Church is to play a major role in this; but not until it has removed its flirting with the silly English immoral allowances.
“For I am going to blood-wash Scotland, take away the religion, & replace it with a Holy Ghost-anointed Reformation Church.
“Yes, the Scots are being built up to declare war against the English; but this time, nophysical was , but a spiritual one, to remove the filth & decadence the English have polluted the whole of the United Kingdom with.
“The Pentecostal Church of Scotland will have a limited time in existence as an operating body. For there shall be one Church in Scotland, called the Church of Scotland, with preaching gowns & tabs, completely free of the masonic order; completely united to the vision of Knox, in that he refused a monarch influenced by Catholicism; & it is only those moving in the anointing of Knox that can remove the influence of present-day Catholicism from the monarchy that has its main base in England, yet has a special seat in the Kirk of Crathie, where the present monarch fully understands how the Church of England needs to come in line with the principles Knox brought to Scotland.
“Your role in this, saith the Lord, is to build the Bible College of the Hebrides, where people will come from around the world; & in addition, proclaim the role of the Pentecostal Church of Scotland, to bring full sanctification, the full immersion in the Holy Ghost, to a Church of Scotland completely free from its flirting with immorality, completely free from the stone of Dunkeld, & on fire for God - & oh! Isn’t that its logo? Let the fire flow!
“The Scots are known as a fiery race. Well, let the fire be the fire of the Holy Ghost.
“So, you Scots better know something: you are not here to slaughter the English. Your God-given role is to save them; & you have in your heritage & culture, what they do not have; & I am telling you to give it to them.”

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