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We're Telling Our Story on our 25th.!
November 2010: Parts 4-6
Part 4: The Move to Cheshire
Lindsay became a Teacher of Classics at The Queen’s School Chester where she would stay for many years. I went to Elim Bible College thinking I was entering a College of Pentecostal history rather than one of the higher criticism of Germany. Elim was at the point of handing its ministry training operations to the secular University system and spiritually handing itself over to the new brand of Toronto charismania. Strange doctrines, beliefs and practices were part of the new Elim set up with even the deity of Christ Jesus questioned continually with its use of a “Bible” that had come from the codices of Sinaticus,Alexandrinus and Vaticanus.
Elim were not the only grouping that had come out of the 20. century revival in Wales that had become defiled by higher criticism. Primitive Methodism under Professor Peake had fallen the same way, the Assemblies of God and the Apostolics were bowing down to this false god too and so indeed was my father’s College, the Bible College of Wales pioneered by Rees Howells. It was going the same way so here Lindsay and I were, completely broke, grasping hold of Lindsay’s salary to get us through in rented houses, the money well and truly being the hands of those bowing down to the New World Order to bring ecumenism as A.W. Tozer had prophesied.
Here is, Lindsay’s story of witness at The Queen’s School Chester and what God called us all to do in that city until it ultimately rejected us after our witness at an old Primitive Methodist Chapel in the city:
This is a remarkable story of preservation, restoration, miracles, joy and sorrow. God preserved us by taking us out of Inverness in 1992. David had applied to Elim Bible College, Nantwich, for ministry training. How were we to live while he was a student? Where were we to live? As always, God had it all in hand!

I started to apply for jobs before we left Scotland. There was one which felt right: part-time teacher of Classics at the Queen’s School, Chester. I applied, was interviewed, and accepted the post. We rented a home just opposite the Bible College gates. David studied, John went to the College nursery, and Matthew went to a school in Chester while I worked at Queen’s.
I have to admit that Chester was a huge culture shock for me – but this was God’s way of restoring my career and confidence, while at the same time providing an income for us. I had so much to learn! While John was learning to walk, I was learning to teach again! I began at the “bottom of the heap” and ended up as a successful and respected head of department – and there were many miracles in the intervening years, two of which stand out to this day. 
In April 1998 I had the chance to go with David, our boys and two others on a two-week mission and conference in Sri Lanka. My headmistress gave permission for me to have time off, on one condition: I had to find someone to teach my classes while I was away. This was the start of the miracle! My dear colleague Frances, who had only joined us a few months ago, was prepared not only to teach my classes, but to waive the money I would have paid her – she gave it to our charity. This was a huge blessing!!! 

At this time, Sri Lanka was a war-torn island. The headmistress warned me – “Be careful! There is a war there – it’s not safe” or words to that effect. I replied that you were safer in the centre of God’s will than anywhere else! We had a life-changing experience out there – and on my return to the supposed safety of The Queen’s School, I found scenes of chaos. In my absence, one member of staff had suddenly died; a school art trip to Holland had returned in disgrace after one girl was found to be importing hard drugs to that country; even the Head was not immune. She had been trapped in her canal boat in a flooded lock, and had ended up severely shocked and frost-bitten. As I presented her with my gift of wooden elephants from Sri Lanka, she looked at me shaken and still wearing tell-tale white gloves to shield her recovering fingers... 

Much later in my career at Queen’s, a different kind of miracle occurred. To explain: I had repeatedly applied for promotion within the school; I had also tried to leave, and apply for teaching posts in other schools. Nothing had worked: there seemed to be a block, a barrier, whatever I tried to do. I admit that I felt frustrated, humiliated, and trapped! But in the words of the song “God will make a way, when there seems to be no way.” 

In April 2005, with a major school inspection looming, my head of department retired. Consternation ensued; there were interviews for a new head of classics. I was told clearly by God not to apply, but to stay outside the system. “Come out from among them and be ye separate” says the Word in II Corinthians 6:17. It worked!!! My colleague Frances, still with us, still part-time, did not want to apply either. So we met the interviewees – and no one was found suitable!!! The headmistress came to Frances and me in total desperation – she had to have the department in capable hands, while all the paperwork also had to be prepared for the forthcoming inspection. Thus it came to pass that we became joint heads of department, without having applied, and without even an interview!!!  It came to pass that we had a very successful inspection; that we ran two wonderful school trips to Greece and Italy in 2006 and 2008; and that last summer we retired in a blaze of glory (well, nearly!!!). 

Even more strangely, I retired twice: once in July 2009; again in July 2010; for my successor, imported from the USA after interview on video link, was judged to be unequal to the task, and left at the end of January. I was asked to come back and help – and had a wonderful “swan-song” with my valiant colleague Frances, from February to July. That was a window of opportunity – a sliver of time left open, for David had forecast that this might happen, and even my P45 had not been returned to me this first time. 

Now that window has gone, and a new season has begun, also exciting and unknown. I have learned such a lot, and there is so much more... I am still attaining to my goal. One part of the Word which I have always tried to aim for is Proverbs 31, verses 10-31. I leave this with you – it concerns The Virtuous Wife, and it is a wonderful piece of scripture. David will tell you if I have achieved this yet!!! 

Proverbs 31:10-31 (King James Version) 

Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil. 

She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life. She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands. 

She is like the merchants' ships; she bringeth her food from afar. She riseth also while it is yet night, and giveth meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens. 

She considereth a field, and buyeth it: with the fruit of her hands she planteth a vineyard. 

She girdeth her loins with strength, and strengtheneth her arms. She perceiveth that her merchandise is good: her candle goeth not out by night. 

She layeth her hands to the spindle, and her hands hold the distaff. She stretcheth out her hand to the poor; yea, she reacheth forth her hands to the needy. 

She is not afraid of the snow for her household: for all her household are clothed with scarlet. She maketh herself coverings of tapestry; her clothing is silk and purple. 

Her husband is known in the gates, when he sitteth among the elders of the land. She maketh fine linen, and selleth it; and delivereth girdles unto the merchant. 

Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come. She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness. She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness. 

Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her. Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all. 

Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised. 

Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates.

Writes David: After spending four years at Elim Bible College the Lord spoke to me to refuse a B.A. Honours degree that was coming my way through Manchester University. At that time I did not know why but it was a clear instruction, a very clear instruction and I have not used the qualification since.
After moving out of the College and beginning our present day ministry in 1998 after a short spell sales repping again, Sheila Standish came to me with a copy of the very first Assemblies of God magazine Redemption Tidings. In it was a warning, a warning even at that time of the higher criticism of Germany infiltrating churches. Here is that warning:

Through Elim I was being offered a Higher Criticism degree from the very same University Assemblies of God had warned about, a University department that had been under the spell of Professor Peake who had previously destroyed the Primitive Methodist movement. Later in Chester we hired from present day Methodists an old Primitive Methodist Chapel pointing out this origin to one of the members of what was now an ordinary Methodist Church. He was shocked to be called “Primitive”! I said “you are” and took him to the stone on the front of the building that clearly intimated this. He had never seen it, our future attempts to book the building being thwarted. We realised we were just a small remnant, relying on Elijah style raven miracles to get through.
It was important to me to bring a full realisation to this decadent department of Theology at Manchester that I had refused their degree. I pushed and pushed for their acknowledgement of this & here it is. Please note Regents College was the new name of Elim’s College.

Higher Criticism has cast its ugly spell right across Christendom. Organisations like the European Pentecostal Theological Association put out papers even to disprove what Jesus achieved for us at the Cross even to the point of questioning holy writ.

