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Word from the Lord to DPG, 30/08/14
“Honour My Oath”

“Now, you have proclaimed yourselves to be a Protestant Reformed nation. Indeed, the oath given in 1953 declared that the Protestant Reformed religion is established by law, meaning that unless you as a nation expand on that statement, then you are in breach of your own law.

“Now, as this is an oath to God, it is I you as a nation face in relation to the keeping of that oath. Now, what have you as a nation done to increase the Protestant Reformed religion established by law? Now, by increasing the Protestant Reformed religion established by law, you are in covenant with God. By being in covenant with God, the blessings of Deuteronomy 28 apply.
However, by not acting upon the oath, the curse of Babylon will be upon thee.
“How many warnings have My prophets got to give? My first priority is to save the babies from slaughter. You continue this mass slaughter. Whatever a man shall sow, so shall a man reap. Thy Prime Minister himself admits that Babylon is on the rise; so why not do something about it? Admit thy obligations to the Protestant Reformed religion established by law, have national days of repentance, & tell all those in so-called ‘multi-cultural Britain’ that there is only one religion established by law, & this is so established that your nation’s life depends on it.

“Now, this Constitution allows for freedom of choice in the nation. What it does not allow for is for Queen & government to blatantly ignore & not keep to the oath of thy monarch. It does not allow for this.

“My prophets will require the freedom to proclaim My warnings, & are being protected from years in bondage which thy nation is already in. Thou hast broken My oath. You admit yourselves the rise of Babylon. What happened to Israel when she broke My oath? And your Coronation Service has references to the coronations of Israel. Yet you blatantly deny My oath, & place yourselves right into the hands of Babylon.

“Why can you not see it? It is so obvious. The protection of God depends on obedience. It is so obvious. You slaughter the innocents & you reap the same upon thy people. Why can you not see it? The plagues are all around you. What is on your news bulletins just now? Babylon & plague. Yet you do not see it. It is there before you!

“What is the solution? The solution is for the monarch, the Prime Minister, to stand up & say, ‘We as a nation have sinned against God.’ You say, ‘We have slaughtered the innocents. We have promoted immoral practices in our schools. We have allowed for the matrimony of decrease rather than increase. We have denied the one way to God, thus denying the Cross & all that the Cross means.
“There is only one Saviour; yet you proclaim yourselves to be multi-cultural, multi-faith. Yet there is only one Saviour, who went to the Cross.

“And so I call, through My prophet, for there to be a statement before the people that we have sinned against God. We have sown death rather than life; & we require the blessings of God rather than that which Babylon has to offer us.
“Now, My prophet of the 95 Theses is available, as Daniel was available, to be called up before government to explain the requirement of God. He will go into great detail of what God requires; but the first stage is that simple statement, ‘We have sinned against God.’ There requires there to be a re-establishment of the Settlement of the first Elizabeth. All of that needs to be put into place in practical application. The Act of Settlement needs to be re-affirmed, & all links to Romanism cut off.

“For what is the Protestant Reformation religion but to cut off links with Romanism & all its Egyptian bondage? My people struggle with their rules, regulations, policies & procedures. What is that but Egyptian slavery? It requires a repentance.

“My prophet is here to go through what is required in re-establishing the Elizabethan Settlement; but thy leaders are responsible to start the process off. ‘We have sinned against God. We repent before the people, & declare before You that we will honour the oath of our monarch, & all the Constitutional Acts around that oath – yes, all of them!’ My prophet has studied them, & is available to assist in placing all those demands in practical application. By giving him a seat in the House of Lords, he can sit with the bishops, to insist that they too are upholding the Constitutional Acts of the nation. Unless every peer can affirm these Acts, they are indeed no member of the House of Lords, for that is their duty, to affirm the oath of the monarch.

