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Word from the Lord through DPG, 27/08/14
“The Development of the Websites”
“You have always known the way forward, within this particular time span, was to spread out My Word in such a way that the radical element of prophetic word I have given thee should reach all of the people, all of the time, in a format easy to understand.

“Now, those who move in the prophetic are a huge danger to those who move corruptly in the world system. Those who move corruptly are those who base their lives on what is seen as human philosophy, rather than through God’s call.

“Now, the development of web-sites runs alongside the development of broadcasting & ultimately of social media. Social media is the communications arm from where those viewing the websites can communicate easily with thee.
“Within this context comes the intercession. Those in the intercession need to understand that which is coming out of these websites, & ultimately social media exchanges, for all this is about to greatly increase.

“The key of intercession is knowing the heart of God. The cryings out & wailings come from a heart of deep surrender. So where there is the passion for getting the word out through the electronic media, there needs to be an equivalent passion amongst the intercessors to know the heart of God. Knowing the heart of God, that is, where God is at a given time, takes the meetings completely into the spirit, from where the crying out of those led by the Spirit of God brings about trance-like states in the spirit, from where all power is exercised.

“So from the intercessors, there is a passion to know what God is saying, & a passion to remove all the earthly lusts from the mind of the individual. From here comes these trance-like meetings, which will bring the conditions for revivals to occur all over the world.

“Now, the Word of God has no origins in Egypt; that is, you witness today manifestations through the Egyptian text. This is Satan looking to be like the Most High. So you have a situation where the Antioch Text is used by thee, you witness the Spirit move, & you develop into a state of trance where every plot of the enemy is defeated.

“Now, the intercessors need to ask themselves, are they in that state, or are they thinking in what is seen as moving with the human mind-set? There is great intercession to take place during the coming weeks; but be in the spirit during those intercession programmes; know the heart of God, & on doing this, you will witness My glory.

“Now, this passion for setting up the electronic media must continue; & on-line thou hast given the calling of God on thy lives, & this is to be developed. Put on the early prophecies on the Word of Faith Increasing site. This site is to grow enormously, as indeed are all the other sites; & you are to shout from the roof-tops these warnings of God. For as thou interceded at Boscastle & the floods came through blasphemy of My Word; for I have called thee to intercede in particular situations to bring the conditions for men & women to receive Christ.

“Now, as the prophetic goes out, note the name of thy intercession site, which is ‘On Fire.’ Fire spreads quickly; & so, be prepared to be a mighty ministry in God. This is why the passion of the intercessor is so important. So be ready to fulfil the purposes of God.

“This is My word for you: to have that passion to be one in Me.”

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13 10 14 Lindsay Griffiths in THE MIDNIGHT CRY
Lindsay Griffiths praises the Lord with The Midnight Cry, He Touched Me, The Haven Of Rest, The Old Rugged Cross makes the Difference

Word from the Lord through DPG, 03/10/14
“The Midnight Cry, 
the Wise Man & the Foolish Man, 
& By His Stripes Ye Are Healed”

“These titles are to bring understanding, even in a secular Western world, that the time is nigh. Many talk of their conspiracy theories, of various mysterious organisations, which may or may not exist. Many have accounts of great events, which might or might not have been stage managed.

“Did they go to the Moon? Was 9/11 a set-up? Are the present-day wars a deliberate ploy to place people under further security? So you live in a world that is pondering conspiracy questions. Instead of questions, My Word gives conspiracy facts; facts that come in one name: Lucifer.

“Now, as you witness to the world, it is not your place to speculate on conspiracy, but to expose the works of the devil, & bring them out into the light.

“Such is the “Midnight Cry” programme. The programme is not to be used for simple testimony, but to Biblically warn of the signs of the times; of the necessity of getting saved, not within the context of conspiracy theories, but within the context of the signs of the times My Word declares will occur before the day of My coming.

“These signs are all around you as fact. They are not theory. Rather than a New World Order, there is an old world dis-order of the god of this world that you can declare as fact from II Corinthians 4:4.

[‘In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.’]

“So instead of theories, we can deal with fact. Prophecies are being fulfilled all around you.

“This programme is to hit the nitty-gritty of evangelism; of the Saviour about to come again. Declare an urgency in your voice. ‘The Saviour is coming soon.’ Describe the scene of one being risen up, & another left behind. As Noah cried to the people to come on board, cry likewise. This is the last of the last days. Declare how simple it is for a nation to obey  God & be blessed; for a nation that brings death to the unborn child is a nation under curse. A nation that questions Christ & His Church with unbiblical matrimony laws will be a nation falling under a cloud of retribution.

“But there is a way out for the people; & here is the story of the wise man & the foolish man. The wise man built his house upon the rock; & in an ever-changing world, you are establishing conspiracy fact that Nestle-Aland change their heretical scriptures constantly, without understanding that My Word is constant, never-changing.

“So the Midnight Cry is on. The signs of the times must be declared, the warning given; & that during the programme, they can be saved through repenting before God, & coming to that Cross to die, so that they can be risen again to the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, high above the conspiracy fact of the god of this world.

“Then it comes to the ‘By His Stripes’ programme. This is fundamentally about obedience; the Exodus 15:26 understanding, that you obey according to My Word, & as you obey, the protection of God is upon thee; the blood of Christ is upon thy doorpost, the angel of death passes over. What a wonderful proclamation! In a world driven by fear, in response to sickness, the Western world uses its scientists to come up with yet another new drug; yet if only their governments would listen to God, then there would be blessing upon nations, in line with Deuteronomy 28.

“So both these programmes are terrific evangelistic opportunities. Thou art building the foundations of thy broadcasting operations, & as you continue, I will draw all men unto thee, to proclaim the truth of My Word of Jesus the Saviour, Jesus the Healer, Jesus the Baptizer in the Holy Ghost, & Jesus the Soon Coming King.

“Oh – My Word is true. Thou must proclaim in both programmes the urgency of the day.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 25/09/14
“Something I am missing;
the immense suffering of the people of Syria;
& the restoration of the Keswick Convention”
“Now, these three points in the title all relate together; for the something I am missing is responsible for suffering like in the Syrian example, when nations are being dominated by the messengers of Satan, who not only oppress, but also possess, those who have given their lives to Satan; for which he has many, like those who used to give their lives to Me.

