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Word from the Lord to DPG, 15/06/14
“The Divided Kingdom”

“From being a United Kingdom, you now have a divided one. There are too many factions for the nation to work. The benefit system, whilst being a blessing for the disabled, brings a curse upon those who use it for their own ends, so that they do not find gainful employment from which they could give into the kingdom of God to ensure a United Kingdom continues.

“Those who have invested in the Constitution of thy nation will blossom, saith the Lord. As a building stands up on its foundation, those who refuse to accept their foundation will of course fall. This is now seen. You will see this in the political arena, across business, & with community groups; & most of all, the legal sector. That includes banking.

Thy stand against the banks has been in relation to the Constitution of the nation, in which you upheld an edict of the House of Lords; & yes, you say it by word of knowledge, they plotted with Government to overrule that edict. They set up a judge with utilitarian powers, alien to the Constitution of the nation, to overrule an edict of the House of Lords. This is not legal; & not only are they to compensate you & many others; their organisations & affiliations must fall, as indeed your country must fall. For unless there is a return to the Constitution of the nation, how can a building stand without a foundation? Keep asking the question: ‘Did you coerce, with Government, to overrule an edict of the House of Lords? Yes or no.’ You know the answer, but still ask the question.

“This banking crisis is one that is steeped in history & relates strongly to puppet businesses controlled by these banks, who care not for national constitutions, but look rather to control global businesses, to bring in their own political agenda.

“Instead of honouring a nation’s Constitution, they deliberately undermine national law in their quest to bring in global law which they can control.
“These organisations are guilty of high treason, for many reasons. They even control companies producing so-called ‘bibles,’ which, as you know, are so far away from the original that they proclaim the other Jesus rather than the One who is God, who came down in the flesh to bring salvation to the world.

“Now, My word to you as a ministry is this: all which I have exposed will fall; & on this happening, you need to be prepared for a mighty harvest. This is the issue: are you prepared? They have held you back with their attacks of global law; & as you pointed out from the Charities Act of 2011, the word ‘spiritual’ relates to the Act as well as temporal. All of these Acts come in after prayer; but it is prayer of vain repetition rather than that of the Spirit; for not only are you to prepare thy ministry to be big. You are to prepare to take over government, which is to recognise the spiritual over the temporal. For that which lasts must surely take priority over that which is temporary.

“You are to prepare to fulfil the Sri Lanka to Tibet vision (this preparation needs to be in the time one did spend in procedural preparation); & at the same time, prepare to take over the government of thy nation.

“‘How do you do that?’ you declare. Not by might, or by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord. You have heard a politician say, ‘Prepare for government.’ In Britain, this includes national & Church government, for constitutionally they are one & the same.
“This is to occur too in the United States. Say this to My people in the United States: ‘Prepare for government;’ for I say unto thee: is your argument against the so-called ‘new translations’ going to stand? Has the realisation of corruption begun to be understood?

“I say unto thee: prepare now to be big. How can I prove this by My Word? Well, what happens to the stones the builders reject? What do they become?
“Oh My dear children, My dear branches, My dear begotten of the Father: you are called to the high place, the high place of authority. All authority I give unto thee, over sickness & disease & the effects of sin. All authority I give unto thee.
“Thou shalt cast out devils. Thou shalt lay hands on the sick & they shall recover. Thou shalt build up the waste places. Thou shalt bring humanitarian care where it is needed, but at the same time prioritise dealing with sin as the cause of human distress.
 “My Word is clear: that which is built on rock shall stand. That without foundations is on sand, & the storm is coming. You are to be ready to receive the harvest, having reached every creature with the gospel.

“‘When is this to be?’ you ask. The answer is in My Word. You have it in your ‘On Fire’ magazine, in the part on the Hundredfold. My Word declares ‘now, in this time.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 13/10/13
 “There is a day coming, saith the Lord, that the cries of the people will cease. They suffer in their sin. They suffer in their solitude, in living a life without Me. They suffer in their mental incapacities, for they have minds stirred up with the lusts of the god of this world, rather than the renewing of the Spirit by Me.
“Britain, in rejecting its own constitution, is like a house rejecting its own foundations. Every day the house is shaking; for when a nation forgets its Constitution, there is only fears and insecurities and medical services unable to cope with the demand.
“There is only one solution, and that is, Come back to Me. This lack of coping has nothing to do with population control; it has everything to do with rejecting the nation’s own Constitution.
“There are huge resources on the earth to cope with growing populations. The lack of coping in Britain has everything to do in denying the Queen’s own Coronation Oath, rather than having an abundance of population. She promised faithfully to Me to propagate the Protestant Reformed religion established by law. She has failed in this task; and unless she leads the nation back to its Protestant roots, she will be seen as the failure of all time in destroying a nation by taking it away from its own foundations.
“She must become as the first Elizabeth, who restored the nation’s foundations away from Catholicism and the stars of Mary.
“The monarch is obligated to suppress foreign infiltration. This she has failed to do, thus denying what the first Elizabeth brought back to our nation.
“The second Elizabeth must declare her oath again. She has opportunity to do this in her so-called Christmas Day message. The conviction of My Spirit is upon her, to keep the demands of the nation’s Constitutional Acts, which thou hast faithfully brought to the public eye. Thou hast tackled the banking community with this; but all they have done is laugh at you, in the same manner that they laughed at Noah and his ark. The banking community already is drowning in its own corruption.
“You have brought conviction to the political parties of thy nation. Are they standing on their own constitution and heritage? Indeed not. They have chosen to stand on philosophies of Egypt, to place the people under the slavery of the Pharaoh.
“Thou hast been the Moses, taking on the institutions of the Pharaoh on behalf of the people; but the people have murmured against thee refusing to set forth for the Promised Land, preferring to wallow in the slavery of Egypt.
“But I have sent thee the cloudy pillar of the Holy Ghost, from whence the healing stream doth flow; for thou hast given opportunity to the people to face the Promised Land. Opportunity is being given at this time for the nation to repent before God and return to its Protestant Christian heritage. But it is for the monarch to repent before the people in her“Christmas Day” message; for this is My conviction upon her, to be as the first Elizabeth, rather than be under the demonic clouds of present day political parties, who have placed the nation under the Treaty of Rome rather than keep the Coronation Oath; rather than keep the Elizabethan Settlement, which God demands the whole nation embrace.
“So be warned, Great Britain: come back to Me. For without Me there is no foundation.”
[DPG: that is a national warning]
Word from the Lord through
Rev Dr David P Griffiths 04/05/13

