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Word from the Lord through DPG, 25/10/14


“This is a statement in line with the rights given in the British Constitution to clergy of the realm, to ensure the Queen’s Oath & the Constitutional Acts are kept to by the letter, by the Spirit, these Acts recognising the spiritual & the temporal, so that the letter demanded is easy to keep, for it is the Spirit of the Lord that gives the guidance, the Spirit giving life.”

“Successive British governments have allowed in the spirits of the Roman Empire, these spirits bringing in the immoralities of that empire, religious adherences of that empire, the stealing of money of that empire with indulgences, & also brought the conditions for the monarch of thy land to have to face Me in relation to the breaking of her Coronation Oath, an oath broken through successive governments not keeping the laws of God, but allowing the decadence of Rome to infiltrate & destroy the very heart of thy nation.

“I deal with the economics first. What thy nation has invested into Europe is seemingly lost forever. The figures show an economic disaster. If thou had run thy charity like this, thou would have been struck off the list of British charities.

“You are dealing with a badly run, highly inefficient disaster, with symbols of Satan at the root of all this. That includes the stars of Mary being proudly waved, golden idols proudly built, & a union of nations that is not of God.

“No longer are you dealing with the E.E.C. but with the E.E.D., the European Economic Disaster. Oh, they now say it is the European Union; but who, according to the Bible, is union supposed to be with? The true union is clearly in the British Constitutional Acts, for thou art called to be in union with Me; & the nations of the earth I placed under your care, the Commonwealth of Nations. If thou had invested in the Commonwealth what thou threw away into Europe, thy nations would be flourishing, & the corruptions of the Commonwealth removed.

“If thou had invested in Zimbabwe, instead of Iraq & Afghanistan, then the militant Islamic move would have been thwarted, for thou would have had flourishing African nations, able to thwart the rebellion.

“But what one chose to do, is to invest in the E.E.D., the consequence of which being plain for all to see.

“Let this be heard from the throne room of heaven: thou as a nation have sinned against Me, the consequences of which are plain to see in Deuteronomy 28; if that is not plain enough to see, what about the immorality of Rome thou hast embraced? Indeed, it was this immorality that pulled down the first Roman Empire. It was this immorality that pulled down Sodom & Gomorrah. It will always pull down nations, for unless there are normal family relations within nations, then those nations will be pulled down. It has happened throughout history. The family prototype of the 1950s is shunned & scorned. When the monarch took her oath, you had a God-fearing nation, & it is in that context I judge thy nation today; a nation torn apart by the letter of the law.

“For within such nations bound by such laws, whistle-blowers abound. These are those who love to ensure the apparent letter of the law is kept. These are those who have come against thee & thy charity; for instead of investing in the Every Creature Commission, thou hast had to invest time & money in procedures, policies & regulations. Such has been the nation on a larger scale, with Europe; the European regulatory bodies being the taskmaster; the schoolmaster, as the Word of God puts it (Galatians 3:24-25).

“For My Word is clear that you are no longer under the schoolmaster. But thy nation has paid billions into Europe, taken very little out, except a massive array of rules & regulations that by themselves alone are destroying the small business, the small charity, the small N.G.O. (non-governmental organisations), & indeed, the very heart of local government, of which My ministers of Colwyn Bay are a part; & how you have become light in the darkness! Yet those looking to protect the status quo plot against thee behind thy backs, to place you under more regulations, policies & procedures; for they use this to destroy you, rather than the gun, the letter of the law being more powerful than the gun in destruction; for it places people under a lifetime of stress & disablement to fulfil visions. For this is the letter of the law that killeth.

“So, we have the European Economic Disaster & the letter of the law that killeth, working alongside each other. In amongst all this, thou hast the breaking of the British Constitutional Acts, for which I am placing Britain under judgement at this time. They say ‘Referendum;’ yet I say, you cannot have a referendum on whether or not thou can break thy covenant with God. This is not a voting matter.

“For example, say a witness in a court of law takes the oath before God to tell the truth, the whole truth, & nothing but the truth. The judge then instructs the jury to vote on whether or not the witness should keep to that oath. That would be ridiculous!

“Such is the European Referendum. You cannot vote on a promise before God; you simply keep it! The Queen promised before Me, placing herself under the Settlement of the first Elizabeth. That included the restoration of the 1534 Act of Settlement, to suppress foreign infiltration into thy political & legal systems. Over treaty after treaty, with the satanic oppression that is the E.E.D., thou has broken thy covenant with God. Not only this: thy monarch promised to keep the laws of God; yet successive government after successive government, under the stars of Mary, has brought in act after act that has resulted in baby after baby scooped out of wombs; the legal acceptance of man going after strange flesh. Oh, how thy nation has turned against God & the covenant thou had with Me!