“Those who give their lives to Satan entirely become the body of Satan on this earth, to kill, steal & destroy.

“Now, do you see the point? They gave their whole lives to Satan. They are a body of death. They have no fear of their own death. They give their whole life into the cause. It is extremely effective, & whole nations are suffering under this curse. Natural armaments will not stop them, for they have given their whole lives into the cause.

“Now, this is what I am missing, to counteract this. The answer is: The Keswick Convention, with other conventions around the world with the same heart; but I use Keswick as My primary example here.

“You see, David, when your Dad responded to the missions call, he was giving his whole life. Like the example of the armies of Syria, he too was prepared to die for the cause, he too was prepared to leave his homeland, in his case Britain, to go to the army of the Lord in a foreign land, where the gospel was unknown. He was prepared to die to reach every creature.

“Likewise, in Britain today, there are those today prepared to go to a foreign land & fight for a cause. Indeed, today there seems to be a mission call for another cause.

“You see, in days gone by the call to the front was for those prepared to give their whole life; for those prepared to die for the cause, & the Keswick Convention was brought about, teaching ‘All One in Christ Jesus,’ meaning the unity in Jesus was one where those who came to the front were not withholding anything of their own life. They were sent out as missionaries all over the world, & whole nations were affected by those who were prepared to give their own life.

“Likewise today, there are young men going out from Britain prepared to go to foreign lands; & like your Dad, they are affecting nations. However, there is one major difference: those who left your shores, having responded at Keswick, affected nations with life, for they exalted Jesus, who is the life, & whole nations were saved. Governments were changed, and peoples all around the world were blessed. Lands began to prosper, sicknesses and plagues were thwarted.

“And so, what I am missing today are those prepared to give up their lives like they did at the Keswick Convention. Without this missions call, there is no Keswick Convention. What you have done on ECCTV is simply restore the foundations. There needs to be others come around you to have a Keswick Convention once more. Where you are going in Asia are those who are prepared to give up their lives. And so, you will be able to hold a Keswick Convention Continuing; & young people will come out to the front, both men & women. For when I use the term ‘men,’ I refer to mankind. It means men & women. They all can come to the front.

“For what you have in Britain today is those coming to the front for another cause. Young men are coming out to bring death rather than life. What I am missing is the Keswick Convention that affects nations. The Emerging Church with its Alpha courses, with its forgiveness sinners’ prayer; the affected Word of Faith movement (not referring to its founder, Hagin, who you have found preached the old-fashioned message, moving on from Smith Wigglesworth & the like) that preaches a message of selfish lust, than the abandonment of Peter that led him to prosper in the hundredfold, so that he could reach the world with the gospel.

“I am referring to the Emerging Church that ministers to each other so that they can gain the lusts of their own emotions. They hold revivals without abandonment mission calls.

“All this is the work of Satan to nullify the Church that preaches abandonment. So what he has done in effect has copied the old Keswick Convention in having abandonment missions calls for his own cause, & nullified the ‘Church’ into ministering to each other in relation to its own selfish lusts rather than have those coming to the front, who will go out & bring life to nations rather than the death that is manifesting today.
“Now, to come to My Syrian example: the Church needs a road to Damascus experience. The Church needs to give its intellect to Me, just as Paul did on the road to Damascus. The ‘Church’ can then open its eyes & be truly led of the Holy Ghost, just as Paul was.

“You, My children, in the Bible College of Wales Continuing, have abandoned your lives to restore a cause. At the responding at Keswick, David, your Dad went by faith to the Bible College of Wales, which thou hast looked to restore. Every gate of hell has looked to destroy you. Thou hast truly had a Gethsemane experience.

“I speak to all of you involved in the project: every gate of hell has looked to destroy you; for the devil knows if you succeed, nations like Syria will have life rather than death. Their lands will prosper, & instead of beheading on the streets, there will be joyous laughter.

“Oh, that is what this is all about; not only restoring the Bible College of Wales, but also the Keswick Convention. The two need to be one together. Likewise in America, the restoration of its own Bible College of Wales, the Fuller Seminary, taken over like in Wales by the Emerging Church, with its business methods, philosophies, & ministries of the selfish lust.

“The old-fashioned revival meetings of America used to feed into seminaries like Fuller. Thy sister Mary Morrison Peckham proclaimed the old-fashioned meeting. That is how people used to respond in America & in the mission halls of Britain, & throughout the world. They preached abandonment, not selfish lust. They responded giving no heed to their physical bodies.

“Today they come seeking healing rather than the Healer, & wonder why they do not get healed. The answer is in what George Jeffries proclaimed: Exodus 15:26. Do you not see, ‘If you hearken’? These early missionaries hearkened, & so moved in their healing; for the sought the Healer primarily, giving no heed to their own bodies; & I was honour bound to ensure they overcame, in line with the promises of My Word.

“So you see, you now know what I am missing. You now know how I look at the Keswick Convention; & witness day by day the terrible sufferings if peoples of nations like Syria.

“And this has been caused by the nullification & infiltration into My once-great movements, who now minister through their community churches to the lusts of the people rather than to God. The result: death all over the world, rather than life.

“To conclude this word for the time being: will you respond to the abandonment call? Will you turn My tears into joy, as you come forward with your whole life? Will you lay everything on the altar for Me? Will you sing the hymn with all of your heart, ‘O Lamb of God, I come’ – the Lamb whose blood was shed that whosoever believeth on Me shall not perish, but have everlasting life.

“You see, the old-time believer responded to the blood shed; became blood-washed ones – oh yes, blood-washed. They used to sing, ‘Are you washed in the blood, in the soul-cleansing blood of the Lamb’ – the Lamb of God, & response to Him, is no longer preached.