“You already have it. They are building up to a tribulation within the context of a continuous indoctrination of children; a continuous sexualisation of children so as to remove their childhoods; a breaking down of parental – child relationships; an encouragement to join the homosexual agenda; indoctrination of the god of this world, forcing governments to obey him rather than be servants of the people – servants of the people at best, within this culture – for constitutionally in certain lands, governments are to obey God first; & Biblically, all governments are to obey God first.

“So you have the build-up to the Great Tribulation. In Christian nations throughout the world, you can no longer have constitutional justice; there is a totalitarian approach to law, alien to the constitution of these lands. They have been brainwashed to support the global approaches that are completely run by Satan, in a letter of the law manner.

“And so when you take your cases to once Christian institutions, you now find you lose these cases on the basis of a narrow understanding of law. For legal institutions are restricted from taking the full context of a case.

“So what you have is communism, totalitarianism, fascism; for Satan is the instigator of all of these things, binding up the people into a New World Order of restriction, surveillance, & fear. This Satan wants to control everything, taking houses, lands & businesses away from the people into his hands; even businesses are now under franchises under the New World Order.

“And so here we have a situation where nations are coming under Satan, rather than the God of their Constitutional Acts. Christian nations have accepted immorality to such a degree, they kill the babies that are the result of out-of-marriage sex. So the baby pays the price, being delivered to Me in heaven.

“The god of this world is evil, & the people need to know they are being put under his control. But what you know is, that by exposing his ways & his actions through your Justice & Financing web-sites, through your stand in the political arena, you are exposing Satan & all his ways; & that by exposing a thief, he has to restore sevenfold.

“You stand victorious above Satan, proclaiming the Saviour who shed His blood to set the people free.

“My name must be lifted up above any other name. My Word must be used as a sword to plunge into Satan & all his evil ways; & as all men come unto Me, so they shall be lifted up above the vagaries of the god of this world.

“The build-up to the Great Tribulation is on; but I tell you, My Church, My true Church, which has not bowed down to the ways of the New World Order, that has not embraced the so-called scriptures of textual change ; My Church which stands on the Word which has been for ever established, triumphs magnificently over the god of this world, who has according to My Word, blinded the eyes of the people.

“Your role has been in opening the eyes of the people, & when I say, ‘your Pentecostal Continuing site,’ all of your sites are indeed Mine, for they are for My glory. For you have been My empty vessel, so I can write the content of these sites; & indeed on the Bible College site & its subsidiary sites, I have spoken through the vessel of Brian Mason the words of intercession impacting the whole world. All of these sites are to grow enormously; as you link them into modern media, so shall men come unto thee with their eyes open, saith the Lord. They will ask you question after question, as thy brother Donald asked thee today; & you will give the answers of the Lord; & you will show to these people who have realised what is going on, the triumphant place of walking in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus; more than conquerors; the royal priesthood of believers, the holy nation, giving all of its praise to the Lord. For oh yes!Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.

“That is My Word: greater. My Word is that the stronger man has overcome the strong man; & what you did at Knock was a complete confrontation against the New World Order; for the New World Order is based on idolatry; the idolatry of physical signs; for the Green movement is based on what is seen physically; & what they see is lack, rather than plenty.

“The truth of My Word is, I have provided magnificently. They say there is not enough food for the people. This is opposite to My Word. For they declare that because of lack, there must be population control. I declare I have come to bring life, not death; & so through the Green movement there is a form of totalitarianism so evil that it involves the culling of mankind rather than the increase of it.

“Now My Word cannot be returned void, & Psalm 91 is clear it shall not come nigh thee. But it involves a continuous hearing from God. My promises are yea & amen to those who hear Me & obey Me. But there are those who call themselves Christian & live a life of flesh. They base their lives & opinions on what they see rather than what is in My Word. For faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, & those who have come against thee paid no heed to the sufferings of thy lives. They simply saw an apparent affluence which they believed was the result of corruption. Yet they did not see the total surrender of thy ministry to Me. They did not see that you have laid all thy goods on the altar for Me. But those who came to inspect thee were amazed by thy surrender to the cause, & indeed were afraid of it. For their security commonly is in their home, their houses, their pensions, which are now being removed by the New World Order in preparation for the Great Tribulation.

“What will they have then? Nothing. What will you have? Glory; victory; more than conquerors.

“Rejoice, My children. I have overcome the world. Hallelujah! But it requires a total surrender; a total surrender to Me.

“That is how to become the Christian seated in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.

“You can now rejoice; for the victory has been won.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 13/11/14
“A Nation at Peace with Itself”

“This is a nation that admits its faults, not hides its failures. Hiding failures creates brick walls, brings conditions for those failures to grow, brings mistrust, brings manipulation, & a hiding behind a wall to prevent you from making any progress.

“Such is the case with the banking community. Whilst some failures have come out, the major failure has been protected. What is that major failure? For years you have pointed it out on your web-sites, by My Spirit. The major failure is shrouded in secrecy. You have consistently pointed out this failure on thy web-sites. The failure is in one word: sin.

“What is that sin? You have consistently exposed that sin on your web-sites for years. Answer: failure to respect & honour the sacred oath spoken out by the monarch in 1953.