Here Professor David Petts, former Principal of AOG Mattersey Hall who later went on to lecture at Bangor University refers to holy writ as having “formula quotations” that “appear to function as asides of the evangelist”. We are referring here to Holy Scripture with Matthew being referred to as someone who added “asides”. This is not how the Assemblies of God operated in 1924 and so after enduring the heartache of Inverness Lindsay and I found ourselves on our own with no organisation likely to take me on as indeed I would not bow down to this “other Jesus” the Apostle Paul refers to in his second letter to the Corinthians.
2 Corinthians 11:4 (King James Version)
For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.
On the personal front it was as if the difficulties we were facing in Inverness would continue on the property front. We had lost thousands on owning property. People who we spoke to would say that you always made money on a house. This has up to now not been the case with us and even now we are reliant on a great miracle occurring to allow us to have a living place for our retirement.

Initially we rented houses in Cheshire, at first opposite the College in Nantwich and then at 58 Nelson Street, Crewe; a terraced house in an old working class environment. Our sons Matthew & John had been born in Inverness and so we lived here in Crewe as a happy family together. Lindsay’s mum still lived in Inverness on her own so we brought her home and bought a house which would be nearer Lindsay’s work on the Wirral. 
On moving into the house we realised that we had entered gangland. Matthew was beginning to show signs of autism and so it was important to keep him calm as indeed Lindsay’s mum who had with her husband had a secure a stable life. Sadly with us she had to face hell. Gangs started to harass us and set fire to our garden. This was all too much for all of us and we returned to the rented property in Crewe which had not been re-rented. The lady next door was amazed at our return and made us salmon sandwiches. We were again to lose massive money on a property, about £30,000 as we exchanged the property for a new one in Haslington, a new one that would overstretch us to the point that we decided to sell and go back to rented property.
Part 5: The Move to North Wales

We had decided never to buy a house again moving near to my parents in Prestatyn. We happily rented, our costs being way down on what we were paying in Haslington and Lindsay’s mum joined us in this rented accommodation. It was during this time that Matthew’s autistic challenges really began to manifest and unlike Cheshire we got excellent back up from Denbighshire Social Services.
From here we moved to a much larger house in Deganwy but only for six months rental. At this time, Matthew would sing out to neighbours quite loudly as part of his autistic activity and complaints came in to the landlord. We were made to leave and we were forced into a buying a house for apparent security. We could not risk another short term rent with Lindsay’s mum with us and Matthew who did not like change.

We had six weeks to buy a house and move in! Lindsay took charge of the house finding operation taking us to Rhos On Sea where we are today. The reality however was we were taking a huge risk, a large mortgage at a later time in life, a challenge we are still facing up to today.
We know the rationalisers will say that we should have done this or should have done that. Our reply is that you don’t understand at all.  The scripture shows the saints of God having to overcome unbelievable obstacles to fulfil God’s call. The early Pentecostal Churches of the twentieth century were found by miners and sons of miners who had suffered enormously, their movements being taken over by non-suffering graduates of the New World Order.
In Inverness, our accountant saw we took his advice and was amazed to see it did not work. Our association is not with this world’s ways which is why Jesus said we are not of this World.
John 17:16-19 (King James Version)
They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.
Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.
As thou hast sent me into the world, even so have I also sent them into the world.
And for their sakes I sanctify myself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth.
2 Corinthians 11:25-28 (King James Version)
Thrice was I beaten with rods, once was I stoned, thrice I suffered shipwreck, a night and a day I have been in the deep;
In journeyings often, in perils of waters, in perils of robbers, in perils by mine own countrymen, in perils by the heathen, in perils in the city, in perils in the wilderness, in perils in the sea, in perils among false brethren;
In weariness and painfulness, in watchings often, in hunger and thirst, in fastings often, in cold and nakedness.
Beside those things that are without, that which cometh upon me daily, the care of all the churches.
Like Paul we have had those in our case who would like to stone us, his shipwreck in our case being a succession of having to leave houses and land. Lindsay and I live constantly on alert being aware of constant perils, verse 27 being very relevant to Lindsay and I as is verse 28 because we have found the real Church that cares. We have left Christendom warning others to save them from its constant peril, the real Church not being large but our ministry story of the last 12 years will show you how we have removed ourselves from the clutches of Christendom to be fully joined to the real Church who is Christ Jesus.
1 Corinthians 6:15-20 (King James Version)
Know ye not that your bodies are the members of Christ? shall I then take the members of Christ, and make them the members of an harlot? God forbid.
What? know ye not that he which is joined to an harlot is one body? for two, saith he, shall be one flesh.
But he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit.
Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.
What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?
For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's.
Part 6:
Our Ministry Story of the Last 12 Years

How can you minister to suffering to suffering people if you have not suffered yourselves? How can you have heart for ministry if you cannot identify with the sufferings of people?
Our ministry to the World has grown enormously over the years of suffering and persecution. Our Baptism of Fire that has run alongside the sufferings has brought about a worldwide ministry which the real Church can associate with, that is the Church joined into Jesus rather than being a Church of intellect and of man’s thoughts about God. The real Church is different to this as A.W. Tozer pointed out:
The spiritual man wants to carry his cross. Many Christians accept adversity or tribulation with a sigh and call it their cross, forgetting that such things come alike to saint and sinner. The cross is that extra adversity that comes to us as a result of our obedience to Christ. This cross is not forced upon us; we voluntarily take it up with full knowledge of the consequences. We choose to obey Christ and by so doing choose to carry the cross. Carrying a cross means to be attached to the Person of Christ, committed to the Lordship of Christ and obedient to the commandments of Christ. The man who is so attached, so committed, so obedient is a spiritual man.
12 years ago our current ministry began in the jungles of Andre Pradesh. God had given me a vision of a Holy Ghost led outreach beginning in Sri Lanka and moving north to Tibet and so it was if this was a fact finding mission in the middle of all of this.
To give insight into these twelve years we begin with International Mission, followed by National Mission and Local Church activity.
i) International Mission

With a ministry couple from Shropshire and a plan to minister in an isolated jungle area of India and then in Sri Lanka, our first mission began.
With the lack of opportunity at that time to preach the Gospel in U.K. this excited me as I was to be given opportunity to preach up to about six times a day in various jungle locations.

I remember one meeting in a dark isolated Andhra Pradesh village. The culture within these villages is that when the Preacher comes the whole village will come out to listen to a man placed on a small stage with a microphone, speakers and florescent lights. These lights enable the many viewers to witness such a bombardment of jungles insects on a man who has pastors all around him to take the insects off.
The Lord Jesus pleaded with me to use his name. The realisation of the name Jesus is such a one that to live I knew I not only had to use his name – I had to appear AS HIM.
Philippians 1:21 (King James Version)
For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.
I had the Word of the Lord that a man had come to kill me. I saw him operating his incantations. I knew him to be a Witch Doctor, a man who would hold villages to ransom by his pagan cures, cures of pantheism that we witness today in Britain operating under fancy western packages in every “Health Food Store” in the country. We see the same Hinduistic and Buddhist figures that came to torment me in this hell pot of false religion as we do today in Britain, a Britain that used to bring Christianity to these regions of the World rather than accept this paganism I was facing in India.
The incantations went on and on, the name of Jesus I boldly proclaimed, a demoniac in growling motion moved around the stage, the name JESUS was boldly proclaimed. Those of you who spend your money in the “Health Food Shop” are under the same spirits these dear people I was ministering to were under. Large gangs of warlords were ruling the roost over these people. They paid money to the Witch Doctor as now the westerner pays money into the decadence of these gods of pantheism. Christ Jesus had given his life. He had paid the price for these people’s salvation, there was no more to pay, a fact that would bankrupt the evils of paganism if it was not for their new outlets in the West.
The mistake I made was to do too many meetings. Demonstrating the power of God in great physical temperature possibly in the 40’s can take its toll and as I was lying in bed exhausted the cowardly figures of Hinduism appeared before me physically at the end of my bed. I was miles away from my dear family. I came under great torment. I know of the evil of these gods. I left the mission early. I have learnt my lesson – to take time out – allow God to build us up between meetings and so God knew. Arrangements were made to come home early with Lindsay awaiting me in Cheshire with the boys.