“I speak to thee, for thou hast laid down your whole lives into this cause, so as to bring life rather than death.”
Just as I am—without one plea,
But that Thy blood was shed for me,
And that Thou bidst me come to Thee—
O Lamb of God, I come, I come.
Just as I am—and waiting not
To rid my soul of one dark blot,
To Thee whose blood can cleanse each spot—
O Lamb of God, I come, I come.
Just as I am—though tossed about
With many a conflict, many a doubt,
Fightings and fears within, without—
O Lamb of God, I come, I come.
Just as I am—poor, wretched, blind;
Sight, riches, healing of the mind,
Yea, all I need in Thee to find—
O Lamb of God, I come, I come.
Just as I am—Thou wilt receive,
Wilt welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve;
Because Thy promise I believe—
O Lamb of God, I come, I come.
Just as I am—Thy love unknown
Hath broken every barrier down;
Now, to be Thine, yea, Thine alone—
O Lamb of God, I come, I come.

Just as I am—of that free love
The breadth, length, depth, and height to prove,
Here for a season, then above—
O Lamb of God, I come, I come!

Word from the Lord to DPG, 23/10/14
“Growth through Turmoil” 

“Through all this battleground of enemy after enemy trying all it can to destroy the ministry: on one hand, in relationship; on another hand, with injury; on another hand, the confusion that comes through trying to sell so many houses; for so many now are involved in this Sri Lanka to Tibet project.

“For years the devil has not wanted you in Asia, & has done all he can to keep you from ministering to a people capable of reaching every creature. These are the people you are to hand the ministry over to, & you simply need to be there.“But what you have are properties to sell, issues to deal with, a huge work schedule, & attacks of the mind the devil is trying to destroy you with.

Even now, you battle & struggle with lack of resources; for not one house has been sold at this time, for thou will need the hundredfold to complete the task; for the giving up of houses brings more houses. The giving up of resources brings more resources. Such is the nature of My hundredfold.“And what is really going on here, & what you really need to get excited about, is the word I gave through brother Grubb, & also the word I gave you at the beginning of thy ministry.

The Grubb word & the Griffiths word are working together to bring the necessary growth.“The Grubb word was simple: ‘growth comes out of turmoil;’ & turmoil you have. Agreed?“And what is the word given at the beginning of thy ministry? Oh, how it is important for this time, as the devil does all he can to split you up, take offense! In amongst all of this, My rhema is given to thee now.

My rhema is twofold, involves 2 parts of Scripture, 2 parts coming together as the shield of faith, & the sword of the Spirit.“From the very outset, I gave you this shield, to overcome in the circumstances that thou are facing now. This word is significant in relation to the hostile group against you. That word, given above Capernaum, is Matthew 5.

That is thy shield: the ‘extra mile’ word.2“But what is significant about this word, is being blessed as men revile you. In this reviling has to be an understanding in the sense that you have rejected the thinking of men, & even stood against such philosophy.

You have seen it in the so-called ‘Church’ & exposed it. It is the reason why so much persecution came against the early Church.“Lindsay, thou art trained in Greek philosophy. How important is it amidst the culture?

You have continuously blasted an idol, that blasting bringing about such a reviling. You have rejected man’s ways for God’s. You have seen it manifest. It is the idol which has taken over the movements which were once called of Me; & it was in the context of overcoming the philosophers that Matthew 5 was given.“But a Christian is not to have the logic of men, but the logic of God.

Remember the principle, when the man with the photograph demanded money from you, & you offered him double? This reaction totally amazed him, convincing him you were different to the thinking of men.“You see, the religions of the world have ‘great & mighty deities.’ They do great things. They are high above everybody. Followers have to bow down to their gods. In some religions, they are in great fear of their gods.

But thy God came as a little baby, losing all reputation, took on the sins of the world, becoming separated from the Father, & crucified on the cross.“You see, the Sermon on the Mount is about taking up thy cross, coming as Me, with the attitude of the Father, not taking offence, but taking the road to Calvary; & through this road, for the followers of Christ, is the Gethsemane experience of torment, ‘Lest you forget Gethsemane.’

“You are going through a Garden experience of torment. But what comes out of this? Growth through torment – even turmoil – is My glorious Church, without spot nor wrinkle, unoffendable, having gone the extra mile to the Cross. “And as I give you My resurrection sword, remember to not be offended by each other, for the enemy would look to bring offence.

Walk the extra mile. Give the other cheek. Be not moved by what you see & feel; for in amongst all this turmoil, is growth. Thy programmes are having a major impact world-wide, & locally too, for they come with a passion that is only from God.3“Now, this sword that I give thee this day, is one of the resurrection.

For out of this turmoil will come My strong Church, knowing it is to carry this sword into the Promised Land. In effect, you stand before that Promised Land. By sanctifying yourselves – what was the promise of God? The Lord would do wonders amongst thee.“So this is My rhema word.

As My children lifted up the Ark, so thou must lift up My Word, boldly proclaim it. Now, in amongst all of this, you look to face the philosophers, as Paul faced them up at Mars’ Hill. There is to be no philosophies of men in My Church, & as you face these philosophies up in strategic sites in California, thou art to show this Mars’ Hill strategy, calling it the Mars’ Hill Strategy.

As you stand on these sites, My sword backed up with My shield, not taking offence, but out of the compassion of the Lord, to save those bound by these philosophies, there can be a great team effort, facing these philosophies of men, with the intercessor too, bringing the understanding of what is happening in this Mars’ Hill project; quoting the warning through Paul of the philosophies of men.“You see, there has been a lot going on.

As you have been building the foundations of this phase of thy ministry, so the enemy has looked to destroy this work through usual technique of taking offence. The Sermon on the Mount covers that.“But thou must now go forward, with a great sword of the Spirit, so strong that the enemy will not know what to do.

“On one hand, you will have resisted the devil by not taking offence, & on the other, you take the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. And as you lift up My perfect Word, they try & say My Word is not perfect; as in Nestle Aland’s foreword, they say it is a working text, to work on, to one day get right through philosophy.

“Oh no! My Word is not perfect because of philosophy. They look to find the errors in the KJV, but the KJV, which I am calling thee to uphold, is not perfect because of men’s calculations; it is perfect because of a man’s blood at the stake.“You see, what they have forgotten, through taking blood out of their ever-changing Bibles, is that without the shedding of blood, there is no remission. And as the children of Israel lifted up the Ark, you can say we 4are lifting up the Word of God without an error – inerrant, without error.

For it is this that will save the people. For as you lift up My blood-bought Word, you lift up Me, the great I AM, the one that liveth & was dead; & behold, alive for evermore.“Oh, how you will go forward with that Word! Remember in the Garden, there was opportunity to take offence.