“In controlling the money supply, banks have completely disregarded the truth that the earth is the Lord’s, & the fullness thereof. And it is this fundamental point that needs to be understood: that in honouring the Constitutional Acts of the nation, you apply law, not by the letter, but by the Spirit; & to control money supply by what a credit agency says, whether it be by an agency that relates money supply to the everyday person or to governments, is taking information of the narrow truth rather than the whole truth which is the demand in British law; a fundamental truth that you for years have expressed on your web-sites.

“You cannot take the narrow truth; only the whole truth, in British law. So even when court fees were paid, your credit rating was affected, when in effect you were the prosecutor & the bank was the defendant.

“The court needed to decide, based on what the Lords spiritual & temporal had said. The banks failed to do this, & you found out by the Spirit that there had been meetings to suppress a holy edict of the House of Lords, thus making you the guilty party, rather than them.

“A nation that is at peace with itself does not reflect its sins on to others, but admits its sin itself.

“Now, this example is typical on how Britain is being run. One side places its sin on the other. So how can a nation be at peace with itself, when there is so much mistrust?

“The sin of hiding behind the letter of the law, when the minister of God is called constitutionally to call all these matters out into the open, that minister is seen as being a danger, rather than a blessing. For what that minister is doing, & indeed is what you are doing, is getting to the root of the sin. You are at that point now; & what the root is in the case of the banks is love of money, making profit for themselves; not even for their own institution, but for themselves, the motivation being greed, rather than using money supply for the benefit of the whole nation, & nations within the Commonwealth.

“What you have done to counteract this, is show an example. My Church places all its resources on the line for the benefit of the lost. This is how thy charity has been run & is being run. Men & women of sacrifice place all on the line for the benefit of others.

“What has happened is this: those with unconfessed sin reflect their iniquity on to others, rather than admit their sins themselves. What they do is take narrow law in an attempt to bind you up. What you have done is say the Constitutional Acts & the oath the monarch gave, allows for none of this whatsoever.

“So a nation at peace with itself admits its faults, not reflects its sins on to others; & that which is done in secret is now out into the open. That which you have put on the Christian Justice web-site, & now on Christian Financing, at great expense to the Charity, is not wasted money, for it has got to the root of the sin, you bringing out the whole truth, whilst they look to bind you up with narrow application of law.

“By asking for a seat in the House of Lords, you are saying you will bring out the whole truth, nothing but the truth, & that which has taken place in secret will at long last come out. For if the Lords is to be known as spiritual & temporal, the prophetic voice needs to be heard. If the nation is to make its stand in the world, it has to be one at peace with itself.

“What we have is a nation that reflects its sins on to others; the sin of not teaching its children the Constitution, & rather choosing to bind up school teaching in chains of over-regulation, is an act strictly forbidden under British law. The act of placing the sin of immorality on to unborn children is grossly forbidden under British law. Such a law is unconstitutional. The act of re-defining marriage, a reflection of the sin of severe immorality, is strictly forbidden under British law, for it goes against the heart of what the monarch swore to Me in 1953; & that the support of any politician who supports such an idea is not only an act of high treason towards the nation, its monarch & her oath. It is an act of supreme blasphemy to God; for I speak as Christ & His Church.

“A nation at peace with itself admits its faults, rather than legislates without regard to the prayer which has gone before.

“For to begin a session of Parliament in prayer, then legislate to kill babies & re-define marriage, is giving no regard to the foundations on which the nation is built, thus making the legislator guilty of the sin.

“No wonder you have the intrigues & secret meetings to protect the interests of the unrepentant politician! Thou hast brought this out on your web-sites for years.

“But now I say this, to all the Trustees & Council of Reference of thy ministry: thou hast done well. Thou hast not been afraid to admit faults. That which is unrepentant, is unrepentant all around you, is falling down all around thee. You see, sin can never conquer the Conqueror of sin.

“That which is in My name will always stand. The gates of hell cannot prevail against it. Oh, thou has come to the point of victory! For that which is done in secret is being brought out into the open. Principalities, powers & thrones are being exposed. Remember My Word, ‘Whatsoever you bind on earth is bound in the heavenly realm; whatsoever you have loosed on earth, is loosed in the heavenly realm.’

That is how you stand. The rock on which the Church stands can never be defeated. All around you is the false Church, which you have consistently exposed. This you now bring to an end in My name, for they have changed the focus & words of the holy Word of God. Every curse is upon those who manifest the illegitimate rendering of so-called ‘Bibles’ which are bastards within the context that they have no words of the Father. They are fatherless, they are bastards, without a Father.

“You see, they are bastard bibles; & that is how you should refer to this literature of Egypt – as bastard bibles. For they have no Father. Jesus is the Word, the only begotten Son of God, meaning the Father, Son & Spirit – these three are one.

“These new bibles lack the understanding of the Holy Trinity & are thus bastards before the people.

“Thou hast exposed Higher Criticism to such a degree, the gates of hell are crumbling all around you. The colleges, the seminaries, who have built their teaching on this, are crumbling all around you. And here you are with a tiny College, speaking the truth of God’s Word.

“You see, what you are doing is portraying the sacrificial Word of God. Those who sacrifice, those who handle the Word of God respectfully, are to bring the truth of My Word to the people.

“What the producers of commercial bibles are doing, is changing the text continually to suit the mood of the people. This is what they call a working text.
“So how can a Church be at peace with itself if its foundations are continuously changing?

“Do you understand now where you stand? You stand, speaking out My Word. And that which is done in secret all around you, from the round tables of the new translations to the secret meetings of bankers & governments – it is all coming out. And as it comes out, all you can say is that there is a cross to kneel at with thy burden of sin. There is power in the blood.

“You see, there is no other place to go, but to the foot of the cross. There is power in the blood.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 20/11/14
“The Money Supply is Fine, saith the Lord, if…”
“The money supply is to be placed back into the hands of the people, instead of in the hands of unelected bodies, who instead of taking the views of the people, have an agenda to control the people, who work hard to bring about the wealth.

