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Word from the Lord through DPG, 02/11/14
“The Coming Together of 
Remnant Ministries, 
That Antichrist Spirit without Mercy, 
Your Legal Status, 
Glasgow & Liverpool – 
the Restoration of the 
Mission Hall Movement”

“That antichrist spirit you have tasted, because it is without mercy, what it does is drain the people through legalism. It picks out narrow points of their activity & destroys them, unless there is a bowing down to the antichrist system.

“This destroying has occurred to much of the remnant ministries, the remaining ministries suffering, for they do not have the financial resource to set up the legal systems you have set up, to cope with the lack of mercy in the antichrist legal system of Britain.

“This is why I am telling you to join together with other remnant ministries, so that they can gain the benefit of your legal status. By taking this action, you are preventing them from being destroyed, like so many other ministries.

“Now, the antichrist letter-of-the-law system is highly illegal, for it completely denies the monarch’s promise to apply law with law & justice in mercy.
“Those who vigorously apply these laws completely miss the point of the nation’s Constitutional Acts that protect the nation from such treaties as the Treaty of Rome. Your legal status does not only include the various policies & procedures you have set up. They are just the tiniest part of your legal status.
“You legal status is based on your knowledge of the Constitutional Acts of your nation, high above modern-day procedures & policies; & it is this government bodies working with you have failed to see.

“Your adherence to the monarch’s Oath places you as an overseer, these rights being given in the Constitutional Acts, that government bodies indeed keep to the spirit of these acts. For unless they do this, it is they that need to be closed down, not you.

“Now, in this equation comes the cities of Glasgow & Liverpool. For these cities are best known for standing up against controls of governments, big business, there being a history in both of these cities of protestation. Both cities in history have been protesting cities.

“Within this context, the Protestant Reformed religion established by law has flourished, bringing freedom to the people in both of these cities. For the protesting group have looked so strong to the antichrist spirit.

“The greatest of these protesting movements was that of the mission hall. For instead of grievance, the mission hall brought men, women & children to the cross of Christ, sanctifying the people to face up to the antichrist with a position of purity & holiness that no other protesting movement could grasp. This movement was so vast, with its basis of pulling down that which was not of God (Jer.1:10). It brought humanitarian care to the people (Is.61) & had an overwhelming desire to reach every creature with the gospel, wherever they were in the world.

“This movement influenced the whole of the United Kingdom, from both Glasgow & Liverpool.

“Yet today, the movement is so small. Modern-day systems came against it. The house church movement stole its people. Religious suppression took over, bringing bondage rather than liberty of the Spirit, that today it is just a tiny remnant, bound up by the antichrist.

“When, David, I took you back to your mission hall days, I was not only restoring the heart of the mission within you. I was also looking to revive the whole movement. But you have been so rejected, thus qualifying you for this task.

“For I have given thee the passion for the Protestant religion as the Queen promised to uphold; to not only benefit Protestants, but everybody. For the Protestant Reformed religion is the foundation of thy nation; that is, what it stands for, rather than the title itself.

“What does it stand for? Two factors: justification by faith – not works; & sola scriptura. Thus we have the motto of Glasgow.

“You see what you are called to restore? Glasgow can only flourish with the preaching of My Word & the praising of My name. No political party can offer this, of the secular route. Only those washed in the blood, & sanctified by My Spirit, can offer such a flourishing to the people of Glasgow.

“And oh yes! I am calling you there for a season; not only to bring a flourishing to the people of Glasgow, but also to face up to the spirit that stole all thy resources in Inverness. You now know that thine own resources, are My resources, & you have no concept of your resources being your own resources, but My resources. For thou art called to hundredfold living, having resources for all the people to benefit, not just your own narrow family. For thy nation is called to have a Common Wealth; & see how the antichrist spirit is attacking you now, with families wanting wealth for themselves, rather than sharing the resources of God with all the people. That is how you have run your charity; & because I can now trust you with great wealth, I am placing you into situations where great wealth will come unto thee.

“Look what I have promised to thee: power to get wealth, not for selfish lust, but to establish My covenant. This is true prosperity doctrine, My will being that all the people should be in wealth & prosperity; but not with the selfish lust of love of money & selfish lust, but that the whole of society should flourish. So the whole of Glasgow is to flourish with the preaching of My Word & the praising of My name, the same principle applying to the whole of the world. For this antichrist spirit promotes selfish lust, so that the resources of the world are not properly shared.

“Here you have the base where you can make a stand in My name, for the establishment church keeps its resources to itself, despite of its apparent charitable works; works that lack the element of sacrifice I require.

