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Word from the Lord to DPG, 21/09/14
“The Divisions
In what is known as Church and State”
“Already thou hast witnessed a great turn-out in Scotland, in view of the way that nation wants to be governed.

“Just as in the Emerging Church, the emphasis is ‘Me, me, me. What can I get out of this?’ And now, throughout England, Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales, a separation is occurring within the kingdom, so that each region (or nation) can decide the best way they can, in effect, minister to the people. Just as in the Emerging Church, they run meetings to decide the best way they can minister to the people.

“All of this is a hopeless failure, with resources being stretched like never before, the Green movement placing more regulation on the people, & instead of this approach being a liberation for the people, it will bring greater surveillance & more suppression; not that I am against the regionalisation of government, or even the nationalisation of government. What thy Constitution demands is Me in the pre-eminent position, for I am the creator & provider, not regional & national governments; & I AM the I AM; & as it stands at the moment, the people are placing massive demands on their politicians; & I tell you now, none of them can deliver. 

They have already, in the Referendum, come to Scotland with their vows, in effect their solemn vows, that they would do this, & they would do that. But I tell you now, what they are promising is undeliverable. The follow-up of these broken promises will be the usual excuses, including world-wide conditions. The people of Scotland have trusted Westminster, who has let them down so badly because of its corruption. Westminster cannot deliver. Increased powers to Holyrood will not deliver. You know why? These institutions are not Jehovah Jireh. The Coronation Service of the monarch places Jehovah Jireh in His rightful position, thus enabling the United Kingdom to prosper & be in health.

“There was little talk of this in the Referendum, yet it was the most important point. And so now, the politicians must play their part as Jehovah Jireh. ‘We can do this; we can do that,’ they say; but already the 45 is rising up in Scotland, ready to pounce at every move of Westminster that is not in line with the promises of the party leaders.

“So can you see the kingdom divided rising up? There is a groundswell of division; & the politicians have once again dug themselves into a hole.
“Have the banks repented of their corruption? For the love of money is the root of all evil. Has the spirit of mammon been fully dealt with? Has the spirit of immorality been truly addressed? Has the graveyard of children in wombs been truly addressed? Has it still been decided that increase can come through the cities of the Dead Sea? For what happened to them, I truly say will happen to thee, unless thou get on thy knees before Almighty God & acknowledge Me as Saviour, Healer, Baptizer & Soon Coming King.

“For one looks to do all that thou hast promised without acknowledging the One who is provider of all things.

“Such as it is in the Emerging Church. They look to minister to people before they look to minister to God. Likewise, the pastors, like the governments ministers, make promises ‘If you give me this, I’ll give you that.’

“In this unholy operation of Satan, My hundredfold has been abused. For what I have called the Church to do, is to give as led of the Lord, without agenda. Peter said he had given up all to follow Me.

“You see, there are those who have placed their reliance on the god of this world: their pensions, their houses, their way of living. But My Word declares a kingdom divided cannot stand; & thou hast found thyself in a place to rely on Me. For I have called you to reach every creature with the gospel. But the United Kingdom is going through a trauma, with faith being placed into the hands of politicians, who of course can deliver all they have promised.

“You see the division coming? As in the Emerging Church, pastors make promises that if you give this, you will get that. Just as the politician ministers to the people, so the pastors of the Emerging Church. The people give to the pastors, & the pastors get fat with the wealth of the people. Politicians minister to the people, & politicians get fat with the wealth of the people.

“But as My remnant Church relies on Me, as the preach the old-time word of abandonment & full surrender, one solution will be seen; that is, placing I in pre-eminent position, & repenting before Almighty God.

“For there is only one group of promises on which you can stand. You have a choice, Great Britain, for thou art pulling thyself apart. More & more are being manipulated & controlled by the Emerging Church, & it has reached the point where it can go on no longer. Along has come ECCTV. Preach My Word; cast out devils; heal the sick; & bring the realisation of the solid rock foundations of Church & state, these fellowships being the ones to survive. For I am come that ye may have life, & life in abundance.

“So rejoice, My remnant. They are fighting world-wide plague at the moment, too.

“Oh nations, get on thy knees before Me.

“Look at the principles of Habakkuk, to stand on thy watch, write the vision, & move in the appointed time.

“Does not every meeting of the Commons begin in prayer? Yet, will this occur in these new regional & national assemblies? Will the galloping rise of corpus iuris be thwarted or embraced? You see, there are parallels between the Emerging Church & the emerging governments of Great Britain. They look to minister to the people first, both pastors & ministers of government being unable to deliver, with the people rising up.

“So, I have appointed ECCTV to direct the people to the true God, the true provider.

“Get ready for government, My children; for as the kingdoms divide & collapse, I have built thee firm on the rock of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I am Jehovah Jireh. Get ready for government, of both Church & state. For I have called thee to point the people towards the way, the truth & the life. For in all things I must have the pre-eminence.”