“The present scenario of banking is one, bluntly, of theft, coming from the one who comes to kill, steal & destroy. This is why the justice element of thy A.C.P. statement is so vital. For to bring to justice the banks, who illegally control 
money for their own benefit, who blacklist others who do not fit into their own criteria, who grossly interfere with the affairs of government with their own controls of the money supply; who, as you have pointed out for yourselves, grossly interfere with the affairs of justice.

“What you must do, is bring them under the crest of thy monarch, towards a judge completely conversant with the Constitutional Acts of thy nation, which thou is honour bound to do.

“Thy intercessor tells Me what I am honour bound to do; so I am telling you what you are honour bound to do in My name. For thou art My body on earth. Thou has all authority over the devil, the head of the body working as one, & the money supply that has been suppressed from coming to thee, is because of corruption at the highest level of banking.

“This money supply must now come back into the hands of those upholding the Constitutional Acts of thy nation; of those who will bring to justice those who have allowed foreigners to control thy money supply; & whilst it is good to have free trade agreements, it is not My will that Britain should have any part of integrating its legal & political processes with the global order, except that of the Commonwealth nations & the United States of America. For these nations, the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain & the Mayflower Compact are the basis on which to operate, these documents being based on the Word of God.

“Within this stability, the money supply is allowed to flow, all these nations prospering.

“Now, for nations not within this grouping, a grouping of freedom of choice; a grouping without dictators, a grouping without religious persecution, a grouping in which the people are free, by having their needs met through sound investments, communities coming together, in relation to community projects to develop bases within their community for everyone to benefit. As thou hast witnessed in Amish areas, there will be no crime, for the criminal element from the top will have been removed.

“Remove the corruption element from governments & banks, & you influence from the top down, the money supply should be in the hands of the people, where it should always have been, rather than in the hands of greedy bankers & stock-holders, who exploit the people for their own ends.

“For example, gone will be the designer label sweatshops, for narconomics will be a thing of the past. For the wealth will be shared equally amongst the people, throughout the Commonwealth of nations; that includes the United States of America.

“Yes, entrepreneurship will flourish; but not the entrepreneurship which exploits the people, but from community-based entrepreneurs, whose heart is to benefit all of the people, not just themselves.

“They will say this is a form of communism, for everyone is equal. Well, communism is a philosophy of man, whereas the Word of God, God gave His Son so that all the people would be joint heirs with Him.

“Now do you understand? God has shared His riches through His Son, for those who respond to Him, He makes heirs with Christ.

“And so, the will of God in heaven is the will of God on earth. So those with riches share their wealth with all of the people.

“This is why you have given up your wealth for the benefit of all the people. This is why others have given up their wealth for the benefit of all the people. This is why it is harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God; for they see that their wealth is their own wealth & not the Lord’s. For the earth is the Lord’s, & the fullness thereof. The world’s resources are the Lord’s.

“Thou hast had sacrificial Trustees who have seen that. Yet thou art attacked by those who have the old-fashioned own wealth scenario, when I have called thee together to lay all thy goods down at the feet of those who work, not for personal gain, but for the benefit of all the people.

“You see, all around you are those who have their faith in their own money supply. Rees Howells’ ministry was so successful because it saw its wealth as belonging to God, not themselves, personal ownership being a barrier for the growth of the Church.

“Why do you think I told those with riches to sell what they had, give to the poor, & follow Me? ‘It’s too high a price,’ they said. Yet the Lord God gave His only begotten Son; & so sacrifice is the key element of the Christian life.

“The early Church said, ‘Silver & gold have I none. Such as I have, give thou thee. In the name of Jesus Christ,’ this name representing the ultimate sacrifice, of blood shed for the benefit of all the people.

“Such is the true Christian. He or she will give his whole life for the benefit of the people, never mind monies. That is insignificant, the true Christian is the one who is prepared to give his or her own life for the gospel.

“Yes, of course it is the will of God for God’s people to prosper & be in health. But this is in a certain context. That context is one of sacrifice. For to establish the covenant of God, one must be prepared to put all on the line yourself for the benefit of all the people.

“This is how the Bible College of Wales operated, with deep surrender, deep sacrifice. It was never intended for those to control it with large amounts of money, to restore the mantle of Rees Howells that can only come with those prepared to place everything on the line for the benefit of the people.

“Hence the testimonies in ‘Rees Howells, Intercessor’ through your brother Grubb; & within this context came the intercession, that affected those in governments, just as what happened at Eastleigh.

“You see, within this context comes the challenge to God to honour His Word. But this challenge of honour can only come from those like Rees Howells, who laid everything down.

“You see, when My body lays everything down in covenant, so does the Head; & I am honour bound to bring My glory.

“This is how the taps on the shoulder in the missionary days of the 30s occurred. Individuals knew they must not keep wealth for themselves, but give it to those who are fully surrendered.

“Where today can I find those who have laid their whole lives down? In Western nations, I find so-called Christians who have their faith in their own wealth rather than God’s. I find, too, false prophets & apostles, manipulating people for the benefit of their own ministries, rather than God’s.

“By restoring the mantle of Rees Howells. Thou hast brought light to the darkness; & they investigate you because your philosophy is one that believes the wealth belongs to God, government bodies not under-standing the sacrifice required to be a real Christian.

“This is thy position: ‘the earth is the Lord’s, & the fullness thereof.’ And in this belief system, the wealth is distributed for the glory of God. The waste places get built up; & in this building up to God’s glory, we see nations flourish; for the money supply is in the hands of people who sacrifice, rather than those who operate for selfish gain.

“It is these people you bring to justice, not the people of sacrifice, who must not come under letter-of-the-law philosophies, but for the justice & mercy I have ordained for the people of Britain, its Commonwealth, & the United States of America, the other countries needing to come under this umbrella too; on condition they are able to keep to My Constitution-al Acts & the Compact of the United States.