You too have had that opportunity in thy Garden. Instead, I chose the cross, to fulfil the Father’s will; likewise you will do also. For once these foundations are built - & you are nearly there – you will go forward with My sword, with a Bible unaffected by the philosophies of men; a Bible that came out of the results of a man’s death; a man who prayed that the King would authorise a Bible; a Bible straight from the throne room of God, in translated form not through the cleverness of man, but through the shed blood of a man.

That is the difference. “But the philosophers’ Bibles lack blood; but the sword thou carrieth has come through the shedding of blood, not the working text of man.“So, be excited. What does My Word say, but rejoice when men shall revile you. For thou has a great reward in heaven.“But the will of God in heaven is the will of God on earth. So rejoice today, for the foundations have been built by those carrying My shield. The time has now come to take up My sword, & cross into thy Promised Land. Having pulled down the Jericho Wall of man’s philosophy, take My Word into the Promised Land, the land of milk & honey, where thou shalt prosper, to fulfil the call of God on thy lives.

“Do you understand it now? The shield & the sword. Remember too, the belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, shoes of the preparation of the gospel of peace, helmet of salvation, the emphasis here being on this shield, the Sermon on the Mount shield, & the taking up of My blood-bought Word. Thou art more than conquerors.“Study this Word together, & allow My Spirit to bring healing into what has been a tough situation.“Now you can look forward, taking My shield of faith, & the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 08/11/14
“They Come at You from Every Side, but You Are More than Conquerors”

“Now, this word is an analysation of what is actually happening. To give understanding, I am placing this word into parts, so that you can know what is happening.

“Now, remember the story of the strong-man whose goods are in peace, until the stronger man takes them over?

“Part (1): The world-wide strong man.

“You have well disturbed Satan’s peace, for there are those frightened to take this stronghold on. This is the stronghold that blinds the eyes of those that believe not.

“You have allowed My prophetic word to minister all over the world; that your web-sites are monitored by those who manifest Satan, Satan being the world-wide stronghold that controls the actions of governments disobedient to their original constitutions.

“For continuously saying, ‘the monarch’s oath, the monarch’s oath – the Elizabethan Settlement – the 1534 Act of Supremacy,’ you keep saying these Constitutional Acts, & this stronghold goes berserk. For what is has done is brought rebellion to the hearts of governments, you concentrating on Great Britain, but Great Britain influenced legal systems & constitutions all over the world, including America.

“So what you have done is destroy the peace of a world-wide stronghold, with the stronger man than the strong man, the stronger man being Jesus.

“Now, Satan is holding the goods of this world, & is responsible for the resources which you now lack. For what you have been through, you are now entitled to not only have your resources back, but seven-fold.

“From the House of Lords, you will be able to set nation after nation free from this stranglehold. This stranglehold is now looking to force the same acts of immorality Britain has allowed, all over the Commonwealth & indeed, the States of America. For as you know, I see Britain & America as the same country, due to the Mayflower Compact; & this stranglehold of Satan has impacted, & is impacting, legal systems all over the world.

“This is the serious underlie behind your dealings with government. In Britain, there has to be a return to the Monarch’s Oath. What you have done with your deliberations with government bodies, is take them back to what the monarch promised God; & if they are aware of this.
“That is the issue. The oath to God over-rides every law that is not in line with the laws of God. For example, the laws influenced by foreign laws are illegal; for they are not in line with the laws of God. Laws that over-regulate = illegal. For they are not in line with the Constitutional demand that laws be applied with law & justice in mercy. Not teaching the citizens the Constitution = illegal; plotting to change the Coronation Oath, an act of high treason.

“So all of this you have pointed out for year after year after year, disturbing the world-wide stronghold that has a global agenda in his hands.

“This world-wide agenda comes from a throne of Satan, a throne from where he growls with fear, for he knows his time is short. From a position of panic, he appears strong, & has thrones throughout governments around the world. These red thrones are there to counteract the crimson flow of Christ, the thrones being red in line with Satan’s declaration to be like the Most High, this Satan being one with a secret agenda, yet exposed in the Word of God, this agenda being to kill, steal & destroy.
“For year after year after year, you have exposed this monster. You have thwarted his plans time after time after time. Wherever you go, you manifest life, & life in abundance. You set the captives free in My name; & now you have a world-wide television audience, the intercessor continuously defending the Protestant Constitution, exposing that which comes against it.

“You declare that Britain will be prosperous again under God, rather than foreign institutions. You declare that the prayers that take place in Parliament are said in relation to M.P.s & those in the House of Lords to hear from God & act accordingly. Yet under this world-wide stronghold, they pass laws to overwhelm the people with legalism. They pass laws of immorality to over-rule God’s law. By doing this, they are guilty of breaking the monarch’s solemn oath to God.

“Those taking seats of government are responsible to God because of the Coronation Oath, & on death are judged according to this Oath.

“When you face Me in judgement, you will face Me having tackled this world-wide stronghold; & I shall embrace you in My arms, for what you have shown to Me is that you are prepared to go all the way.

“Now, this brings Me to the state of what is known as My Church. You understand what Tyndale said. You have stood beside the graves of Bunyan, Wesley & Watts. You know what it is to be a Non-conformist; that is, one who will not conform to the god of this world; & in this you have not conformed.
“Thou will stand before Me as Wesley, Tyndale & the martyrs. You will stand alongside the Covenanters in heaven. For only those truly moving by the Spirit of God can face this world-wide stronghold.

“Thou has not backed off. The lady at Cardiff representing the world-wide stronghold, declared you should have done.

“Thou art still there, not allowing the enemy of souls to keep his peace. The stand you are taking exposes the thief to such a degree that you in My name will bring understanding to the people of the stronger man, who has already overcome the strong man.

“Part (2): The Book of My Revelation gives understanding of certain churches & the way they behave.

“Now, in analysing the groups, which is about to follow, you need to understand your own position.

“As Protestants, you are protesting against the stranglehold of Satan. Your broadcasts through the Protestant Reformation Increasing programme, are in line with Tyndale’s declaration to expose the antichrist alongside preaching Christ.