“So the forthcoming election, with its promises based on economic prosperity, are as nothing, for My oath has been broken. If you honour what thou hast promised to Me, then all the blessings of Abraham shall come upon thy nation, on condition you re-affirm My oath & re-establish the Settlement of the first Elizabeth before the people, without fear of the reaction of minority groups who look to affirm the liberalism of acts against God, which you are now even teaching thy children to honour, rather than the oath of the monarch before Almighty God.

“Well, I leave it with you. My prophet is available, but can do nothing till the monarch & Prime Minister declare, ‘We have sinned against God.’ There is no point of him even speaking to you until thou hast made that statement. Then My prophet can go through all the demands of the Constitutional Acts. He loves it. He lives by them, because they are life rather than death.

“You will regret not keeping My demands; for by your own admission, Babylon is rising. How do you defeat Babylon? Simply honour that which you have promised to Me.

“Thy monarch & Prime Minister need to humble themselves before God & say, ‘We have sinned against you.’ This is My decree this day, My prophet’s Theses are before you. You have ignored them, as have the denominations to which they were sent. My prophet wakes up night after night with these prophetic utterances. His wife writes them down. They get put on the internet. Yet you ignore them.

“This time I cry out to you: ‘Ignore not the cry of My prophet, & the prophets all around the world.’ For if you look at My Word, My apostles & prophets are the foundations; the foundations of My Church, of which I am the Head of the corner, the chief cornerstone of what is My body, of which the gates of hell cannot prevail.

“Oh Great Britain, thou hast sinned against Me. The time is now to repent, & save the innocents from continued slaughter. For that is the abomination I face each day, of breaking your promise before God to bring life rather than death, that is, the death of sweet, innocent children; that is, the death of no children within marriage; & that is, the death of disobeying the oath of the monarch, that has placed thy nation under the hands of a foreign power, that is implemented over-regulation, the consequent stress, & the consequent strain on thy Health Service, for continuously it deals with those coming under the strain of over-regulation rather than the freedom the Protestant Reformed religion gives.

“Scotland had John Knox to ensure this freedom, its monarch betraying the freedom of the Protestant Reformed religion. I say to you, Repent now. Keep thy United Kingdom together, as a kingdom of one faith, its righteousness being in God, rather than the multi-faith culture which thou hast embraced.
“Thy monarch promised to uphold this. Thy covenant with America is included in this, that the threat of bondage in Britain is also the same threat on USA, because of the covenant between two nations.

“So this obligation is for the President to hear, as well as the monarch & Prime Minister of Great Britain.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 03/04/15
“There is Nobody to Champion My Cause”

“It is for My ministers, My prophets, those of the House of Lords, to champion & uphold My cause. For to remove the House of Lords’ role is to remove those who have responsibility to uphold the Protestant Constitution of thy nation.“Now, this prophecy deals with the Constitutional foundations of the nation; deals with the Coronation Oath to God; the Elizabethan Settlement, & all the Constitutional Acts around the monarch.

Also, it deals ethically, ethics being important because of its emphasis on life & not death, the majority of the political parties looking to uphold death & not life, as regards to the child in the womb, which took noplace in the politicians’ debate - & this is number one on My agenda.

“However, I want to deal with the Constitutional side first, simply because this Constitution to which I refer, willsave the child in the womb, will also saveyou, as they gather around you at this time to destroy you, because of thy stand for the Protestant heritage of thy nation, & the financial commitment you, thy trustees, & member, have put into it.

“There seems to be no place in a politicians’ debating chamber for the truth of God’s Word. Yet what did the monarch, who remains Head of State through it all, swear in 1953? Surely each party, as in government they have to affirm loyalty to the monarch, should say something of their responsibility towards the monarch’s oath? This protects the nation from the letter of the law infiltrations of foreign powers. It protects the legal system from oppressing those whoupholdthe monarch’s oath.

For at this time, those upholding the oath are being isolated, marginalised, & kept down from speaking out the will of God, which is an embarrassment to all those upholding foreign agendas.“Scotland is surging under an apparent nationalist agenda; yet it is a nationalism passionately desiring to live under a foreign power, Scotland apparently choosing a lowly position in the European Union rather than a primary position in the United Kingdom.“Where is My Protestant voice from Scotland?