“It is this prophecy that gives the way you operate to all those who investigate your operations. ‘This is how you operate under the law,’ you say, with the question, ‘Are you operating this way too? Or, are you operating a philosophy not of the Constitution of Great Britain, its Commonwealth & the United States?’

“This is the question you must ask. For letter of the law has no place within this Constitution. For what is represented in the crest of the monarch is that the Spirit must take the precedence.

“This is what you show the lawyers & government bodies; & the reason why I say to thee that you say to them, that unless you uphold the Constitutional Acts of the nations & the Compact, then thou must step aside, & give government to the people of sacrifice, rather than personal gain.

“Now, this word that I give thee is thy sword. It is to be used against all those that attack thee. You say that this is your stand, in My name, on the Constitutional Acts & the Compact; & this is the victory.”

The work the Lord is doing through us is so important - the Bible College of Wales Continuing (not the charismatic counterfeit based in Singapore and Swansea) and its TV station ECCTV is really growing and give the Lord all the praise - we being the empty vessels for him to work through. On God calling you to be apart of this as empty vessels either reply on Facebook, e mail ecctv4219@gmail.com  01492 544451; 0044 1492 544451

Word from the Lord through
David P Griffiths, 12/02/15
“The Issues of Today”

“The number one issue in the British General Election is terrorism, not the economy; the terrorism of the ongoing slaughter of innocents in the womb. Unless this is immediately stopped & repented of, there will be no economy to discuss. For the principle of sowing & reaping applies. Sowing death brings death.

“The nation, in its self-righteousness, chases the child abuser; yet the nation itself, along with other nations who abort their babies, like USA, are the biggest child abusers the world has ever seen; & under serious judgement. For the Pilgrim Fathers did not foresee two nations that would slaughter their innocents; only two nations that would proclaim life, life being the Lord Jesus Christ.

“So, terrorism is number one on the British General Election agenda; but not the terrorism of the Middle East, but the terrorism going on day by day in one’s own back yard.

“As regards to lost movements, the number one issue will always be the Word of God. Hear this, & hear it well: the codices of Egypt will always be returned void. For My Word can never be returned void.

“As you stand on My Word, that which is on sand around thee will fall all around thee. Thy College, which is the manifestation of what I founded through Rees Howells, is to proclaim My unadulterated Word. That which took over has embraced the codices of Egypt, Higher Criticism, the false Charismatic movement of the present day, living in an affluent atmosphere through the labours & sacrifices of those who have gone to be with in glory. It shall be returned void, & those under its control must be delivered to study My true Word.

“This is why, My dear children, sons of God led by the Spirit of God, you are working so hard. Day after day, you deal with matters of state in relation to the Charity. Yet the state cannot even manage to protect the coming generations, with its policies of immorality, sexualisation of children, letter of the law regulations, & all of that which are from the one who comes to kill, steal & destroy.

 “For a nation who is hearing from God will establish God’s lawful foundations, the Ten Commandments being clear over My attitude to nations who kill rather than bring life. For it follows on that if a nation kills its innocents in the womb, it will look to destroy its hard-working people through the stress of over-regulation.

“You see, thou has been called to be light amidst the darkness; to bring joy instead of grief; to bring My true Word to the people. But the greatest opposition to this have been those of Christendom, who have been prepared to accept a son of the gods; prepared to accept Joseph as the father of the Son of God; prepared to accept removal of words like ‘the blood’, ‘worship’, & ‘repent’ for apparent easier to understand English, failing to understand that the understanding of My Word is to be by the revelation of the Spirit, rather than the clinical exegesis of the colleges & seminaries under the curse of Higher Criticism; & into that curse, the Bible College of Wales, & the Pentecostal denominations, & many others were taken.

“So, take courage that I now have that empty vessel I desire to proclaim My Word. I am enjoying ECCTV, of those who stand & sit before that camera, without an earthly agenda. For this station will grow, saith the Lord, & the Bible College offshoot of lectures for a whole world to grasp.

“This is continuous work for thee; but I will renew thy strength. For thou will rise up with wings like eagles, & destroy the works of the devil in My name, for all the over-regulation they have looked to place on thee. For I have risen thee up to directly face the antichrist of the codices of Egypt. For it is those who embrace these codices who are the false end-time “Church,” who understand nothing of the suffering required to proclaim My true Word. For only those who have been through My refining fire, described by the prophet Malachi, will endure to the end in these last days.

“The life of Paul is an inspiration to thee; for thou art right to proclaim that this covenantal relationship thou hast with the prophetess of Kentucky is so key to all of this. For there is neither male nor female, Jew nor Greek. For I have called thee to make a stand. For not only art thou restoring the ministry of Rees Howells, for together thou art restoring the ministries of Norman Grubb, & his relationship with A W Tozer, who exposed the corruptions of Christendom, to bring the conditions for  those entrapped by the doctrines of Eli, which is where thou knoweth, through the prophet who proclaimed the sons of Zadok as the way forward in My Word. For those who make this stand in these last days, they will witness the great joy of setting the captives free from the clutches of Satan, who has appeared to them ‘like the Most High.’

“So, thy hard work continues; hard work made easy through the strength of My Spirit as you look to Me day by day, so as to re-establish the foundations of sound doctrine based on the true Word of God that the King authorised for the blessing, not only of Britain & America, but also the entire world.

“It is this that the gates of hell cannot prevail against. It is with this that thou preacheth & teacheth My Word, with My Spirit revealing the truth of My precious Word.

“They have no reply to this. As you preach & teach My Word, that which is of Satan will collapse all around thee.

“Thus saith the Lord.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 24/03/15
“Britain was Never Meant to Be like This”

“The people are worn out. They fear for their jobs, their pensions, their Health Service.“Yet I have spoken through thee over what the righteous can do when the foundations are destroyed.