“This counteracts the teaching of the false unity Church. They see unity as being with each other, rather than in God. So now you have this false unity movement, based on works rather than the Word of God, their word now being that which has come from Egypt rather than from God.

“So you have a Churches Together Unity Church, where preaching has been replaced by conversational presentations, these presentations backed up by all kinds of community outreaches.

“I shall say to these people, ‘I do not know you; for thou hast disobeyed God, & placed the needs of men above the demands of God.

“Within this framework come the counterfeit gifts that meet the lusts of the flesh, rather than the needs of God.

“You see, there is a group of spiritual gift churches that emphasise the experience above the preaching of My Word.

“I shall also say to these, ‘I do not know you.’

“Now, in ECCTV, each time you go on, you are preaching. You cannot stop yourselves. The Word is within you, & has to come out. You stand for sola scriptura & justification by faith – the demands of the Protestant Reformation.
“And now you have the new type of Church; that which has bowed down to papal order. In addition, you have the church which just looks after its old people, making cups of tea & sitting around chatting.

“But thou has taken pensioners over minefields, to preach My Word, taking Psalm 103 to literally mean what it says; & you have stood on that promise.

“All around you is the compromise Church, a church I will spew out of My mouth.

“For here you are, with web-sites exposing the thief; web-sites exposing Satan’s end-time plan. Oh yes, they choose to ignore you; but they will not be able to withdraw from the judgement seat of Christ.

“You see, you have stood before Satan himself. You have exposed Nestle-Aland & the false translations of the Bible. You have handed over your own goods in relation to reaching every creature.

“And now, with the attack of antichrist & over-legalism still on, you have still stood before the people; having taken off the bondages of shame, you now walk the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.

“Thou art a more than conqueror. You entrance into the Promised Land is a place you can now stand above all these vagrancies of Satan.

“I have given thee a world-wide platform; & so what place can you return Britain to its Constitution? The answer is obvious: to the highest court of the land, where you will say the oath to the monarch has not been honoured, & that this House gets on its knees before God, & repents for not having upheld the Protestant Constitution of thy nation.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 11/11/14
“The International Lifestyle”

“My role for prophets & apostles is to move around the world, supporting & encouraging church growth, exposing sin & corruption in the Church & state, & of course, moving in the power & anointing which I have given thee.

“You will conduct signs & wonders conferences – note the title ‘signs & wonders conferences - & teach positional truth, baptism of fire, & the hundredfold resource. This is how you have houses, homes & family all over the world, for that hundredfold is yours.

“Get ready for that lifestyle - & I speak to you all – you are not intended to be in one place all the time, & yes, you will broadcast from your studios around the world; & yes, you will take seats in government; & yes, you will ‘contend before Caesar;’ & expect to be putting right the Commonwealth in line with the calling I have for it.

“On one hand, you will teach freedom of choice; but more importantly, the Saviour who gave His life.

“You see, there can be no fear for the Christian who preaches the gospel. The fear is in those who have no salvation; for adherence to the gods of their religions does not give them the assurance of the blood of Jesus.

“So, for the Christian, there can be no question of fear, when it comes to allowing the religions of the world to speak, & the offering of free choice. ‘Let them speak,’ you say. ‘Let them practise,’ you say, ‘but not violence & intolerance towards others, even to the point of killing them because of their faith.’

“You see, the reason they are intolerant towards the gospel, is because the gospel is life unto them which are perishing, & healing to all their flesh. The gospel is unique because of a Saviour who gave His life.

“But I have called you to understand other faiths, so you can draw a parallel between the belief systems of the world, the philosophies of the world that includes the religion of the Green movement & its doctrine of lack. For you know the shortages of the world are as a result of sin, rather than the number of aeroplanes in the sky. For instead of the carbon footprint, there is the sin footprint, climate change being caused by sin, rather than the amount of times a person uses an aerosol, or his own vehicle.

“You see, the preaching of the gospel brings life to a nation, which is why it is in the Coronation Oath; & it is only this in Great Britain that is established by law, not the philosophies of the Green movement, or the belief systems of any religion. Only the preaching of the gospel is established by law in Britain. Those who look to suppress this are guilty of high treason, for bringing on the pressures to prevent the monarch keeping her oath.

“So in government, you are to bring to account those who have taken the gospel out of the schools; for the gospel is the Constitution, the gospel being the spirit of the law, rather than the letter.

“So, what you have done in the Charity Commission case, not only yours, but that of Revelation TV, is expose portrayers of the letter rather than the Spirit, not permitted under British law.

“This is the fundamental point. The gospel brings life to all the people. The school inspector that places a headmaster/mistress under law by the letter is breaking the Constitution & is guilty of high treason.

“The school, by law, begins the day by a school assembly honouring the God of the Constitutional Acts. So, if the school inspection does not do the same, it is illegal & can be disregarded by law.

“So you see, the gospel brings life to all the people. The letter of the law killeth, the Spirit giveth life. It is therefore portrayers of death rather than life who have brought the country into a state of depression, rather than the joy of the Lord. These portrayers of death must be brought to account.

“Now, this obsession the nation has as regards to immorality: the Constitution does not allow for any change of rule in relation to marriage. The Constitution of Britain does not allow the promotion of immorality. It is very simple. Do not get involved in the arguments of the counterfeit freedom of choice; for your nation constitutionally is married to Me. For I give no freedom of choice in this area, for I speak as Christ & the Church; & all those who have been involved in the promotion of immorality are to be brought to account; as indeed you are seeing in TESCO, their problems not only relating to accounting, but primarily in their promotion of immorality.

“You see, the banking systems of the world are based on the love of money, it being government that needs to control the money supply, rather than the banks. Government is chosen by the people, the unelected bankers needing to be brought to account. For with their organisations of a global banking system which ‘everyone’ knows is corrupt, they have brought shame upon nations, to abandon their constitutions, & be reliant on their manipulation of money supply. This manipulation involves not supporting those of traditional values, christianfinancing.org finding them, out on so many occasions, for justice needs to be done on all the banking cases you have, & the truth needs to come out, your ministry in the area of finance bringing life to so many, the resources in the hands of the bank, in the case of Britain, needing to be back in the hands of the nation, with godly men handling the supply, the bankers of immorality & lust needing to be brought to account.

