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Word from the Lord through DPG, 14/10/14
“There’s Only One Jail Big Enough”

“As the present generation looks to judge the sins of past generations, it needs to be understood that this is the duty of God; & whilst, in effect, under the monarch’s crest, the monarch taking responsibility in God’s name in relation to justice, it also has to be understood the impossibility of the task.

“There is no jail big enough to take the sinners of past generations, except one, called hell-fire. And as it is not My will that any should perish, the effort going into the catching of the sinners of past generations should instead be transferred to the root cause of all these things. The effort should be on this root cause, for the present generation has not acted to remove the gross sins of politicians who brought in acts of Parliament that have killed, stolen & destroyed.

“These sins go on today; whereas commonly, 80-year-olds have stopped the sins of their youth, government continues its sin of aborting My babies; its sin of promoting immorality in schools; & its sin of stealing from the people resources that do not belong to them.

“Dealing with this on-going sin is where the effort should go, whereas dealing with the sins of past generations is My role.

“This is how I deal with sins of past generations: on those alive, I convict with My Spirit, but in Western countries there are intellectual barriers to faith, which is the result of the introduction of false philosophies into the education system, which is now over-stretched, over-stressed, built on sand, & not fit for purpose. For instead of teaching the basics of the Word of God, the system has chosen to bow down to the idols of philosophy, the idols of false science, the idols of the Green movement, rather than simply believing in the God who created the heavens & the earth.

“This is why there is so much stress about. People under stress look for escape routes. So, because of the fact that the laws which cause stress are not being removed, then there are many more sinners for the government to deal with, when in fact the biggest sinner is themselves.
“So again, I call for National Days of Repentance; as I have already stated, the build-up to the General Election is full of party manifestos that think they can do something. I am looking for a party that can do nothing; a party that will be an empty vessel for Me. For by My Spirit, I deal with the root problem of sin; & the true party, led by the Spirit of God, will remove that which has come to kill, steal & destroy.

“Oh yes! The Name which is above every other name has to be exalted in thy nation; & as that Name is exalted, so sinners of the past generations will come & repent, there then being no need to put them in prison. But those who maintain the status quo of abortion, over-regulation, & putting the nation under a foreign power, there is a jail reserved for them which will last for eternity, unless they repent before God, & bring the nation back to its Christian Constitution.”