“So, not only Glasgow is to flourish through the preaching of My Word & the praising of My name, but this principle applies all over the world. Wherever My Word is preached, wherever My name is praised by the true Church, which has laid down all it goods before Me, then vast areas shall flourish. The dry deserts shall become as gardens of Eden before the fall. The hurting people of Africa shall become abundant in the blessings of God. The rural areas of India shall flourish; for the wealth of the nation shall be properly shared amongst all of the people. The North of Sri Lanka shall become a land booming with industry & prosperity, to bless not only themselves, but people throughout the world, where the preaching of My Word will promote forgiveness towards the Singhalese, hatred will be replaced by the love of Christ, through the preaching of My Word & the praising of My name.

“Not only will Glasgow flourish. This motto of this great city will be your motto, wherever you go in the world.

“May Sri Lanka flourish through the preaching of My Word & the praising of My name.

“You see the significance of Glasgow? Now to Liverpool. Liverpool has been famous for its humour. Let Me tell you this: laughter to hurting people is very much part of My Word. Turning tears to joy is indeed My gospel. What is it but the joy of the Lord that is My strength? And the ability of the Liverpool people to cast off tremendous oppression with laughter is one that is tremendously important.

“This city has brought about some of the greatest entertainers the world has ever seen. Glasgow has the same spirit. It is time now, however, for the people of these great cities to know that the greatest joy can only come through a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

“The people of these great cities need to know it is not My will that they should become religious suppressives like they have seen, but to have the joy of the Lord as their strength.

“Oh yes! I intend to use humour in these cities; but it will be a humour based on the victory of Calvary, the place where I turned tears into joy, heartbreak into laughter, & it is My will for the people to celebrate this victory, not only through the joy of vast number receiving Christ as their personal Saviour, but that these great cities send out missionaries all over the world with the joy of the Lord.

“Both cities have experience great heartbreak & suffering, but it is My will, David & Lindsay, that the cities of your natural birth should flourish with the preaching of My Word & the praising of My name.

“Now, let Me deal with this attack against you. They come against thee with their narrow points of law, with an idea that the resources of the world belong to individuals rather than God. How wrong can they be? The earth is the Lord’s, & the fullness thereof. The resources of the earth belong to God; not to governments & individuals, but to God.

“Tell the people of their deathbeds. David, you have experienced this. How you lay in bed, thinking you were going to die. What thought did you give to your bank account at that time? Your bank account does not bring you passage to heaven. It is your obedience to the will of the Father.

“I gave thee a word to hand over the ministry to younger people. David & Lindsay, you have suffered enough. The burden must be shared. But more important than the sharing of the burden, is the sharing of the blessing; but this sharing must only be to those of the hundredfold; to those who have given up all to follow Me.

“You see, this is easy in Third World environments. That is why it is harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. For they have their trust in their possessions rather than in God. Their possessions have become an idol. I can only bring the flourishing through those who have given up all to follow Me, through those who have abandoned their lives; through those who move by My Spirit; those of the Spirit, rather than the letter. For those of the letter have a selfish lust behind them. Those of the Spirit move by sacrifice & mercy, which is the demand of the British Constitutional Acts.

“Oh! This is a time of great joy, as you bring a flourishing to the cities of Glasgow & Liverpool, the cities of thy birth, from where you will proclaim the missions heart of the mission hall, where calls to the front were calls to give one’s whole heart to Jesus Christ, to be an empty vessel I can fill with My glory, rather than the endless calls to the front, asking for prayer, to meet the ideals of selfish man.

“The sons of Zadok minister unto the Lord. It is they that hear from God, whereas the sons of Eli, they minister to each other, having no understanding whatsoever of what it means to be a true Christian; one who has laid down his all before the Lord.

“So, to conclude this prophetic word: they come to attack you from the narrow perspective. The flourishing which I bring reached out to the whole of the world, the cities of Glasgow & Liverpool having rivers that lead out to the oceans of the world. It is time for these cities to gather at the spiritual rivers, from whence comes the anointing to reach the whole world with the gospel.

“I speak to the cities of Liverpool & Glasgow: do not think the great crusades of the past are gone. Indeed, they have been stolen for s time, which is why My people are called to expose the thief, & restore the mantles of the past, so that they can be even more glorious today.

“There is a postscript to this prophecy. David, you have a great wife here. She has for many, many years got up in the night & written down these prophecies faithfully.

“When you write this book, ‘Exposing the Infiltrations & Restoring the Mantles,’ make sure her name is on the front cover too. For it is not by David & Lindsay, it is through David & Lindsay; so use that word ‘through,’ foe she has played just as much a part in this as you have. Yet this has not been by her, but through her, just as it has been through you.

“And now, as she returns to the city of her birth, so shall Glasgow flourish. Liverpool will come later. For I am telling you this: the cities of your natural birth will now become the cities where the new birth will flourish: souls saved, wounds healed, violence turned to peace, prison cells emptied, crime-free cities, saith the Lord. Such is the impact of the true Church on society.

“Oh, hoe those redemption songs will be sung again. For it is through the preaching of My Word & the praising of My name that both these cities shall flourish.”