It was about a ten hour train journey between Nidadavole and Chennai from where I would get a flight into Colombo, Sri Lanka and then a flight back home. I eventually arrived in Colombo with nowhere to stay, an agent of the Airport Garden Hotel taking me there to a magnificent room, a massive contrast to the conditions and poverty I had lived amongst in Andhra Pradesh.
I showered hours of travel sweat from off my body and relaxed. I longed to see my wifey again for through it all I knew we would be back. Lessons had been learnt not only for me but for other for God had showed me how to look after others in a third world environment, a lesson I have never forgotten.
Our lives developed a spiritual perspective. People treated us as strange in UK because of this but it is the way forward, continuously led of God, continuously moved by the Spirit of God, our calling being to study the Word of God passionately and yes, signs will confirm.
Mark 16:15-18 (King James Version)
And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.
He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.
And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;
They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

Missions trip after missions’ trip followed from the late 90’s & at the beginning of the New Millennium to Sri Lanka and India with special attention given to the war zone area in the North of Sri Lanka. As a family in 1998 having begun our Charity in U.K. we put on our first Conference with Rev Sunder and Sheila Manuelraj in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Joining us from USA was Evangelist Dennis Yost (full of the Holy Ghost) and all the lessons I had taken from the previous India trip were understood. Those with us were told if any spirit appeared before you in the night – then knock on my door and one person did! You know, that name JESUS is far more than name to use as a formula and great times were had at this conference, the conference last night ending in an almighty tropical storm and we gathered considering what God had done in an upper room watching the rain lash down. What God had done was far more powerful than physical sight. We were in the will of God and hearing from him!

Future trips as we entered the Sri Lankan warzone and areas around about became even more awesome. God was speaking. We were obeying, difficulties and problems being laughed at and scorned. God had spoken and no man could come against it.
Joining us back in UK were intercessors that have now been with us for years. Powerful spirit led ladies to join Lindsay in intercession that would pull down strongholds that had been even responsible for the great bloodshed in the North and East of Sri Lanka.
God was bringing his team together, a team which would stand together, cry together, weep together and breakthrough in Jesus Mighty Name together. We had a mission to Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. God had ordained that we put on a conference at this war torn town to the North East of Sri Lanka. Barrier after barrier had been seen in intercession, the war had reached such intensity that on the road to Batticaloa mines had been placed. A Sri Lankan Army truck had driven over one the week before our Conference and the Sri Lankan Government banned all foreigners from going to Batticaloa. Government said “no” but God was saying yes. The barriers had been seen in intercession but authority taken over them. The Word boldly declares to “go ye into all the world” and God in his rhema word was saying “yes”. The British Consulate contacted me from Colombo asking why we were going there. Our nation is constitutionally a Christian nation and as such we were fulfilling the constitutional demand on all our citizens to propagate as our Constitution puts it “the Protestant Reformed Religion established by law.”
Problem after problem was coming against us with word coming from Batticaloa to an army camp in Colombo to give us a pass to cross the mine field. The trouble was no driver from Colombo would take us. How many insurance companies give insurance for crossing minefields, foreigners having been banned from the area by the Government?

A young man came over from Batticaloa to pick us up. Before crossing the minefield we stated one night in jungle conditions on stilts at the Giritale Hotel. The war was well and truly on and the atmosphere in the Hotel was tense.

We had to go on this road to Batticaloa that at the time was heavily mined. Our driver assured us he could tell where the mines were but I was aware we were coming into a real war to preach the Gospel.
We sung our way over the minefield to the Lake View Inn where we stayed having the conference in the main hall of the town. All sides in the war were aware of our presence, the war was well and truly, a war in the natural sense that had not been won – but we were here with a war that already had been won. The Victory of Christ Jesus! A cripple was brought up to the stage, his fetters fell off and the lame as Charles Wesley put it “leaped for joy”. New Testament Christianity is dynamic, the cripple not just taking gentle steps! Oh no! He danced day after day at the Conference.
One amazing incident happened on the Sunday after the Conference. I had been preaching at the Gethsemane Gospel Church, in a building that was re-built because of the actions of Hindus intent of instilling their religion into the area. The Pastor took me aside, the Lord telling me I was to receive the biggest ministry offering of my life. I did - £2-66 in Sri Lankan rupees. You know – God’s perspective is in relation as to the heart in which we give, He did not know our missions teams had placed UK notes in his offering. He gave with the heart. Heart is what mission is all about.
Romans 10:9-11 (King James Version)
That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.
Over the years we have developed ministry relationships all over the World, Ministers regularly visiting us and becoming part of what we are doing here in UK too.

Here are some pictures:

Barrack of Kenya with Suresh Ramachandran, Ministers of the Gospel who had gone through terrible persecution in their own countries visit my mum here in Rhos.

Pastor Rajah of Mount Carmel Ministries, Sri Lanka here
with the Rhos On Sea Congregation

Keeping Ministries On Track:  Rev Dr Suresh Ramachandran
In 2001 a missions trip took place back to the Sri Lankan war-zone. Terrible stories were coming out of the area, of white vans collecting people not to be seen again, of ethnic hatred and terrible injuries, these to be witnessed by our mission’s team destined again to overcome incredible obstacles in the quest to preach the Gospel to every Creature.
We stayed at the local inn where one man seemed to do everything battling in war torn conditions to please us. He did. His efforts were phenomenal and we remain grateful to him.

Along a bumpy road stood the Church building where we would be having our “Faith Alive” Conference. Our dear pal Kim Freeborn of Passions for Soul Ministry joined us along with Pastor Johnraj of Tamil Nadu & Worship Leader Albert Solomon of Chennai. Rev Suresh and Sheela Manuelraj and the Philadelphia Church, Colombo organised the Mission.

Here are some of the pictures:

Worship Leader Albert Solomon & I

Our missions conferences involved working with the very best of ministers and these two meeting at the Vanni Inn were Albert Solomon and Pastor Johnraj, both very well known ministers from India. We look in U.K. to work with those of the same spiritual understanding and we are working on this now in the setting up  of a College that would be of such a high standard that ministers like these would be graduates.

The Mission also included visiting the many refugees who had suffered as a result of the Sri Lankan war. Precious souls, many professional people who had lost their homes and livelihoods we met and loved. Children suffered tremendously too with loss of parents. Our hearts still go out to this area which we love so much.

Those suffering with serious war wounds were visited too in a hospital where patients lay on the floor. We heard the cries of pain in a hospital devoid of medication. There was only one answer and the Hospital superintendent invited in our team into an area heavily guarded. It was the darkest of nights as we entered the makeshift dirty building. The cries were well heard, the pleas to receive Jesus were heard to and our team according to Mark 16 laid hands on the sick, the cries ended, the miracles began and what is so precious is that soul after soul received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

Travelling around Sri Lanka involved having great meetings on a number of trips across the nation. At Anuradhapura a young man received eyesight with God speaking from the portals of power; Eph. 1&2 on the edge of the war-zone. The complete sacrifice of the people brought the conditions for miracles like this to happen.

We received great hospitality too hearing the stories of great persecution like Pastor Bandula had gone through having left Buddhism to become a Christian.
Whilst at Elim Bible College I made a lifelong friendship with Rev Dr Dr Suresh Ramachandran who was then a fellow student. A new College was being built in Sri Lanka particularly for poor people to come, be built up in the Lord and become mighty Ministers and Warriors of the Gospel.
Our visits to Sri Lanka have included visits to the College at Bellwood and we thank God that recent legal action against the College has failed to enable the ongoing vision to grow. Here are some pictures from our visits.