“Thy nation has chased off the streets those called of Me to be the conscience of the nation. Street preacher after street preacher has been arrested for upholding the Coronation Oath of the monarch, the police being guilty of suppressing the demand of the monarch, whom they are technically under, to uphold the Protestant Reformed religion established by law. A true Christian government would come & arrest those guilty of suppressing the street preacher upholding the Constitution of thy nation thy monarch is on oath to uphold.

“Within this E.E.D., within a nation that has not kept true to its Constitution, are judges sitting under the crest of the monarch who are finding innocent people guilty every day, for they lack the wisdom associated with a nation upholding the Constitution of that nation.

“Thou hast, on the Christian Financing site, discovered this on one’s own banking cases, in which philosophies of man have crept into judgements, a judge upholding the corruption of the banking community, rather than the perfection associated with a union with God.

“Concluding paragraph: so here you have the European Economic Disaster, the E.E.D. Here you have the breaking of thy Constitution under God; & finally, the letter of the law that killeth. It is Election time now; bags of sweets are being offered to the weary electorate. I liken this as offering crumbs to an electorate rather than the meat of My Word. ‘We’ll let you keep the columns of thy Constitution, in that we’ll go through the ceremonies of state with the monarch, but will not allow that which is built on the columns to remain.’ This is the argument of Conwy County Borough Council in relation to the pier at Colwyn Bay. Such as it is in the nation. You still have the columns of monarchy: Buckingham Palace, with the monarch in residence, & the royal standard waving, is still there. But that which is built on this has been bulldozed away. The Victorian engineering of Colwyn Bay pier is under threat. But that which has been built on the columns of thy Constitution has been already taken away. It is time now for a government to come in, determined to build once more on the columns of the Constitution.

“This is the Word of the Lord: build on the rock, rather than the sand of the E.E.D., the sand that is over-regulation, & the judgement of God that comes with the breaking of thine own Constitution.

“Oh, foolish nation! When will you bend your knee once more to Me?”

Word from the Lord
through David P Griffiths, 28/12/15
“Marks of a Totalitarian State”

“(1) When the Bible is not given its Constitutional pre-eminent position, thus allowing death rather than life.

“(2) Where the letter rules over the spirit.

“(3) Where men cannot speak in one’s trial.

“(4) Where innocents are slaughtered.

“(5) Where immorality is given priority over faith.

“(6) Where government agencies spy on & takeover the lives of people.

“(7) Where there is no freedom to preach & teach the gospel in the institutions of state, those who prevent this being guilty of high treason in Britain.

“(8) Those who are found guilty, because they have not been able to defend themselves, are indeed the innocent, for the judge has taken only one side of the story.

“(9) Where secret societies with oaths of destruction play their part in the matters of state.

“(10) Where the Christian is constantly persecuted by the agencies of state.

“(11) Where God-correctness has been replaced by that of the coarse world of reason.

“(12) Where stress & worry, & fear, have their place above the freedom that God’s Word gives.

“Now, these are marks of a totalitarian state.

This is what Britain has become, & you have been called as a remnant to expose these marks as having their roots in the god of this world rather than in the Christ that sets men free.

“This shocking state of affairs is one that came in Great Britain by selling out to a European Union that was devoid of the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain, acts given by God to protect the nation from such tyranny.

“The emphasis of entry into the EU was on the economic argument, proven by Daniel Hannan MEP to be dramatically flawed. But the seriousness of the EU is not economic, bad as that is, but in the marrying of a nation with a Treaty of Rome alien to the Puritan heritage of the nation.

“How low has one sunk, Great Britain, into the mire of treachery, tyranny, & debauchery that is at such a level that the judgement of God is upon thee, which you blame on man-made global warming & the situation in the Middle East, which can only be won by intercessory prayer, once the nation has repented of its totalitarianism; totalitarianism that has killed the baby in the womb, a far greater crime in relation to the numbers than what is being witnessed in the Middle East.

“So the message to Great Britain is clear, & other Western nations can take note too: Stop sowing death through abortion. Start sowing life by the return of the Bible to thy schools, universities & colleges, & start being led by the Spirit in relation to the conflict in the Middle East that is leading to the plains of Megiddo.

For if you continue to use the coarse world of reason in relation to your Parliamentary decisions, then you are going to be left behind, with your massacre of the innocents, rather than be taken up to heaven to be with the Christ, whose will is you repent, else Babylon will take over thee. “This is the message through My prophets. Dare you dismiss it, & pay the consequence?”