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Word from the Lord through
David P Griffiths, 14/09/14
“The Time of Judgement”

“Judgement is nigh on Great Britain. Already it is pulling itself apart with its divisions. Soldiers had fought for the U.K. and now it is tearing itself apart.

“What Hitler failed to do, successive governments, disobeying My words, have achieved.

“I have been consistent in warning about the slaughter of the innocents. I have been consistent in talking about Christ & the Church, in relation to covenant & marriage. I have been consistent in warning about the Elizabethan Settlement & the Coronation Oath. I have been consistent in giving thy people a day’s rest; & I have warned consistently about the dangers of over-regulation, & giving thyself over to a foreign power.

“The words of Jeremiah 3:14 should be ringing in your ears. For My weeping prophet warned too about the corruption of pastors. This you see all around. You were given plenty of warning from My Theses of 2007. That was the opportunity for the Church to stand firm over the tyranny of State. Yet what is known as Church in Great Britain if worship of the capstone the N.I.V. embraces as its ‘other Jesus.’

“What a mess thy nation is in! What is known as Church wallowing in the occult; what is known as government wallowing in greed & self-righteousness.
“The present state is standing firm in its judgement of the child abuse of previous generations. Yet, more children are being scooped out of wombs that ever before. Who is to make judgement over that abuse?

“I AM the I AM, & your nation stands before Me, pulling itself apart. Just as you have removed your population from your wombs, with your lack of covenant understanding, your claim to the protection of Psalm 91, which in the context of the whole U.K. has protected you since the Act of Union with Scotland; & even now this is under threat, the break-up of a Protestant Kingdom.

“Little has been said on the media about the key point of the Scottish referendum: the break-up of the Protestant kingdom, a kingdom festooned with tyranny, rather than allegiance to Almighty God.

 “You have been warned, United Kingdom; yet you have ignored My prophets, your last chance being to embrace what has been said. But what has been said is beneath you & your intellect, & the thought of humbling yourself.
“So instead you march, exhibiting pride in decadence rather than humility to Almighty God. So you must pay the price.

“Yes, you have mighty natural weapons; but even the effectiveness of these is in doubt, with the break-up of the United Kingdom.

“So what you have held dear is now under serious threat that only the repentance of a nation can cure.

“You have embraced other gods, which My Parliamentary prophet had warned about, & the effect of this; & yes, people have a free choice to choose. But your nation, through thy monarch, pledged allegiance to Me; & your nation, through successive governments, has broken that allegiance. Your nation has fine words with the United States about what you will do about the threat of Babylon. You know what you must do. Thy King brought National Days of Prayer when thy nation was under threat during World War II. But this is not enough today. Instead of pride marches, there needs to be demonstrations of humility, demonstrations of repentance before Almighty God, to avert the judgement which is now upon thy land.

“Media presentations have shown the effect of weather systems on thy land; & in your self-righteousness you have thought this is the effects of human behaviour. But who comes to kill, steal & destroy? Is there not protection from the elements for a God-fearing nation? Yet instead of humility before God, thy nation chooses to put even more laws & regulations on its people, a people worn down by over-regulation & self-righteousness of successive governments educated well beyond the bounds of common sense.

“So there you are, Great Britain, without the protection of God; but to My true Church, My dear remnant, I embrace you with the promises of My Word: ‘It shall not come nigh thee. A thousand may fall at thy right side, a thousand may fall at thy left; but it shall not come nigh thee.’

“Just as in Egypt, so with thee, the Passover through My precious blood, rather than the blood of a lamb, so today, the blood of Almighty God, the begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.

“So be of good courage. Do not be alarmed over the signs of the times. Behold, I come quickly, saith the Lord, for My remnant Church, of whom the gates of hell cannot prevail.

“Instead of self-righteousness, My remnant, in accepting its own weakness, moves in the strength, power & dominion of Almighty God. My remnant rose from the dead with Me. My remnant is as Me on this earth. For My remnant is the body of Christ, standing form on the Rock.

“And oh yes! Mt story of the wise man & the foolish man comes to the fore at this time. For the wind & the rain is falling. The storm has come; & only that which is on the rock shall stand. For successive government after successive government has stood on sand; & as the hymn writer wrote by My Spirit, ‘All other ground is sinking sand, All other ground is sinking sand. The solid rock on which I stand; The oath, covenant & blood.’ Oh, how can you betray Me, Great Britain? For you are now to be of dust & sand, instead of being perched high on the rock of the Lord Jesus Christ.

“A kingdom dis-united cannot stand. The government party has lost member after member, moving away from its traditional values, so many splits in its ranks. It is truly on sand. Yet there are those in that party looking to restore its original roots of unionism rather than division. And there are even more ready to walk from its ranks; all other ground is sinking sand.

“And so, Great Britain, you face My judgement. The words of Jeremiah 3:14 should be ringing in your ears. ‘For I am married to you,’ saith the Word; but that marriage you have forsaken, & even re-defined the word in your laws.

“Oh foolish nation! Why can you not see the error of your ways, & obey the instruction of Jeremiah 3:14?”