A nation that has lost its foundations will, as the Bible says it will, fall. So in Britain today, as it is in America, as it is throughout the Commonwealth, there has been a major fall from the stability of the Coronation Service to the confusion & lack of knowledge of what the Queen, Elizabeth the Second, swore to God actually means.“With passion & zeal, the Every Creature Commission Television Channel proclaims the Constitution of the nation. Yet the channel has lacked physical resources to expand; has been as a John the Baptist channel, crying in the wilderness.

“But I have said to thee, & I say to thee again today, Be ready for major expansion. Thou art still building the foundations of the channel, this channel being built on the Rock which is already established & has already been established. But thou, amidst adversity, have built in My name a channel reaching every corner of the earth.

“This channel has become light in the darkness, fulfilling the call of God on your lives. Thou art facing up to Baal, without fear, for the victory over Baal has already been won. I say to thee, Stand firm. Be not afraid, for though they try to close you down through every rule & regulation, the victory has already been won. I declare to thee today that as one moves ahead in My name, there will be those who will try & crucify you as they crucified Me. But be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

“So as you sow My Word throughout the world, I say unto thee, thou hast set the solid foundation. So even though the sinking sand may scream & holler all around you, thou stands firm on the Rock; & as one stands on this Rock, be not afraid to expose the wickedness of man, & by doing so, preach the cross of Christ, where man can come & repent, & be a joint heir with Me, as Me, high above principality & power, for thou has been called to fulfil the vision of Rees Howells, to reach every creature.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 24/06/15
“Will You Bow Down to Secular Humanism?”

“This is the question of the hour. Will you bow down to men who work things out through the mind, rather than being led of the Spirit? Because how can a man of the world judge a man of the Spirit? “The answer is, he can’t.

This is why the First Elizabeth placed the Spirit above the temporal; for the temporal forever changes. There are eras. Thou has identified in My name 3 eras of the last 30 years. But over time, there are many eras. What is consistent is that the prophet looks ahead & lives within God’s ideal, which never changes, whereas men’s eras forever change. They change the words of their Bibles to suit the era in which they live. The 27th. edition of the Nestle-Aland text underlying all "new translations" in its introduction admits this: 
The text shared by these two editions was adopted internationally by Bible Societies, and following an agreement between the Vatican and the United Bible Societies it has served as the basis  for new translations and for revisions made under their supervision. This marks a significant step with regard to inter confessional relationships. It should naturally be understood that this text is a working text (in the sense of the century-long Nestle tradition): it is not to be considered as definitive, but as a stimulus to further efforts toward defining and verifying the text of the New Testament .........   

“But God’s Word never changes. The prophet lives by the never-changing Word. In Great Britain & throughout the world, laws change all the time. But God’s Word never changes. “So, the prophet lives within the thinking of the never-changing Word, whilst the accuser thinks within the narrow perspective of what is politically correct within a particular era.

They will always try to imprison & trap the prophet, for he lives within a completely different perspective of never-changing to forever changing. “Within Daniel’s era was a demand to bow down to a foreign power, as there is today; as there is a demand to bow down to law-making & law applying without the use of the Spirit. “The 1534 Act of Supremacy does not allow this. For this demands increase in virtue of Christ’s religion.

So within the context of law in Great Britain is the demand for increase in virtue. Thou has operated for years this way in thy ministry. This is not strange to thee; but for those trained under the era of secular humanism, this comes as quite a shock, as it is a demand in British law, & you are making sure this is applied, as is your right given to you by your present monarch in her Coronation Oath. “It is for you to see it is applied, because why else would the monarch swear before God, on the holy oracles of God, oracles brought about in the Coronation Service that emphasises the priesthood of Zadok.

“These are the fundamentals of British law; for without these understandings, there can be no accurate application of British law. For it is this that the crest above every judge’s chair represents. It is this that the testaments sworn upon in every court of the land contain. So without these understandings there can be no successful application of British law.

“Hence Christians throughout the land are being persecuted by law of the secular state rather than the spiritual one. In thy on-going case at this time, there needs to be understanding of the tongue-speaking prophetess. Prophets & prophetesses always forsake all. It is in their nature. This does not have to be forced or manipulated by men. They just want to do it. For as Christ gave His all, so will the prophet or prophetess. It is their nature. It has nothing to do with mental capacity or understanding; for the prophet or prophetess is fundamentally a spiritual being, who cannot be understood through the natural mind. “Such was Daniel. He would not compromise to the era of the day. Neither would Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego.

Neither would Jeremiah, Isaiah & all the Minor Prophets; & neither would the Son of Man compromise to fit the narrow perspective of the era of which He was on the earth. “And He is still on the earth, within the hearts of the sons of God, joint heirs with Christ. The local law-makers & appliers of the day could not stand it. And this is the decision for Great Britain to take: the wide perspective of the Constitutional Acts, or the narrow application of law that has come out of the era in which you live, an era based on the Age of Reason, rather than that of Elizabeth the First, who heard from God & established law, & the way it was to be applied; a lady who would not tolerate foreign influence on British laws; a lady who would not tolerate the thinking of the mind above the thinking of the Spirit.

Hence there is the Constitutional demand to always place the Spirit above the temporal. For it is from the heart thou believest unto righteousness; for the letter of the law killeth, but the Spirit giveth life. “Daniel did not bow down to the era in which he lived, & was prepared to forsake all, including his life. This is how thy ministry operates. “Rejoice & be exceedingly glad.

For they persecuted the prophets before thee, & they persecute thee today, in the same manner as they always persecute the prophets. “For the prophets thinks wide, & the accuser of the brethren in the narrow perspective of law, without the spiritual understanding. “Thus saith the Lord.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 25/06/15
“Without These Four Words, a Nation Will Collapse”

“These words, unless they are fully embraced & understood, will bring about collapse to the health service, & education system, a justice system, a business system – all of these will collapse without these 4 words. “For is a nation brings in foreign philosophies & understandings without these 4 words, then the people of that nation will become confused, stressed, & without hope.