Rev Dr Suresh & Merci
On our Conferences in the North we had worked with Rev Sunder and Sheela Manuelraj and the Philadelphia Church. Our ongoing visits in and around the warzone were helped by Pastor Richard of Puttalam and here of some pictures of the Philadelphia Church & the Manuelraj’s.

More recently we have had join our  Ministry Rev David Rasalingam so we know God is still doing something with us, even though we have not been to Asia for some time, that situation will change we trust in the near future.

Trips to Southern India have been very much part of our missions agenda too, it being very well remembered by us working for the first time with Evangelist Jeeva, a Tamil Minister deep in the Spirit who looked at me with spiritual eyes accompanied by Pastor Jacob of the Revival Christian Centre, Trichy, South India.
The Lord told me that they were both sussing me out and I stated that out. Pastor Jacob took me aside and said that their spiritual activity was because so many from UK are in the natural senses, what he called kindergarten, manifesting ABC Christianity and that of course to work in Sri Lanka and India one had to be of the Word of the Spirit. It was obvious that being this way was recognised as being rare in Britain today so I was well and truly sussed out.
Great nights at Pastor Jacob’s Church in India followed as you will now see ......

The Holy Ghost came upon the men at this meeting at Trichy, the men falling down in every direction, this work of the Lord being in line with Holy Ghost Scripture which declares that this might of the Spirit should descend upon those ready to fulfil the mighty Ministry of the Lord.
Acts 1:8 (King James Version)
 But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

ii) Humanitarian Aid

Over the last twelve years there have been two major world news situations that we have been fully able to minister into with humanitarian aid.
This is what we shout from the rooftops. We have the contacts who can take all of your giving right to where it is going to make a difference. Big charities keep back large percentages of your giving for wages and administration. We do not, all of what is given goes to where it was given for and here are some pictures of our operations in Sri Lanka after the Tsunami.

After the last General Election in Kenya, ethic cleaning & ritual killings took place, ministries connected to us havingto flee for their own lives as well as looking after vulnerable people including children who watched loved one being either burnt alive or ritually killed.
 We responded big time in relation to our size but we know God is growing our charity to make bigger impacts in future.
We cannot show you the horror pictures so as to protect children from seeing the suffering.
iii) National Missions

There is a reason why all the international and national missions were reduced in the mid noughties, but God is determined we come back to this, the conditions for this to happen being brought about through the formation of a larger ministry structure called PHCCI.

 Here is an example of UK Missions Operations:
1)               In the Steps of Columba, Scotland: Staying at Benderloch on the North West of Scotland God called us to restore the mantle oif Columba who had come from County Donegal, to bind up the leviathan of Loch Ness and save the pagan King of Scotland, King Brude. We had a great time, ministering and preaching God’s Word even to the point of being challenged at Lochaline by the local Kirk session! At Duror, we had such an anointed Holy Ghost meeting on land that had been devastated by clearances, God calling us to preach the Word powerfully in this place. Our picture shows our team praising the Lord on the Beach at Iona.

2)               From Barvas to Moriah: the two last seats of U.K. Revival: God called us to begin in Barvas in the Outer Hebrides, our mission filling the Barvas Hall where there was still understanding of what revival truly is.

The night began with people coming from all over Lewis and Harris admidst a great Atlantic gale and heavy rain. The Psalm singing began and revivalist Campbell was quoted and the vision shared to stir up once more revival. The week of meetings ended in Moriah Chapel, Loughor, near Swansea on the pulpit of Evan Roberts who had cried from that very place Bend Me, Bend Me.

There had been great interest in our meetings in the Hebrides to practically no interest in South Wales. In the Hebrides one spiritually sensed there was something to build on whilst in South Wales one received the spiritual impression that the understanding of revival even amongst Christians had been taken away from them.
 3)               Lewis and Harris: Revival has been a constant theme in our conferences and so follow on meetings occurred in Lewis and by Harris on the Island of Scalpay, a piper walking us into the Scalpay Hall where our meetings were taking place.

4)               Missions to Fort William: Many many meetings were held in this Masonically controlled town that has to be set free from the decadence of generations that have led it to being a centre of the Harry Potter films. On one night the Harry Potter film crew were staying in the Highland Hotel where we had booked a meeting.

The spiritual tension was amazing, a stone thrown at the window and the Word of God preached with power. Spiritual Warfare trips took place to Loch Linnhe, Loch Ness and Culloden, the Highland News reporting about witches looking for their Loch Linnhe leviathan that had gone. In Jesus Name, they have to go you know!!!!!!!!

Our picture shows Kim Freeborn, a dab hand at
shifting leviathans with part of our missions team.
5)               The Valleys of Wales: Aberfan, Treorchy, Blaengwrach, and Moriah Chapel where venues chosen of the Lord to fulfil a purpose that involved the blessing of children. Our first meeting of the mission occurred at Aberfan, on the very spot children had died when a coal slag heap fell on them whilst at school.

Such was the oppression that our volunteer pianist was unable to play hardly a note. There was a good sized congregation, about 60 to hear the Word of God and the oppression lifted. At the end of the meeting a small child started to laugh. God spoke to me whilst driving the valley after the meeting that we had caused a spiritual hurricane, the actual effects of this we were to find out. (Picture shows Aberfan Community centre) At Treorchy Park and Dare Theatre an ex-miner turned up for our meeting.

He said that his own Church did not let him speak and we gave him the floor. What came out was that old time passion for the Gospel from the heart of Welsh miners, a heart that had brought about revival. At Blaengwrach which literally means “witch on the roof” Lindsay cried out to me while putting out equipment that there was a flying saucer on the roof! I said to have it wait while I finished. Exhibitions of witchcraft are not to be reacted to but treated with God given scorn. Indeed a physical manifestation was taking place and three witches only turned up for our meeting with God giving the prophetic word “Greatest Triumph! Greatest Triumph!” The final night was at Moriah and a prayer meeting took place in the prayer room.

Here one knew the presence of God as opposed to the main hall. The main hall had clearly been over-run by devils, the solution being for its congregation to truly submit to God and allow HIM to move again.
6)               Other Missions: There are too many to mention but God has called us into Wales, England and Scotland, even into Northern Ireland and great intercession and meetings have taken place. This calling pulsates from our hearts; we have a determination to reach this nation with the old fashioned Gospel. God is doing a work but the reason why these missions concluded follows.
iv) Local Church Activity

Our following section covers the issue of charlatans. Being exasperated by the number of local Church charlatans who had come to destroy the Work of God, God took me back to my mission hall. This was to be the word of overcoming. It was obvious to us that there was much wrong in U.K. with the Pentecostal/Charismatic system so that God took me back to my mission hall. I remembered the nights of tension as souls were prayed for and the moment given for them to receive their Lord.
Being “born again” in those days meant being “born again!” It was a full commitment that required the putting away of sin, a concept now being removed in a growing “seeker sensitive” environment. God had shown me to put aside Manchester University’s degree. I was and am directly hearing from HIM for the intellectually commissioned “Church” in Britain was now becoming a mouthpiece of Satan. The radicalness of this position certainly challenged those joining us in a local Church environment but of late there has been a change, a realisation that something had changed in UK Church and this came about with the giving of a further 95 Theses following on from those He gave to Luther. These Theses were to be spiritually places on the doors of denominations and ministries who had moved away from their and the nation’s Ancient Landmark.
During the summer of 2007 writes Rev David P Griffiths, God had me wake in the night with great prophetic insights to expose the evil that had infiltrated our Nation (U.K.) & it’s Constitutional “Church”. On three separate nights I awoke, my wife Lindsay writing down what God was saying with our Lord’s instruction as to the method in which we were to spiritually plant Theses on representative ministries that had moved away from their original call – had moved away from what God had originally instructed – this activity bringing in a judgment on a nation allowing Roman Catholic ideals and false doctrines to infiltrate what was once a great Protestant country.
The 95 Theses of 2007
During the Summer of 2007 writes Rev Dr David P Griffiths David P Griffiths, God had me wake in the night with great prophetic insights to expose the evil that had infiltrated our Nation (U.K.) & it’s Constitutional “Church”. On three separate nights I awoke, my wife Lindsay writing down what God was saying with our Lord’s instruction as to the method in which we were to spiritually plant Theses on representative ministries that had moved away from their original call – had moved away from what God had originally instructed – this activity bringing in a judgment on a nation allowing Roman Catholic ideals and false doctrines to infiltrate what was once a great Protestant country.

