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Part 10: In 2013 - A Growing Ministry
Over the last three years we have been overwhelmed with the growth of the ministry having witnessed so much corruption in the British Church, from the Irish infiltration of the late 1980's, to the extreme paganism witnessed in modern day Pentecostal denominations & to the threats to our ministry in North Wales - God has over-ruled it all to place us in position to be part of a worldwide remnant who have not bowed down to Baal.
We are much blessed in this by getting together with Brian Mason who was trained under Samuel Rees Howells, with Sheila Standish, Margaret Dransfield and Marjory Beynon who remain as faithful intercessors. We all have had to overcome tremendous burden, attack and persecution - the condition of suffering being pre-requisite to glory.
Working with the Mount Carmel College in Sri Lanka with Suresh, Mercy, and Christine is such a blessing too as well as with Norman Grubb's faithful tribe in Louisville led by Scott and Sylvia Pearce.

Brian Mason at Sugarcreek, Ohio

David P Griffiths and Brian Mason getting ready for the launch of
ECCTV at Sugarcreek, Ohio

Three Years of Tremendous
Persecution and Great Growth