Crime rates will soar, education standards will suffer, for without these 4 words, children will never understand from where they have come. Businesses will be about greed, the spirit of mammon, rather than personal share. One will look to get one over on another. “These 4 words are the foundations of the very earth. Without these 4 words, there is no hope for anybody. Suicides, depression, mental afflictions, will increase all over the world without these 4 words. “So, what are these words, & why are they so important? ‘In the beginning, God.’ You cannot run an education system without these 4 words. The philosophies of men are nought without these 4 words. Scientific opinions are nothing, without the fundamental of these 4 words; & from these 4 words comes the Father’s sending of His begotten Son. For to dismiss these 4 words is like unto a building that dismisses its foundations. It will fall. Dismissing these 4 words removes the covering of God on a nation.

For without God’s foundation, the nation will have to stand on its philosophies & scientific discoveries, the fruit of which is now evident all over the world. “These 4 words bring life, & life in abundance; & from these 4 words comes the great I AM; & from here comes the ‘I am’s of John’s gospel.

“‘Will you give heed to this?’ is the question you will give to the people, of the creator God who sent His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life. “But unless you believe these 4 words, then you do not believe in Him. For there are forms of Christianity who deny these 4 words; who deny the Genesis accounts; for to deny Genesis is to deny the seed of Abraham; is to deny the fall of Adam; is to deny how God flooded the earth. To deny Genesis is to deny God.

“The warning thou shalt given is not to touch this book, but to embrace it as holy writ. “I come shortly, to take up into the air those that fully embrace these 4 words. What will the world be like then, without those who embrace the first 4 words of the Word of God, ‘In the beginning, God’? “They play around with scientific experiments.

They control people through their doctrines of lack. Yet, they do not understand these simple 4 words; that if only a nation would embrace these words, the fish will return to the seas, the land will overflow with crops. For unless one embraces the Book of Genesis, then one is denying the God of the universe. “And a word to the scientific community: With your minds you have come nowhere near understanding how the worlds were created. Only those who embrace Genesis know.

You have tried to work out the evolution of man; & have come nowhere near in that understanding. “Instead of looking at the Word of God, you look at the created of God; that if only you had spent your time in the study of the Creator, rather than the created, then you would have come to successful conclusions. But instead, you embrace what you see; & what you see bears no relation to what My Word declares. For it is by Him, the begotten Son of God, were all things created. “So, a nation without Genesis, is a nation without foundation; & whilst the nation was teaching this, there was security for its people.

What happens to a building without its foundations? The answer to a nation’s problems is in these 4 words: ‘In the beginning, God.’”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 27/06/15“They Worship at the Thrones of Satan
(who the ‘they’ is, will be revealed)”

“As regards to Great Britain, the First Elizabeth rescued the nation from the claws of Satan. From whom, & from what, did she rescue it?“Who the ‘they’ is, is clearly acknowledged in the Constitutional Acts of the nation.

The ‘they’ are those who, as a matter of law, fail to increase ‘virtue in Christ’s religion;’ those who continuously look to place the nation under foreign powers &|influences, philosophies & lifestyles, alien to the ‘Protestant Reformed religion established by law,’ & the propagation of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the only way, the only truth, & the only life; & that the seed of Abraham is only those who are Christ’s & Christ’s alone.

“So, who the ‘they’ is, is extremely clear: those in government who fail to ‘increase virtue in Christ’s religion,’ those who allow for infiltration into political & legal systems, & those who fail to govern the country according to the Protestant Reformed religion established by law; those who fail to propagate the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, clearly have another god, the god of this world, the other Jesus, to whom such political leaders clearly give homage; & this is done in houses of worship where Christ does not live. For Christ does not live in holy places made with hands. So then, who does?

“All kinds of philosophies, influences, alien lifestyles to the Constitution, have crept into the nation, & sin abounds; & the righteous are persecuted like never before.“So, who are you to follow? Clearly the answer to that is in My Word. Those led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God, joint heirs with Christ.“So who then, in British government, is an example of such a son? The answer is in the First Elizabeth & her Settlement. What has been settled?

That the nation is a Christian nation on its own; a nation that had an Empire that it influenced with Christianity. Yet there were those even then who were of the ‘they,’ who applied law rather than mercy.

Hence, the Empire was lost, Ghandi acknowledging that if he had found a real Christian, he would have become one.“So, India was lost by those of the ‘they,’ & even now, Britain has rebelled against God by neglecting the nations of the Empire, now the Commonwealth. Had the monies that have gone into Europe gone into Britain’s covenant partners, then all would be prospering at this time. But those of the ‘they’ look to kill, steal & destroy.“Hold fast to the Settlement, My dear children. For in it are the words of God, to keep thy nation settled. For without heed to the Constitutional Acts of the nation, then the nation will be unsettled. So, what kind of nation do you have today? A settled one, or an unsettled one? The answer is in the existing Constitutional Acts.

To tamper with the Coronation Oath will be an act of high treason. For the Second Elizabeth is oath-bound to keep the words of the First, & politicians working under her dare not operate with alien philosophies & lifestyles contrary to her oath, they themselves commonly taking oaths on the King James Bible. It is they who worship at the throne of Satan, for they fail to take heed to the contents of the Bible they swear on, & fail to take heed to what the monarch swore to God in 1953.

And even now, they plot to bring the nation under further foreign power.“Oh, how there needs to be those standing on the rock of the Lord Jesus, to bring settlement again to a nation who have those who worship at the throne of a foreign power, rather than to the God the monarch swore to in 1953.“The warning is here. Babylon arises. Turn away from God, & what is in the Bible you swore on will happen again to a nation that fails to heed to the warnings of God.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 09/09/15
“Laws that Declare ‘Right’ Wrong, & Wrong ‘Right’”

“This is the base of so many laws today, the righteous therefore becoming the sinner, & the sinner becoming righteous, within the context of the new breed of law-maker.