On this door in Wittenberg, Germany Martin Luther nailed his God given challenge to the Roman Catholic Establishment Church on 31. October 1517. 7 x 70 years later God has ordained Rev. David P. Griffiths to place a further 95 Theses spiritually on doors of U.K. denominations & Church groupings bowing down to the same order Luther stood against.
“THESES (1): Thou hast embraced Egypt, the bondwoman, rather than the everlasting covenant of the Lord thy God.
“THESES (2): Thou hast embraced the Alexandrian scriptures of bondage rather than the blood covenant of the Lord thy God.
“THESES (3): Thou hast embraced the line of bondage rather than the line of Abraham’s natural son.
“THESES (4): Thou hast sought to do things thy way, rather than through the revelation of the Lord thy God.
“THESES (5): Thou hast not embraced the apostolic mantle of thy forefathers as I have caused thee to do. Remove not the ancient landmark.
“THESES (6): Thou art to speak the words of the Lord thy God, rather than the words of reason & intellect. The methods of higher criticism are cursed: remove them from the training of thy students.
“THESES (7): Remove hermeneutics for the revelation of Me, the Great I AM.
“THESES (8): Stand fast in the revelation I have given thee: the revelation of the martyrs’ blood speaks through the Authorised Version of 1611.
“THESES (9): Take heed not of the social conditions. My Word can not be returned void.
“THESES(10): My prophet has spoken to thee yet thou hast not given heed: & so My wrath is upon thee, & thou art as rags before Me. As I spoke through General Booth, to cry out ‘Blood & Fire’, thou art to return to the same cry, whatever thy movement be – for He was sent to make all men rich in Me.
“THESES (11): Thou art to return to the old paths. I have seen thy entertainment shows on a Sunday, & I am not pleased. I require the heart of conviction to return to thy praise singing.
“THESES (12): Thou hast failed to recognise that Britain is Church & state together. This means it is obligated under law to obey My Word. Yet it has brought in laws which are not of Me: laws that kill & maim, rather than emanate the blood of the Lamb. Yet thou hast stood silent as the nation has stood under the paths of judgement. ‘Cry aloud & spare not’ is My cry. Yet thou hast stood by & allowed the nation to wallow in sin. Thou art to bring back the family of Mum & Dad under God, in holy matrimony – that is, holy covenant. Thou art to proclaim to homosexuals the error of their ways, & to introduce them to a Saviour Who holds out His arms to the repentant sinner. To the paedophile, thou art to cast out the curse of Molech from a nation that slaughters its innocents through the ungodly curse of abortion.
“THESES (13): Thou hast allowed the nation to come under the curse of Rome, rather than the Commonwealth of nations I have given thee.
“THESES (14): The fish in the sea will return as the nation repents before Me.
“THESES (15): A word to the theological colleges: Cast out the bondwoman of Egypt: that is, the new translations, which have no root in Me. My true Word has been preserved & purified seven times, authorised by King James. Have no other. Do not say, ‘There may be textual difficulties’ – for this is My bloodstained Word. In the words of the song sung through Smith Wigglesworth ‘Only Believe.’
“THESES (16): ‘The Word of the Lord is a strong tower’ – but as thou hast moved away, & taken the movements away from this cover, thou must now pay the price.
“THESES (17): Thou hast changed the words in thy hymn-books from the words given to the saints. Thou art to return to the original versions, as in ‘Guide me, O Thou Great Jehovah,’ thou art to include the words ‘Thou hast conquered sin & Satan & the grave.’
“THESES (18): Thou art in great danger by not following Me. Thou art to have thy complete trust in Me.
“THESES (19): The ‘Every Creature Commission’ given to Rees Howells is to be embraced by all of My Church. Every creature must be reached with the gospel rather than the ‘a’ or ‘an’ “gospel” of the new translations.
“Within these theses is a warning to thy nation to turn back to the Risen Christ, removing the Gnostic abominations, which thou hast called a Bible. Just as in My original theses given through Luther, thou art to cut all links with what is known as the Roman Catholic Church – i.e. thou art not to embrace a separate priesthood which is known as Pentecostal denominations as “Leadership.” There is only one priesthood in the New Testament.
“THESES (20): Thou art no longer to suppress the gifts in the Church, in fear of offending people; for I am the Giver of the gifts.
“THESES (21): Triumph over adversity, rather than bow down to the system.
“THESES (22): As these things are being written, so many acres of farmland in Britain are under water, placing a great strain on the finances of the nation. Return to the Book of the Coronation, & thou shalt be free from the curse of the Law.
“THESES (23): I hold your nation to every word spoken at the coronation of thy monarch.
“THESES (24): Thou hast removed the monarch in favour of apparent democracy, when thy nation has never ever been called to have its own choice. Thy nation is a nation under God: a theocracy rather than a democracy.
“THESES (25): Thou hast served a self-pleasing people, rather than a life-giving God that gave His Son, Jesus.
Explanatory Note: “There will now be theses in relation to specific parts of the nation. The next group of theses is for Scotland.
“THESES (26): Thou hast witnessed revival in the past. Do not come under this curse known as “contemporary Church” which refuses to use the language of old. Thy eldership must ensure that secularism, that is, reason, does not enter My precious Church.
“THESES (27): Thou hast an abomination at Dunkeld, which thou must remove.
“THESES (28): Thou must remove all signs of the occult from thy buildings, & all signs of superstition & unbelief. Thy capital has become a Sodom & Gomorrah, its festival emphasising paganism rather than Me.
“THESES (29): Thy nation in the past has stood against the inroads of Rome. Make sure that thou stands faithful to this call.
“THESES (30): The 1700 Act of Settlement is to be retained in thy nation, including the Act of Union – the union not being one with England, but with Me. For in Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek, male nor female, or Scot or Sassenach.
“THESES (31): As thou hast stood against Catholicism in the past, so thou must stand today against its infiltration into the affairs of state. Thy parliament in Edinburgh is an abomination to Me, as it seeks to pass laws in contravention to the Holy Scriptures, so it lies in your capital city as a symbol of the curse upon thy nation. Thy elections will never run smoothly whilst you continue in your act of rebellion to the Act of Union. Thou will never have a Flower again, whilst one rebels against the covenant the Reformation fathers fought for.  
“THESES (32): I have called thy nation to be a nation of Covenanters, & now the nation must bear the consequences of breaking its covenant with Me.
“The next series of theses are for Wales.
“THESES (33): Thou must reject the dragon: Thou must reject the dragon! For whilst you have the symbol of defeat upon thy flag, so thou wilt be reliant on hand-outs to fulfil the affairs of state.
“THESES (34): Thou hast moved from being a nation under God, to being a nation under Roman control.
“THESES (35): Thou hast used holy ground that had restrictions & covenants upon it, to build secular & religious abominations within what were known as chapels. Repent before Me, & rebuild these chapels of glory.
“THESES (36): Thou hast changed the valleys from being the valleys of song to Me, to being alleyways of devils.
“THESES (37): Thou still hast in thy midst some of the miners of old, who used to sing praises to Me. I hear no more the heart of the miner, but instead see so-called churches of secular humanism & despair. I refer your nation to Deuteronomy 28, & declare your nation to be cursed with a curse, for not continuing the revival of Moriah, & before that, of William Williams.
“THESES 38: Your nation sings ‘Bread of Heaven’ at the Millennium Stadium, yet waves a symbol which William Williams would not tolerate. Return to the flag of David, or be cursed with a curse that your European Community will not be able to get you out of.
“THESES (39): Your National Eisteddfod is a disgrace to Me, at which you seek to honour the works of man, rather than the bloodstained pages of Holy Scripture. Your bardic abominations are seen before Me as a symbol of your adherence to the dragon, who is destined for everlasting torment in the pit of hell. I implore you to restore the ancient wells of Christianity; remove the high altars from thy cathedrals, remembering children of God to be the holy temples of the Lord.
“For the nation of Ireland:
“THESES (40): I have called all of Ireland into this covenant: I see no division between North & South. Patrick was neither Catholic nor Protestant. He was the portrayer of sound doctrine for the whole of the island of Ireland. His doctrine of the Godhead was correct, & I have called this island of Ireland to be portrayers of sound doctrine. But in the South, thou hast allowed in the doctrines of Rome, & built up altars to false gods. And in the North, I have brought together the leaders of nationalism & the leaders known as Protestant.
“As thou accepts, & receives, the bloodstained pages of the Authorised Version, thou wilt see that the doctrine of Patrick can only be supported through the bloodstained pages authorised by King James. The Catholic translations are not in line with this doctrine.
“I call the whole of Ireland to come back to this doctrine of Patrick.
“The next series of theses is for England.