“So, you are portrayers of life in My name; & yes, the people have a choice whether to accept Me or not, & having the gospel brings life to nations that has God, who gave up His begotten Son Jesus, that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

“No wonder you will be in demand internationally; prophets, apostles, evangelists, pastors, teachers, for the perfection of the saints; powerful intercession with the anointing of Rees Howells.

“But listen - & I speak to all of you – be prepared to be on the move. Attend to My words; they are life to all that find them, & healing to all their flesh.
“The gospel brings life, health & peace, all over the world. The hymn-writer wrote, ‘’Tis life & health & peace.’ So portray this gospel. The gospel is so powerful. It benefits all of the people. But eternally, that is, the eternal benefit, can only come to those who kneel at the cross of Calvary. For only those who come to the cross will live their life, will live their life, in glory, whilst the devil & his cohorts, & all followers of him, will live their eternity in the fires of hell.
“But God gave His begotten Son for all men to come unto Him & have life, & life in abundance.

“This is the word of the Lord. My personal word for you all, the intercessor too, is ‘be prepared to travel.’ For is not that what the intercessor of the Bible College of Wales is all about; bringing the conditions for people to travel?
“What is the Every Creature Commission, but going? The first word is, ‘Go.’ There is no greater confirmation in the Word, but ‘Go.’ Where art thou to go? Answer: into the whole world. What art thou to do? Preach the gospel, with signs & wonders confirming the word.

“Now, be prepared for major signs & wonders, with nations being changed. And yes, your word will bring freedom & liberation of choice, without fear of persecution. But you will bring the conditions for the blindness upon the people to be removed, & the freedom coming to the cross gives. For you are removing the sin footprint. It is this that will bring life to nations. For the crops will grow, the fish of the sea return, the earth return to normal climate. It is the gospel that brings life, not suppression of the people through narrow law-making. All of the people are fed up of that. For this is death; & of course, My final instruction for this prophetic word, in relation to the seats you will have in government:

First priority: save the lives of the babies in wombs, those who have supported this gross sin needing to be brought to justice under the Constitution of the land, & made to walk the Traitors’ Gate of the Tower. For rather than taking them to the punishment of mediaeval days, rather give them opportunity to come to the cross, to the One who bore their sin to the tree. If only they will accept Me now, they can be free of their gross sin.”

Word from the Lord through
David P Griffiths, 28/12/14
“Having the Passion of the Covenanters”

“At a time when political parties will be selling their policies, at a time when political parties will be giving the surface of their values rather than the real truth, at a time when the protocol will be looking to be preserved, that is, a control over nations through over-regulation, you will be setting up a ministry with the aspects of Rees Howells pulsating from your heart.

“One such aspect was the determination of the Covenanters that affected Rees Howells in how he dealt with Romanism. Smith Wigglesworth did not hold back when it came to Romanism, with its statues & idols, its city of devils, & its massive influence on the Charismatic movement. Neither must thee; with the same passion as the Covenanters, thou must look to restore thy land back to God; away from the controls of Rome, & forward into the anointing which comes when one is prepared to give one’s own life for the lost.

“No political party is prepared to do this; & this is thy issue with the Charity Commission, in its claim to be the commission of charity. For in it should be those prepared to give their lives for those who are suffering, rather than looking to blind charities with over-regulation. This is thy fundamental complaint, for thou must operate with the passion of the Covenanters, where everything is laid down, so that a nation can be affected by the gospel.“Over-regulation is affecting thy Church in Scotland.

They say, ‘You can do this, & you can do that. They misquote My Word in relation to legalism, & have no idea of contextual absolutism & the throne room of God. In bringing understanding of the Scriptures, there has to be understanding of the revelation of God, Peter being blessed, for flesh & blood had not revealed God’s word to him. It was God Himself, God operating with a rhema word from the written Word, in given situations at given times.“Thou art to bring forth an army of women, yet not women, but the body of Christ.

My Word declares, ‘Your sons & daughters will prophesy,’ & these women will wail before Me, with groanings of the Spirit; for as well as the intercession of the intercessor, there is to be the travail of the women, & an understanding coming of their role in the five-fold ministry & the end-time revival.

And the teaching thou has for the role of women from My Word is crucial in this.“It is interesting to note how I have used a woman in exposing the new translations of the Bible; & much of her material thou hast used. For in this revival there will be neither male or female, Greek nor Jew. For this is to be a revival of the Spirit of God, for which the Spirit will fall upon all flesh, in empowerment for ministry.“There will be a move of God so great, once these barriers have been removed, & the failure of ministers that have suppressed women will be there for all to see.

“My Word is to be taken in context by the Spirit of God. It is He who reveals the truth of the Scriptures – not man. For I am calling all men (that includes women) unto Me, to empower them for this great revival. The chains of the Pharisees will fall off, & women will be able to speak from the heart. And oh yes!

Thine enemies will misquote Scripture, not understanding contextual absolutism; but they shall be judged by the same criteria, for they will be seen for what they are, as Pharisees with phylacteries around their heads, rather than being part of My Church the Church of revelation from the Spirit. For with this revelation, My rhema, thou will move forward in My strength, with women set free from the chains of bondage, that they once more can prophesy, as you have illustrated from My Word. “They will bring justice to the whole of the world, with women being loosed to bring forward My Word.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 11/10/15
“The Wise Man Built His House upon the Rock”

“You sung it as a child, & even did the actions, declaring ‘The house on the rock stood firm;’ & how the storm has come against this ministry of God which I have set up through thee. Storm after storm has come against thee. The floods have come up to destroy thee; but thou hast stood on the rock in My name.

Just as you used to sing in Sunday school, Mrs Bradley was the superintendent, & Mrs Walmsley played the piano, at the Aintree Gospel Mission in Liverpool, where I took you back, David, in the Spirit, as these were the Biblical & spiritual foundations of thy life, to be the wise man who built his house upon the rock.

“As thou was given this upbringing of heavenly stature, so in this College at Rhos-on-Sea, I have given thee a wife who has stood with thee through all those storms which have come continuously against thee, she coming from the non-conformist background of Protestant Scotland, of Knoxian grit & stature, all hell can let loose & she ain’t gonna move, she standing on the rock with thee.