Who is contending in the seats of government, like My prophet who took on the Romanist order, who took on the Scottish monarch looking to place the nation under papal power;& today has arisen anew Mary, Queen of Scots, who charms the people toaccept the stars of Mary; toreject the Protestant Constitution, & abolish the House of Lords.

“Who is to be the prophet of Scotland, to restore the nation back to its Protestant roots? Who is to enliven the Celts to realise that the paganism of this present order isnot of God,not of the Celtic saints, but of the infiltration that is dominating the now divided, rather than United, Kingdom.“Nothing is being said along these lines.

The voice of God& the heritage of Great Britain is being ignored; & those who uphold this heritage are being held back by modern-day letter-of-the-law procedures, policies & regulations that are holdingallthe people in the chains of the Pharaohs of a foreign power.

“We then heard the voice of a Green movement intent on preaching their doctrine of lack. ‘The world can’t sustain its people,’ it declares. Where isthat in My Word? ‘We need to place evenmore regulation on the people, for the world can’t sustain itself.’ Where isthat in My Word?

“The movement emphasises that which changes, like climate, rather than the One whonever changes, whose stability is the Rock on which the world can grow, &adequately feed its people in abundance, should the message of My Word come across to the people.“But was this Word given in the politicians’ debate? We heard from Wales of a party not of Lewis Valentine, the Baptist minister of the North, but of another agenda, agenda akin to the Druidic past rather than the Christian present; of a nation in defeat, rather than a nation taking a primary position in the UK; which Scotland is doing, except it is doing this with the wrong agenda, toremove the Constitution rather than embrace it.“Those embracing the independence message mention not the Christian heritage, but are of a mixture of different philosophies, we knowing that a kingdom divided cannot stand.

“Yet, it be a party determined to take the country out of the European oppression, & in that & that alone, it has My support. But where does it stand on ethics? It fears to raise the subject of morality, for fear of losing its support from its divided philosophers.

“We fail too to hear the Non-Conformist cries of Lloyd George in the present-day Liberal Party, a far cry from the talks on the beach with Churchill, to uphold the Constitution of Great Britain. Where isthat with the present-day Liberals, who want to sell out the nation to the idols of Brussels, whose icons are clear to see?

“And so, we come to what are known as the two main parties. Will they protect the prophets of God in upholding the Constitution of the nation? Will they uphold the monarch’s oath? Will they uphold the Union flag with gusto, showing that a nation under God will prosper, & recognise that the prayers in Parliament are not to be of vain repetition, but to be a time of hearing from God, & beingobedientto God?

Which main party leaders are saying, ‘I will get on my knees, hear from God, & obey His Word’? Who is to do this? My main hope therefore in the Parliamentary debate, was to hear from those upholding the Protestant Constitution of the nation; & the one party who would have done this, was not allowed to attend, whose voice was suppressed, yet it represents the votes ofsomanypeople, the Irish voice being ignored.

“What kind of debate was it that suppresses the voice of My Constitution? The answer is, the voice of sand. For facing Britain is the rise of Babylon, just as in Old Testament times, the Coronation Service of Great Britain based on the coronation of the kings of Israel. And so, to see what is happening in these days, one only has to turn to the pages of My Word, to see what happened to My Old Testament prophets, as they cried out for their nation;& thy ministry has become the prophetic voice shouting in the wilderness, they gathering around at this time to gag thee evenmore; to place thee in chains, as Paul & Silas; for the voice of the Lord willneverbe suppressed.

For there is coming a time of such judgement on Great Britain that it is only the voice through the prophet who can return the nation back to the stability of its Constitution. “For it is thisProtestantvoice that has given the liberty of choice to the people, but has clearly shown there to be only one Saviour, the Saviour whoislife, health & peace. Isn’tthat what the nation needs – life, health & peace, rather than being placed under the slavery of foreign powers? Where wasthat voice in the politicians’ debate?”