“THESES (41): Your Parliament is known as the mother of parliaments. There are those who have associated the genealogy of your monarch back to David. Along with Scotland, Ireland & Wales, you have sent missionaries all over the world – yet now, you are a nation full of fear & despondency. I am calling your parliament once more to restore the powers given to Wales & Scotland back to Westminster; the affairs of Ireland, though being administrated in Ireland, coming once more under the monarch, the monarch not being seen as Queen or King of England, but of the lineage of David, in holy covenant with Me.
“The people of Southern Ireland must decide whether to come under this, or the curse of the bondwoman.
“THESES (42): Thou art sitting on a time-bomb of racial hatred & mistrust. Thou must re-establish your Constitution & declare Jesus as being the only way to God. Hence, you say in your rituals, “Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.
“THESES (43): Thou art to restore the House of Lords & the House of Bishops back to its original state. Warn the politicians: “Do not touch the landmark of your Constitutional Acts.”
“Give warning to Charles not even to think about changing the Act establishing the Coronation Oath (1689).
“THESES (44): I have called thy nation to be politically incorrect in the world. Thy nation is called to be the manifestation of I, the Great I AM. Thou art to repent of the sins of thy forefathers that suppressed & hurt the peoples of the Empire, & at the same time thanking God for the blessings of the Empire.
“For I have caused thee to have an economic covenant with the Commonwealth of nations that brings about a COMMON WEALTH - & thou art to trade in holy covenant rather than the binding & controlling clutches of the Treaty of Rome.
“THESES (45): Thou hast removed the landmark of a Protestant nation by failing to act upon the foundations of your forefathers. Your nation is under flood, debt & despair. Why not come back to Me, so that I may give thee life?”
PART 2: WEDNESDAY 01 08 07
“THESES (46): Thy festivals are a disgrace unto Me; wandering around, wondering what to buy. Thy Christmases are to worship other gods, far from Me. Easter is a pagan festival, uncalled for by My Word. What I require is your 24-hour attention to My words. Attend to My words: they are life to those who find; healing to thy flesh; & peace to thy hearts.
“What do thy festivals do? Bring stress & death. My Word brings life.
“THESES (47): Thy Sundays are an abomination to Me. Thou art to close down all things except the very essential services to the elderly & the infirm, & bring the whole nation unto God, theCreator of heaven & earth.
“THESES (48): Thou art to remove all learning in your schools which is not of Me; for unless I am seen as Creator of all things, then learning is folly.
“THESES (49): Thou art to remove honour from those who do not trust in Me; for unless I am seen as the Giver of gifts, then an honour to celebrate human achievement is folly.
“THESES (50): Thou art to move into my presence as a nation. Great Britain has been chosen to be a spiritual example to the world, & I am returning thee back to the paths of thy forefathers. The ancient landmarks of My Church must be restored.
“I am causing thee to remove the pagan barriers; to remove the blots from thy landscapes – like standing stones, & white chalk men, etc. etc.
“Fear not for the outrage this will evoke; for My nation is called to follow Me, not those who worship earth in itself.
“THESES (51): Witchcraft again is to be a crime in thy land – a land which is dedicated to Me, not to the pantheistic gods of a devil who is determined to imitate Me.
“His deception is often subtle, yet surprisingly obvious on so many occasions.
“THESES (52): Thou art to recognise those suffering from mental illness, as opposed to criminality. I have given thee authority over all spirits of the underworld. Thou art tocast out spirits, & set men free. (Mark 16)
“THESES (53): Thou hast been right in exposing the Alexandrian scriptures: the so-called “new translations” are an abomination of hell that depicts My Word in a way that apparently pleases all.
“I am a jealous God, & will not tolerate that intrusion into society. I am declaring all theology degrees based on these new translations as null & void, meaning thy teachers have no right to teach children, thy lecturers have no right to teach students. These have to be replaced by those that have dedicated their lives to Me, who will proclaim the message ‘Ye must be born again.’
“THESES (54): I am declaring My Church to be those who have dedicated their lives to Me. Thine altars in thine great cathedrals are an abomination to Me. I have not caused thee to bow down to altars of gold, brass & stone, but rather recognise that thy bodies are the temple of the Holy Ghost, meaning that I reign within true believers. So rip down these altars of Satan, & recognise that Jesus is Lord.
“THESES (55): Thou art to rid thy land of political correctness. Thou art not permitted to say in the Church that ‘we believe this, & we believe that,’ but are to emphasise My Word as being fact, not simply a belief on its own.
“For example, thou art to say ‘God created the heavens & the earth,’ not ‘I believe that God created…’
“Thou art to proclaim that Jesus is Lord, not ‘I believe that Jesus is Lord;’ it is a statement of fact, whether you believe it or not.
“THESES (56): I will promote those who don’t know over those who do; for those who do not know will bring the affairs of state to Me, & I will direct thy paths. The steps of a righteous man are ordered of the Lord.
“Thy Queen is to be an empty vessel for Me, rather than a figurehead of government. Constitutionally, I am to give direction as to whether the Queen should sign acts of Parliament or not.
“Constitutionally, all acts that have been signed under government direction are not acts at all; constitutionally, your nation is a nation under God, your Queen being an empty vessel for My will to manifest.
“THESES (57): Thou art to bring to justice those that have brought in laws contrary to My Word. There is to be special punishment & wrath upon those who have slaughtered innocents, & upon those who have allowed the abomination of mankind to manifest. To avoid My wrath, I call thee to repent, & change thy ways.
“THESES (58): A nation on its knees is a nation at ease.
“THESES (59): There is to be a time of mourning for thy sins. Instead of thy Christmases & thy Easter, I am calling thee to call a day of fasting before Me as an acknowledgement that thou hast repented as a land & nation.
“THESES (60): Thou art to move ahead as directed by My Spirit, rather than thy intellect. I have caused there to be politicians prepared to give their lives for the nation, rather than to go after personal gain.
“Make sure that thy politicians stand for Parliament with a heart of dedication & submission to God, recognising that thy nation is a theocracy – a nation under God, with empty vessels as its Parliament, Assembly & council members.
“THESES (61): Thy seats of government are to recognise that I am the potter, & thou art the clay.
“THESES (62): The abomination of the EU is to be removed from all aspects of government, for thou art to be a nation under God. Amongst nations thou hast called to be a Commonwealth of nations – the emphasis on the word being Common Wealth.
“THESES (63): Thou art to remove all other gods from these nations. The tsunami was a sign of My wrath towards nations who have submitted themselves towards other gods.
“Thou art experiencing natural disasters yourselves; for unless your nation returns unto Me, these disasters will increase. Thy crops will be ruined, & there will be famine upon thy land, which the EU funds will not be able to cope with.
“THESES (64): I warn all those who laugh & scorn at My theses shall have no place in My kingdom.
“THESES (65): Thou art to teach thy children the story of Noah as fact; that Jonah did exist, & enter a big fish. My Word must be taken as truth, & must not be kept under textual criticism.
“THESES (66): In the same manner as Islamic ‘nations’ protect their ‘Word,’ how much more should thou protect My Word, given unto thee.
“Thou must make it an offence to question My Word, for My Word is the stability of thy nation.
“THESES (67): I speak to all those who see themselves as Church leaders: I have seen thy colleges & universities questioning My Word, & I have rejected thee from My kingdom. Unless I witness true repentance, there will be a place for thee in eternal damnation.
“Thou must not question My Word; only believe it.”
“I am causing My nation to protect My Word; & all the Alexandrian counterfeits to be burned on bonfires throughout the whole nation. Hallelujah! My Word once more is to be restored to My land.
“There will be no excuses of it being old English, etc. etc. For thus saith the Lord: it is neither old English nor modern English: it is the language of heaven.
“THESES (68): These theses are to be placed on denominational & “Church” groupings’ doors throughout the whole of thy land. And as these theses are pinned upon the door, so this will mark the beginning of a judgement & wrath that is not of humandimension, but of Me.
“Do not look to blame man; for this is a time of self-examination before Me; a time to die to self-motivations, & a time to repent before my throne.
“THESES (69): Thou art to institute the five-fold ministry: of prophets & apostles, the foundations of the Church, Jesus Christ Himself being the Chief Cornerstone. (Those with NIVs – do not dare to refer to Me as capstone, for thy ‘Jesus’ is a counterfeit of the One who is equal in substance to the Father. For your NIV has described its Jesus as the capstone unable to grasp equality with the Father. I cause thee to repent of having such an abomination before Me).
“THESES (70): There is to be a time of reflection upon My Word. My Authorised Version, or KJV as it is called in America, includes the word ‘Selah;’ reflect, meditate on My Word. Instead of going through your nonsense of Easters & Christmases, call a day of reflection upon My Word. Gather round a family Bible: Mum & Dad, & the children.