“And along came the intercessor of the table of Rees Howells, to blast the enemy from the ramparts of thy castle. For not only art thou standing on the rock. The sword of the Spirit is going out all over the world, & thou art unassailable to the enemy.

“The Word of God cannot be returned void; & around thee has come these three ladies of great stature. The enemy has looked to convince the world they are under thy control; but they have both their individual & corporate walk with Me & hear from Me. “The prophetess has screamed out her tongue, ‘for Bible College & mission,’ she declared. Her earthly possessions became a hindrance to her, & she obeyed the Spirit & cast them aside; & through her, I was able to restore thy ministry in a way I had called her to do; & thou hast witnesses for this.

“For a short time I sent thee a special intercessor, as a forerunner to the man from Lancashire. She laid her life down for this ministry on the rock to reach every creature with the gospel. She too was a prophetess of great renown. Yet they could not see it. They had her on the back seats of ‘churches,’ as an insignificant little lady.

Yet she was as the Rock, Lord Jesus. She was going to stand, & give her wealth to thee, so that the world may hear the gospel. “’For media!’ she cried. ‘For computers!’ she cried, for she knew they were the means of reaching every creature; & as she lay on her hospital bed, being uplifted to glory, she knew she had fulfilled her call through thee. “The wise man builds his house upon the rock; & even though storm after storm has come, the house on the rock stands firm.

“A lady from a past of religious persecution, has embraced the freedom of the Spirit which thou hast in this great calling of God. For where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. For I have called thee to be of the Word & the Spirit, & this is embraced in this lady from Cheshire, who knows what it is like to have to stand through storms & storms & storms. She has stood with thee through times of great trial & tribulation.

So she stands today, in full determination to fulfil the call. “And then we have this lady from the approaches to the Pennines, who has longed to lay hands on the sick, so that they may be healed. Yet the apostasy of thy nation has caused a frustration to her, that because of the apostate state of the nation’s educational system, people are unprepared to receive the good news of the Saviour. Yet she is with a team determined to block out this influence of Satan; & as thou standest on the Highgate hill, thou will say to principalities & powers, that ‘thy day is through.’

For as thou knocks out the sands of humanist thinking, so thou will bring forth the teaching of the Word & the Spirit, to enable My ministry through this lady to flourish. ‘At long last’ she will say, ‘the people have thus responded.’ “So this is a crucial time for thy ministry.

At this time, keep working on the practicalities, standing firm on the rock. For what else did you sing at Sunday school, David? Well, you sung the first verse, ‘And the house on the rock stood firm.’ ‘The rains came down, & the floods came up.’ And as children, you used to get excited about the second verse, for you were able to shout aloud, & spare not. For the foolish man built his house upon the sand.

“But thou hast exposed, under My 7-year plan, the Emerging Church of the accommodation gospel, of grace that has no origins in the Word of God; of embracing of other faiths & lifestyles, including the papal order forbidden in thy nation’s Constitution. “For I have called thee to expose the infiltrations in both state & so-called ‘Church.’

As thy brothers Oxley & Dickens. & sister Whitehouse, boldly warned of taking national institutions on to the sand, the BBC is such an institution; a castaway from the foundations of Non-Conformist belief, to being an organisation that was out to destroy thee, had it the power & authority to do so. “It has had all the authority that man’s license fee could give it; but all it has done, with few exceptions, is to pollute the nation with the filth, decadence, & socialistic philosophies that has left Marx in the grave of Highgate.

“The wise man builds his house upon the rock; but the BBC transferred to the sand, on which it now stands, about to fall under its decadence of belief. It had tried to destroy thee, alongside a socialistic family of unbelief, just as it did against Oxley & Whitehouse. But Oxley & Whitehouse stood on the rock, exposing the folly of the sand. They were unmoveable. Around thee has been unmoveable people; & I am bringing these unmoveables to thee. Gathering around thee are the unmoveables of the national Church, which through its provinces of Canterbury & York, have moved to the sand.

But there are those still standing upon the rock, working to form a third province. These are the unmoveables of the National Church of England. “Likewise in Scotland, I am bringing thee unmoveables of the Reformed Protestant faith, like thy student of New Testament Greek. He represents the stability of the Knoxian faith of Scotland; & so in Ireland, I am bringing thee My unmoveables, for the storms are about to fall.

“Then amongst it all, I have brought thee a world-wide prophet & prophetess of the calling of Zadok, of those who hear from God & obey accordingly, who despite of persecution resist the devil & sees him flee from situations all over the world. “In amongst all of this, I have brought thee together with a group from the Californian shores that proclaims the fullness of the gospel, with a vision of the true hundredfold of resource, to go all over the world to establish the covenant of God; & in amongst all of this, I have given thee those who not only carry the mantle of Grubb, but also now the mantle of Tozer.

For Kentucky & Ohio has to open to thee, saith the Lord. For the enemy has sought to prevent thee from operating in those 2 states; & there is a key work for you to do in Indiana, as well. “The enemy of souls has done all he can to prevent thee from fulfilling this call, of Kentucky, Indiana & Ohio.

He thought he could bring down a tornado upon thee, as thou drove the Indiana road to Kentucky; for even then, he was looking to hold thee back from ministering in these states. “But I am telling thee, that the storms are about to roll over those who have opposed thee, not only in these states, but all over the world. “And there is a little man about to roll in the Caribbean. The Emerging Church is all around him, looking to engulf his ministry, with the filth & decadence of men. But he has said ‘No! I’m embracing the old paths.

I shall not be moved.’ And not only shall the nations of the Caribbean receive Christ, but also this shall flow into Mexico, from where the intercessor stood to open the gates to revival. “For South America, I have plans, which I will give unto thee in due course. “But to return to Europe, I have a John the Baptist crying out in the wilderness.

As a lady from Valdres prophesied, there are those from poorer countries sweeping in all around them, bringing in the philosophies of the crescent, rather than of the cross; & on Europe is coming My judgement, for instead of upholding the Protestant Reformation, it has upheld the stars of Mary & the statues of Brussels. “With the man now from Germany crying aloud in the wilderness, he needs to know the verse 2 of the chorus is about to happen. “For the foolish man built his house upon the sand.

