www.pentecostalcontinuing.org - ELIM FOUNDER: GEORGE JEFFREYS
PENTECOSTAL HOLINESS CHURCH CONTINUING - Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set
Elim's Founder:
Principal George Jeffreys
To the movement that today has rejected his teachings, has embraced the Unbiblical practices of Toronto & Lakeland, has embraced the higher critical teachings of Professor Peake and his philosophical rants -
we appeal to you:
Repent of thy ungodly ways,
Return to the book of thy founder and remove all the pagan artefacts that have beset thee!
There is a way back to God from the darks paths of sin thou
hast put thyself under!

Rev Dr David P Griffiths: Having spent four years in training at Elim Bible College my heart is in mourning for this once great movement. I so long to witness the mantle of George Jeffreys restored to the moment, my job in God for so long has been to pull down what has infiltrated in. 

God is telling me now - restoration. Restore that which has been lost. On coming into Elim - of course we will have to remove the higher criticism, the false translations, the new social gospel that allows sin and all of that. 
Of course we will put back the Foursquare Gospel - it will be prominent on Elim's website - not just in little letters at the end. 

We must restore this movement back to its God given call and once more have the great Healing Miracle campaigns from a background of holiness rather than Toronto & Higher Critical infiltration in the movement.

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