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Word from the Lord through DPG, 10/09/14
“The Dis-united Kingdom”

“For hour after hour I have spoken, warning of this time; but because of your intellect, you have failed to acknowledge the spiritual significance of the actions you have taken. You have failed to acknowledge the significance of the laws you have passed. You have failed to acknowledge the Constitution on which you are built; & that is the rock of the Lord Jesus Christ.

“And so, you have a nation pulling itself apart, with a monarch without comment. Would Elizabeth the First be without comment? Would Victoria be without comment? Even, will the last George be without comment? For during the war years, thy monarch has plenty to say about the spiritual stability of the nation, that nation standing united against the European foe.

“But now Scotland looks for different foundations than what John Knox fought for, with the party for independence supporting the chains of Europe.

“This has been warned of time after time again. You cannot have independence while putting yourself under the chains of a legalistic oppressor.

“And so, thy nation is coming under bondage – serious bondage - & this has been warned of time after time again. The National Church in Scotland dare to represent the perspective of John Knox, & has pulled itself apart too, bound up with splits & divisions. And so, if you have a National Church bound up with splits & divisions, if you have a United Kingdom pulling itself apart with splits & divisions, whatever the result of the referendum, you have a nation falling down.

“Has government + the monarchy not heard the story of the wise & foolish man; not heard that a kingdom divided cannot stand? And it is commonly known that pride comes before a fall. And so, your marches of Protestant witness through thy towns & cities have been replaced by Pride marches. Instead of a growing Protestant population, embracing the Constitution of the nation, you have brought in immigrants who have no heed of thy Constitution; so how can they keep it? You have brought in laws of decrease instead of increase; & you have even slaughtered your population before it has a chance of getting out of the womb. Your banks are on sand, with all their corruptions & love-of-money tactics.

“And so, here you have your dis-united kingdom. Years ago, Sunday school children used to sing, ‘The Foolish Man built his House upon the Sand.’ The wind & the rain doth come, & the house of the sand fell down, to a great shout of the Sunday school children.

“Thy monarch is quiet, yet she has broken covenant with God. Thy government is fighting to keep the Union, yet its own party has pulled itself apart too, moving to policies of immorality rather than the stability of family values.

“And now, the ministry of the Bible College of Wales Continuing is broadcasting meetings & programmes on-line which are laughed at by the status quo. Yet you have provided a way back to God. By preaching My cross brings resurrection life.

“There is still room at the cross for Britain, no longer Great; a kingdom now dis-united, rather than united. There is only one place you can come, to bring the pieces back together; that is, the cross of Calvary. Will you come?”