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Word from the Lord through DPG, 24/08/14

“To understand how I am moving through the nations, you need to understand how I view nations, which is different as to how the god of this world has presented the kingdoms of this world.

“Those countries in covenant with each other under God are, as I see it, one nation; that is, Britain, America & the Commonwealth are one nation in My eyes.

“There is turmoil in Britain because of its decision not to honour this covenant, & marry itself to a harlot rather than what God has ordained.

“As you have witnessed, the economic arguments for joining the EU, based on what is perceived as human logic, have been found to have been disastrous. So the move of God in the world relates to as I see countries rather than as the world’s press presents them.

“Now, I shall deal with rebellious nations later, for I am beginning with those of the Mayflower Compact, & the Commonwealth. My Word, in history, has influenced all of these nations to a massive degree. These nations have lived under My protection for many years, this protection now being withdrawn from the richer countries in this covenant, whilst those who have given themselves to witchcraft are having to deal with the plagues of Egypt, which have come through Pharaohs rather than natural causes.

“To deal with the richer countries first, that is, the perceived rich. Why have you drawn covenant away from thy original calling? Great Britain, why are your waters not flourishing with the fish of previous generations? America, why have you embraced restrictive green policies rather than trusting God? For you say, ‘In God we Trust.’ You say you are a free nation. Yet you are putting on your people the same restrictions that have destroyed the small business people of Britain.

“You are introducing laws in line with the global order, rather than the freedom America is supposed to stand for. Now, I am all in favour of good stewardship, but I am strongly opposed to New World Order restrictions, based on false scientific criteria; & you are using these lied to restrict the people. This has already occurred in Europe. So why are you letting it happen to you?

“Also, if you had kept yourself under the British Crown (& if Britain had kept itself under its Constitution), then you would not have the eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth mentality that your legal system loves to embrace. Do you not know I came to save sinners?

“And so, with the same mentality as you deal with your prisoners, you are coming under judgement; for the law of the British Constitution you were once under declares all law has to be applied with law & justice in mercy. Yet you apply law with vengeance, & that vengeance has become part of your society. Add this to all the aborted babies, & you have a nation in trouble. It is interesting to note that those areas in thy country which honour the Protestant Constitutions that I have established over many years have become prosperous areas not under that curse. Hence the freedom that abides in the areas of the Amish & the Mennonites are there for all to see. Yet, America, you choose to place yourself under the global green order whilst you have a better order in the lands of the Amish & the Mennonites.

“Now, to deal with the perceived richer countries of the Commonwealth: you are in covenant to bring about common wealth; & it is your responsibility to bring about conditions for building up conditions for the poorer lands to flourish, by setting up infrastructure in these lands. Just as Britain did in India with its road & rail network, you are to bring the conditions for all the countries of the Commonwealth to flourish.

“Now, how has this been achieved in the past? Answer: through the spread of Christianity. As missionaries went in, so the lands affected by these missionary moves flourished. Business was able to grow. So what you have done in thy Charity has set up conditions to build mission houses in what is perceived as poorer areas of the Commonwealth, that give opportunity primarily for men, women & children to receive the gospel; & in this context you have the 6-fold commission of Jeremiah 1:10; the importance of reaching every creature, & as you see from Isaiah 61, the waste places become renewed. So you train people into worthwhile employment, the land flourishes, businesses take off, & within this context, you have set up a non-profit trading company where those of strong Christian ethics can bring their skills to people who have suffered, as in the north of Sri Lanka.
“So the prophet’s call to have a trading company was never folly. It has just been held up by the legalism of Europe. For it is My will that all the lands of the Commonwealth flourish, & have a common wealth.

“So, just as you have been working towards social & economic improvements in North Wales, so you go into the poorer lands of the Commonwealth with the same heart. For it is My will that the people prosper & be in health, & this cannot happen while they worship other gods, & give adherence to the Global Word Order religion of decrease. It can only happen when life is portrayed; that is, life responding to obedience, rather than responding to the fear of the snake. For the snake brings fear, whereas the fullness of the Godhead bodily brings power, love & a sound mind.

“So you see, your move into Sri Lanka has massive economic implications, & whilst this reality is understood in the context of receiving Jesus Christ, & that the death of Christ was all about bringing the conditions for branches to flourish attached to the vine, you have a global world order of decrease that sees global size as negative, for its whole ethos is based on decrease rather than increase, hence its embracement of marital relations without fruit, rather than the Biblical ethos of that which comes together bearing fruit, which is why I embrace large families, rather than have the restrictions applied under modern-day Chinese culture, which sees increase as a threat rather than a blessing.

“You see, life will always defeat death, for life defeated death 2,000 years ago; & I have the keys in the hands of My Church, that what I have called you to do at this stage on your television programmes is establish positional truth, the baptism of fire, & the true one hundredfold.

“Now, the next 7 years will bring about big changes in the world. They sit there looking at their big pensions & their property portfolios, & look to these as their rocks of stability. There is only one Rock, however. The wise man built his house upon the Rock; & as the sand swallows up the securities of western man, you will have built your house on the Rock of the Lord; & whilst government bail-outs have kept the banking communities afloat, these banking communities are still on sand.

“So you need to tell the people to have their monies instead in the Lord, rather than investments that seem right to man rather than God.

“You know the story of the wise man & the foolish man. For those who will look to embrace the world system, tell them that Babylon is rising, & to build their house on the Rock, rather than the establishment of mammon.

“Now, within this context of understanding, the poor countries who turn to Christ will become the rich; for the poor say, ‘I am rich,’ the weak say, ‘I am strong.’

“So the presentation of the gospel brings life, not only in the spiritual sphere, but also within the natural realm. Lands unable to produce crops begin to flourish; & so, be prepared to flourish; as you build thy houses in poor areas, expect those areas to flourish; so that the family unit can prosper – Mum, Dad & children; & grandparents – for the practice of placing the older generation into homes I have never ordained. For I have called the family unit to be one of all generations. And I bless the family unit, which I have sought to keep together in spite of great opposition.

“So you see, there is a great global move of God on; & you have seen it within the context of Jeremiah 1:10, Isaiah 61, & Mark 16. So, be prepared to build your first mission house, from where great intercession will go out, the rock on which the Church is built being in the pre-eminent position. For you bring the message of life, & My Spirit will draw all men unto thee.

“So as you obey My will for your lives, so you will prosper & be in health. Give no heed to the arguments of man. Only give heed to what I have called thee to do.”