“Those living in sin, recognise the error of thy ways; for there is no such thing as a partner relationship in My kingdom. For I have ordained marriage between a man & a woman to bring forth children built up in My Word. There is no place in My Word for those who live together as a partnership, whether they be man & woman, woman & woman, or man & man.
“THESES (71): I am not pleased with the displays of sodomy in thy streets. I have notchanged; for the sin of Sodom yesterday is the sin of Sodom today.
“THESES (72): There is to be a great crying out before Me. I cause thee to put into action the clauses of these theses: for a nation once again to be at peace with itself.
“THESES (73): There is to be a famine upon this land unless thy keep the demands of My Word within thy hearts & minds.
“THESES (74): Thou shalt not have a Queen on ‘Christmas Day’ give a message of goodwill to the Commonwealth, when these nations are far away from Me. Instead, thou shalt have a Queen that calls for national repentance – a day of mourning of thy sin.
“THESES (75): Speak to the islands around thy coasts to come alive, & bear the fruits of revival.
“I speak to the land of the Hebrides to once more bear the fruit of revival. The Kirk of Barvas is once more to be a shining light to the world, having removed the transgressions of false translations But this revival shall be so much bigger than the past one; for it shall reach the ‘Catholic islands’ of the south, & publicans shall once again say that ‘truly, our trade has gone.
“THESES (76): I cause the Island of Orkney to repent of its transgression, its darkness of witchcraft.
“I cause the Isle of Man to remove its swastika of unbelief. Just as I have caused the people of Wales to remove the symbol of the dragon, so I am calling thee to remove the symbol of hatred & unbelief.
“To the islands of Scilly, to the Channel Islands, to the Isle of Wight: think not that I have forgotten thee, but come to Me with all thy hearts, & receive My rest.
“To all the outer isles on the coast of western Scotland: I have seen thy passion towards apparent ‘churchgoing;’ receive My passion to become sons of God, led by the Spirit of God.
“To the island of Iona, I say: remove thy pagan altars, & restore the apostolic mantle of Columba.
“To Holy Island, the Farne Islands: remember thy past, & do not move into the realm of modern theology based on the questioning My Word, but remember the dedication of thy forefathers.
“To the islands off the coast of Ireland: Rathlin, the Aran Isles, etc.: remember, thou hast not been called to be centres of religion, dead observance – but centres of dedication to the Living God.
“To the islands off the coast of Wales: Anglesey, Holy Isle, Bardsey & Ramsey, Skomer, etc., etc.: remember the dedication of the forefathers. And I speak to Anglesey to rid the land of its Druid past.
Continued on Tuesday, 07 August 2007
“THESES (77): Sacrifice: those who have sacrificed, shall gain. Those called into My ministry have sacrificed everything for Me. They shall gain the promised land.
“But woe unto those who have chosen My ministry as a career, in the same way as a man should choose a secular job. They shall be found out.
“THESES (78): Woe unto those who have seen their denomination as being My Church: for the Church is My body.
“Thy idol has been removed.
“THESES (79): Warn those with “Bibles” that hath the word “blood” removed: thou art in danger of eternal fire.
“This is the day of judgement for those who have refused to accept My Word. Your intellect will take you to hell. Your sacrifice will bring you to heaven.
“THESES (80): I speak to those who would call themselves My Church. Do not have opinion on political & ethical matters. Do not have opinion on the situation in the Middle East. Simply remember My everlasting covenant with My children Israel – for if ye are Christ’s, ye are Abraham’s seed (Gal.3).
“THESES (81): The Church is the fulfilment of Israel, not the replacement.
“THESES (82): Under your Constitutional Acts, the Church & state are one together. Make sure you are one with Me, & cease to have tine own opinion.
“THESES (83): Make sure thou dost not question My theses, or question the heart of My prophets; for as in days of old, I speak today through those chosen of Me to be My prophets. Make sure thou dost not intellectualise what they have to say; for those who are led by the Spirit of God, are the sons of God.
“THESES (84): Thou hast seen amazing things in these days. My prophets have been called to inform the world of impending judgement. The flood of Boscastle was a warning to a Church that had blasphemed My Word. Make sure My Word is presented as Holy Writ before thy congregations.
“THESES (85): My prophets are giving warning of the false doctrines of the “new translations.” Make sure thou hast seen the light, & take the warning of the Council of Nicaea; for “Bibles” without the word “begotten” in John 3:16 are not Bibles at all.
“THESES (86): Suffer little children to come unto Me, for of such is the kingdom of God. Restore childhood in your nation; replace evil computer games, over-sophisticated television programmes, with the likes of “Andy Pandy,” “Bill & Ben,” & “Tales of the Riverbank.” Let children be children again. Tell them the stories of Jesus. Sing the lovely hymns which I have ordained for children – hymns that have not been copyrighted for earthly gain, but hymns & choruses that have come from the heart of God. Thou must never copyright the heart of God. Let children be children again.
“THESES (87): Mothers. Look after thy children. Do not regard them as commodities one can place into the care of others.
“THESES (88): Thou shalt protect thy children as a nation, & make them children again. For of such is the kingdom of heaven.
“Woe unto them who have tried to make children sophisticated; for I have called children to enjoy the simple things of life.
“I have ordained Sunday school teachers to work with parents who are ordained to bring up a child in the training & nurture of the Lord. I hath ordained a physical correction; for without this a child will have no comprehension of what is wrong; for this correction is one of love, rather than punishment. Removing the correction has resulted in your overflowing prisons in your land, combined with the effects of your evil computer games, & the like.
“My warning to the Church is that unless you teach the wisdom of Proverbs, you will never train parents to bring up children.
“THESES (89): I give warning to those who see themselves as Church, who obey the latest brand of political correctness before My Word: My Word can not be returned void. But if you, as a “Church,” choose to accept the latest brand of ungodly laws, then thou wilt be seen as a harlot before Me.
“THESES (90): A law in your nation is not a law unless it is consistent with My Word; for thy Queen has sworn to keep the laws of God.
“In these remaining theses I am calling thee to reflect on My Word; to have a time reflecting on what I have said, showing that thou hast not come under the bondage of slavery, but hath been freed by My precious blood.
“THESES (91): Woe unto those who have sought to make commercial gain out of My Word. A consecrated life gives all unto Me.
“THESES (92): What I give, the whole world must know without copyright restriction. For My Word is in the public domain.
“Woe unto those with “Bibles” that maintain the little ‘c.’ – unless it be of My crown, which is under Me.
“THESES (93): As I have shown in this prophetic word, the affairs of thy state are the affairs of My Church. My Church is to ensure government honours that which I have said. And as My Church comes to gather before Me, so the nation must stop all but essential services. Thy television & radio must not show anything remotely secular, for I am calling thy nation back to its Sabbath rest.
“Football & cricket shall cease, to be replaced by times around the family Bible, which is to be the centre point of every home in your land, if thou art to be a nation before Me again.
“THESES (94): God does not live in altars made with hands; for My true Church is the temple of the Holy Ghost.
“THESES (95): I John 4:4 ‘Greater is He who is in you than he that is in the world.’ I have already won the victory over the god of this world. Let those of his intellect shout & scream; for they intimate the preparation for an eternity in hell.
“Repent of thy intellect & come unto Me; for I am the God who shed his blood for thee.
 These are the theses which I have called thee, David, to deliver to denominational & leadership doors throughout thy nation. I will provide thee means for these to be delivered. Make sure thou dost not get involved in earthly conversation, but speak out from thy heart the true word of the gospel, remembering that the vilest offender who truly believes, that moment from Jesus a pardon receives.
“And this applies to thy nation, on condition that thy nation repents before Me – then I will pardon thy land from the torment it is now under.
As expected at the time, few responded to the Theses but the warning was there, a warning the “Church” and state is ignoring and it is becoming obvious the error of the nation’s ways. We told the “Church” leadership well in advance, but perhaps the Higher Criticism we have mentioned had blinded the spiritual eyes of the Church. We believe so!
Through the years we have run local Church meetings in Cheshire, Staffordshire and North Wales. We refused all involvement with “Church” movements of the natural senses and then with the advent of “Christian New Age” manifesting through the so called revivals of Toronto and Lakeland we knew to leave the LCM grouping we were a part of. It had moved in with ICA – a development of the heavy shepherding movements of the 1960’s and this grouping now became associated with the counterfeit charismatic movement, many of its movers having joined together with the sacked ministers of John Wimber.
Instead God took us to real intercession, real understanding of who we are in Christ Jesus and so with completely withdrawing from the Charismatic minefield before us has stood the non-religious holiness position that my dad knew, my mission hall knew and here God was saying you run with it.