The new breed of law-maker has lived through 3 eras, in which the criminal has been protected, God, the Bible & the Constitution removed from everyday life, & now the era of the righteous becoming the criminals & the criminals becoming the righteous, all this within the context of the plains of Megiddo getting ready for the final confrontation, & nations that were once of God having to get ready for the coming of the Lord.

“Now, the root of all this is the fact that both nations & movements have been taken away from their foundations. Now, what do the true righteous do? “(1) Bring it all out into the open, & have policy to put it right. I use the word ‘policy,’ for it is commonly used by the new law-makers. They commonly say, ‘Have you a policy for this, or a policy for that?’

They place heavy emphasis on regulation. It is the acts of the false law-makers, for they control the people through their policies & regulations. They look to protect the vulnerable, yet their laws & regulations have in fact brought about the vulnerable, for where there is letter of the law operating in society, stress levels reach unbearable proportions, & a generation of vulnerable people is born. So indeed those looking to protect the vulnerable are the reason why there are so many vulnerable people.

You are living in an era of vulnerable people because what is right has been made wrong, & what is wrong has been made right.

(2) Government says the vulnerable are to be protected. This is the clarion cry of the nation’s social services. So let us look at the record of government in protecting the vulnerable.

  1. The most vulnerable member of society is the unborn child. What is the government record here?
  2. The hospital patient, who they are now plotting to allow to die. So what is the protection of the vulnerable here?
  3. The Liverpool Care Pathway Programme, in which an unwilling patient has been allowed to die through starvation. Where is the protection of the vulnerable here?
  4. The protection of the disabled. What about the disabled in the womb? Where is the protection of the vulnerable here?

“So the list goes on & on. So if you have a society in which right has become wrong, wrong has become right, then how can that society look after its vulnerable people?“(3) Now let us look at how My remnant protects the vulnerable.

  1. You allow the Spirit of God to lead in all situations. ‘For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.’ (Romans 8:14)
  2. The vulnerable are treated as equal (on being born again) that is, those with the understanding. For the Spirit is pure, rather than infected by law-makers who have not given heed to the nation’s Constitution. So the peace of the vulnerable comes through personal relationship with Jesus Christ, who is the way, the truth, & the life, rather than the accursed laws of government that have through over-regulation brought about the vulnerable into in the first place, the socialist agenda having a criteria of having those overseers above equality, to oversee a socialistic equality which cannot exist under such control. The difference therefore between those who keep the nation’s Constitution (I speak in relation to Great Britain & America, & other nations who have followed this model) is that if foundations be respected, then there will be stability in society, in which right will be right, wrong will be wrong, law will be applied in mercy, & that the Bible which is sworn upon commonly in Britain & America & other countries, will be understood as the base of those laws. This is why, in the recent case involving thy ministry, the case has been proven to be a complete shambles, because it has come out of 3 eras of rebellion that have displeased Almighty God, the instigator of the nation’s Constitution through Queen Elizabeth the First.
  3. To put the nation right, there has to be a recognition that signatures to foreign powers cannot replace the Constitution of the nation, of a constitutional monarch, & of course I speak here of Great Britain, but also America; because of the covenant of the Mayflower, all this applies in America too, that the 3 eras of rebellion have indeed brought about the large number of vulnerable people which government through its social services now look to protect. Yet the protectors are the ones who have brought about the vulnerable in the first place!
“The priority therefore, is to immediately stop the slaughter of the innocents, both able & disabled, in the womb. For if you genuinely protect the vulnerable, you will protect the most vulnerable.

This is most important, for to kill a child in the womb is to break the most basic of the Ten Commandments, also to promote sexual immorality amongst young people, of having children without Mum & Dad, of the removal of family life, is bringing about a whole new criminal breed because of insecurity in the home.“Now, I could go on & on about the repercussions of making right wrong, & wrong right; of the hypocrisy of modern laws to protect the vulnerable.

For how can any of these laws be legal when the basic tenet of protecting life has been so dramatically ignored? Within this context, the righteous have become the sinner, & the sinner has become the righteous; & the prophet of God brings all this out into the open, & he becomes the biggest ‘sinner’ of them all. For the new law-maker has pride in their laws, for they do not like being found out. For just as Elijah found out the prophets of Baal, the modern law-maker has been found out today.

“So, when they debate assisted dying today, is this debate based on destroying life, or protecting it? Is it about putting a death sentence on the vulnerable, or about seeking God for the restoration of the vulnerable? Is it about the devil coming to kill, steal & destroy, or about Christ Jesus, who came to bring life, & life in abundance?Thou hast already witnessed how God protected the vulnerable through thy ministry in the Sri Lankan war.

Who they accuse of being vulnerable today, was one who entered a war-torn hospital without medicine, drugs & doctors. All they could do was call upon the prophets of God, one of whom they call vulnerable today. Yet within her, she had the power of God to save those crying out in pain, because of war wounds so great that only those moving in the power of God could master. “The one they call vulnerable today still has that power within her.

You see, because the virtue of God, so demanded in the Constitution of Britain & America, is so powerful that by its application, that which is seen to be vulnerable becomes strong, & the strong becomes vulnerable, for that those without God are indeed the most vulnerable, for it is these who walk the cliffs of hell, it being JesusChrist who takes one out of vulnerability, & Him alone, not those who have brought death to the laws of nations with Christian constitutions. It is not them who can assess vulnerability, it is only God; which is why George Washington said you cannot govern without God & the Bible; why President Reagan emphasised virtue & intercession so strongly, whilst President.

For it is only with these understandings that true laws in line with the Constitution can come into practice.“For without this, according to the constitutions of Britain & America, these new laws of the new breed are not laws at all. For how can it be a law, that makes the righteous a sinner, & a sinner the righteous, how can it be a law, that makes right wrong & wrong right? For on this basis, nations & societies & movements will fall.

This is why there are so many described as vulnerable today.”