But I am about to return, saith the Lord, & the build-up to the plains of Megiddo is occurring all around thee. For My remnant is about to see a great harvest. For that which thou hast exposed, is about to blow, as in the second verse of the chorus. “For the house built on sand will fall, saith the Lord, with a loud clatter, as depicted in the Sunday school of Bradbury & Walmsley. “For I am declaring the blessings of God to overtake thee, saith the Lord. For as thou has suffered the persecution of the valley, so thou must prepare for the blessings of the mountain top, from where thou will declare Christ Jesus, the King of Kings & Lord of Lords.

“And in this context comes thy Sri Lanka to Tibet vision. I have called thee with the apostle of Bellwood, to fulfil the callings of God; & these are My children, who will continue the vision of reaching every creature, to the lands of Asia & all over the world.

“The little lady in Rhos-on-Sea, from her little room, declared this to be. So shall it be, saith the Lord, for the gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church. “And Tamil & Sinhala ministries are gathering with thee too, in the South of India to reach north. “My Word shall not be returned void; but as thou has seen, the clouds of the Emerging Church has been polluting these lands.

But My Word is much higher, & thou shalt see the miracles of God manifest in these lands, to confirm My unadulterated Word, rather than see manifest the false miracles of those who uphold the Westcott & Hort text. “So, be of good cheer. I have overcome the world; & you can sing with gusto verse 2, ‘And the house on the sand fell down.’

“And thou will preach to build our lives on the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Rock, & thou art to see manifest the blessings of God come down.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 22/11/15 “7 Year Plan Information: The Open Confession Movement versus Those of the Behind-the-Scenes Deals, to protect pride” 

“There is only one winner here. Those who come together to protect their pride, those of the secret deals that have already affected banking in thy nation, already affecting the justice system of thy nation, already affecting the politics of thy nation & the running of government: all this is coming out into the open, saith the Lord, & it is the time when the weak will say, ‘I am strong,’ when the poor shall say, ‘I am rich, because of what the Lord has done.’ “The weakest upon the weakest will rise up, saith the Lord.

The ones who are not afraid to confess their faults one to another, the ones who have not only placed their wealth on the line, but also their lives – these are the ones who shall rise up, as God’s army without spot nor wrinkle. For moving in the fullness of God requires that abandonment to the cause. As soldiers have laid down their lives for their nations, how much more therefore is Christianity the faith that has a Saviour, crucified & risen again, so that men in their frailty may have life, & life in abundance, the army of the Lord, without physical weaponry, but weaponry of the Spirit that knock out every device of Satan. For this weaponry is the whole armour of God, this army being God’s body on this earth, connected to the head, hearing from Him constantly, & obeying the call of the Spirit. “Oh, what a mighty army this is!

Yet it constantly admits its own frailty. It openly declares its call of God, acknowledging its own weakness; & to the world, it looks a forsaken, defeated foe; but it is the army that is crucified with Christ, the army that lives, yet not of itself. It lives by the faith of the Son of God. It is as Christ, crucified & risen again. “Openness & transparency is its creed, in sharp contrast to the fronts & secret deals of those who hang around in the places of secrecy so as to protect their pride. “This end-time army of the Lord exposes the works of the evil one, & thus moves in the calling of God, & takes all the spoils of the opponent, so as to benefit the whole of mankind. 

“This end-time army loves its neighbour, & by the conviction of the Spirit, brings all men to the foot of the cross, to the Saviour who died so that all men should be crucified with Christ, to be rise up in resurrection glory. “This is the army of the Lord. “But a warning to those of secrecy, of secret sins & of pride: you look so grand in your positions of power. You have protected your own interests rather than the interests of others. You are as snakes in the grass, looking at whom you may devour. 

“You demanded adherence to your law, rather than the laws of God. You have allowed laws that give credence to the immorality of man, so that the apparent mistakes of activity outside the marital bed, can result in the death of an unborn child.“So those of secrecy look to place death even on an innocent child, so as to protect a lifestyle based on the selfishness of man, rather than the care of others. “It is for this thy opponents chase thee. For they see in you an openness & transparency that they are afraid of. For you bring everything out into the open, especially your faults & frailties, which God nails to the cross, & raises you up as Him on this earth, the victor over the one of the secret trial,, who has agendas that have come out of the master of secrecy, the enemy of souls, whose plan is to kill, steal & destroy, whereas I have come that you may have life, & life in abundance. 

“It is time for the weak to say, ‘I am strong,’ & the poor to say, ‘I am rich, because of what the Lord has done.’ “

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 16/08/16
“The Feeling of Inadequacy was Paul’s Thorn”

“The role I had given the apostle was to reach the whole world, not only in his generation, but in generations to come. This I succeeded to do, through a vessel that admitted self-weakness, a vessel that had been cleansed, yet was tormented by an enemy that we used to prevent pride.

“Such was Rees Howells. There is pride in ownership, pride in the way you look. Whilst it is important in the present era to look professional in presentation, it is more important to keep in touch with the common man. “So much in the present era is based on personal pride, from the pride march that says, ‘Look at me! Look what I have done! I am liberated – I can do what I want,’ to the apostle who was bound in chains to the gospel. He lived not his own life. He lived the life of another.

No congratulation was due to him, for the vessel that truly allows the Lord Jesus to take over, is a vessel that has no interest in personal pride, but rather exalts the Lord.“I have called thee as the apostle Paul, to not only reach the present generation, but generations to come.

An opportunity has come to expand the ministry, but in humility & humbleness - & yes, there are elements of the old season to deal with; but I am calling thee onwards, as cleaned vessels, to fulfil the Word of the Lord.“And yes, professional presentation is extremely important, & television presentation quality needs to increase, in the manner stated of the Lord; but that thorn will remind thee of thy humbleness, & to a degree of being so open of thine own weakness, just as the apostle was. He, like you, got overwhelmed, but received so much strength to overcome.

Hence I am calling in the season of the open confession movement. There will be those in Christendom who will call this negative confession, for without a negative there can never be a positive. For the weak (without pride) are to say, ‘I am strong,’ the poor to say, ‘I am rich.’ For this is the Lord’s doing, not the activity of man, but the activity of the Lord.”