Above is part of a letter from Norman Grubb to my dad and here is the crux of it all, “formerly walking Satans, now by grace walking Christs”.
Out of this realisation came a visit to U.S.A. to America to speak at a conference with Norman Grubb’s people, a delight to work with Sylvia Pearce who had worked with Norman for many years. Kim and I appeared on her TV show called The Liberating Secret, this secret being in my dad’s letter from Norman Grubb.
On the same visit we met up with Drs Cosby and Betty Oliver, a couple who like us had been exposing the infiltrations into the Church and crying out for a return to holiness. God is truly building HIS CHURCH.

Another visit to USA involved being with Dr John Ringgold of the Bethel Baptist Church, San Diego. I met a great holiness Evangelist called Manuel Scott Junior who preached on the subject If they crucified HIM – they’ll crucify you!
The understanding of real intercession came too with the discovered letter of my Auntie Tessie to my dad in 1936 before he went to Africa as a missionary.

This letter was summing up our position. There has to be a passion, a passion of God, a victory as we battle in the local Church sphere we were taking on something from the past that God called us to restore. A congregation started to gather in North Wales to hear more.
Enjoyable fellowship talking of the Lord even on social expeditions has taken place too. God has brought together a group that trusts and supports each other. On the outside of our fellowships, however, we have witnessed webs of intrigue which we discuss in the upcoming section. These webs are still around us with God bringing is together with Dr David M Owen PhD DD, an action that has brought a much higher moving Church, one that exposes publicly these webs, an activity that protects flocks from the many hurts so many of us have had to endure in the past.
Following are some local Church pictures from fellowship outings:

A realisation too of the challenge Britain has become came at St. Stephens Cathedral, San Diego. I explained that my dad had been trained at Rees Howells College in Wales. There was a gasp in the great Congregation. They knew all about Rees Howells yet in Wales to local congregations we have to explain who he is. We minister in a local environment to a nation that has forgotten its roots.

Our local Church ministry has become more and more involved in returning the Church back to its foundations, a necessary act as we dismiss the vagrancies of the “Emerging Church.”
v) The Charlatans

From having a Christian Business in Inverness where we believed if someone said they were “born again” they were, we have moved on to find corruption in UK “Church” like what we have not witnessed in the World. Now we understand Tozer’s distinction between “Christendom” and the “Church.”
We heard of one minister exposing freemasonry being poisoned, we saw one Apostolic Church Minister pushing us for information for his own benefit rather than comforting us over our baby David Christopher going to heaven at birth.
We saw how rejected we had become after going through the loss of a business and were continuing Christian Ministry with a call of God. The Charlatans were batting all around us.
Crazy rumours flew around about us even following us into Elim Bible College, one of the perpetrators being the very same man who came fishing for information from us in Scorguie.
Lindsay and I were going through hell realising how corrupt the UK “Church” had become! We still get shocked, and after the amazement of Elim being infiltrated and corrupted we began local Church. A summary of what happens nearly every time one starts a new work is as follows:
1)    Infiltrating Charlatans to keep one in order to the system of Baal come in: they all operate the same way;
i)               show an interest in spirituality;
ii)              look to bring a logic to that spirituality;
iii)           run a Church within a Church by rationalising privately what was said on Sunday to keep their Church within a Church under them;
iv)            the private prayer system which pray for someone – then suddenly that person has “words from God for the other person” that somehow keep them in the natural whilst the one doing the praying gets the apparent God given control;
v)               the Gossipers – “not good with money” – If that’s the case the Apostle Paul was not good with the choosing of his tour company & Jesus not good with his choice of treasurer – there are spiritual reasons but this is beyond the Charlatan:
vi)            Also the new Charismatic wave of Charlatans in EA, ICA, Churches Together who look to run pyramid structures into the Church instead of fulfilling the Biblical obligation of “perfecting the saints”
Lindsay and I have seen the same processes time after time. They are the reason we had to stop going on mission. A local Church grouping would be built. National and International mission followed which Biblically is the right thing to do. Some would go whilst those running Church within a Church took over. The ministry was destroyed. Instead of praying and supporting the mission, the tongues would wag and we would come back to confrontations and a disappearing Church leaving those left which was always Sheila, Margaret and Marjorie as well as Lindsay and I to the bills and the battle to start over again.