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Boys' Brigade - Will Your Anchor Hold
From a young age the Scots have traditionally been taught the Reformed Faith. This sowing into our nation must not only reap for Scotland but also the whole of the United Kingdom, United under God - not a foreign power. For this the Scots are called of God to take the lead ....

Word from the Lord through
Rev Dr Cllr David P Griffiths 10/10/12
“Integrity is not selling out the British Constitution to foreign powers.
“Integrity is not allowing infants to be slaughtered day after day.
“Integrity is not having referendums to decide whether or not to break the Constitution. The Scots apparently are to be given a choice, ‘Yes or No, whether or not to be independent.’
This is a Constitutional point, & not a political one. The question is a complete lie, & fabrication of the truth.
“The question really is, whether the Scots want to be a little country, suppressed by foreign powers & foreign rules & regulations, or whether the Scots want to take a leading role at this time, in restoring Britain back to its Christian roots.

“The Scots, from the very outset, had a fully reformed Church. But where is that now? A Church hopelessly split in many directions, some still standing for the integrity of Knox, whilst others standing for the immorality & treachery of unelected European powers looking to drain Scotland of its Protestant tradition.
“These impostors in government give no heed of the landmark which Knox set up, & should be brought to justice as traitors rather than leading an independent Scotland, which is not their agenda at all.
“I am for an independent Scotland; independent from foreign powers; independent from the fleshly ways, which has brought it much grief & heartache over the centuries.
“I am for an independent Scotland, which stands on its heritage & landmark, of having a truly reformed national Church, something the English & the Welsh need to catch up on.
“But this fully reformed Church in Scotland has bowed down to the influence of foreign powers, rather than God Himself.
“What would John Knox do today? He would do to those supporting the European Union exactly as he did to Mary, Queen of Scots; for they both represent the same treachery.
“An independent Scotland, part of the United Kingdom, is to experience a move of God to save the other nations of the Union. The Scots are to rise up, clean their national Church of all the filth & decadence which is bringing it down to the gutter.
“I am restoring those who have stood on the national landmark into position in Scotland, to bring down this filth & decadence, brought in by foreign powers, ignoring the ancient landmark which Scotland has been built on.
“I am to bring the nation a Christian national anthem; an anthem which will express the nation’s reliance on God. The Scots are to be independent, to hear from God themselves; to take a leading role in the United Kingdom at this time, this role being a spiritual one. For the fires are to burn in Scotland first, in the great United Kingdom revival.
“Listen not to those who say there will be no revival. They judge by the flesh, rather than by the Spirit. For I am making Scotland the leading partner in the United Kingdom at this time, with a Christian anthem; with a message to the other partners to reform their national Church; & by obeying Me, I shall prosper Scotland, saith the Lord. As the nation repents, & restores its fast days, so shall overwhelming amounts of fish return to its shores.

“I speak to the fishing fleets around the shores of Scotland, on the east & west, & to the north: Prepare for overwhelming amounts of fish, as the true Holy Ghost-anointed leaders of the nation, with their true Holy Ghost-anointed anthem, ‘We have an Anchor; we, the Scottish nation, shall not be tossed to & fro, as the so-called pro-independence lobby will bring. This truly independent Scottish nation will be fastened to the Rock which cannot move.
It shall prosper above all other nations of the United Kingdom. It shall experience a true revival. There will be no more thought of killing babies, same-sex marriage, being part of a European nonsense, brought about by Satan himself, from the city of filth & immorality, its landmark being a Roman army that is not even worth talking about. 
“This Scotland will have a warrior spirit, fighting against the European filth that has suppressed its moral code, legal & political systems, & almost destroyed its national Church.

“I am calling a national Church in Scotland to be full of the Holy Ghost, not a Church discussing whether it is right or wrong for man to lie with man. Such issues were settled years ago. These issues are not debating points; for My Word is not to be debated – simply obeyed.
“This nation is to return to the true Word of God, which gives no compromise on such issues. Integrity is not about bringing a referendum with a false question on independence. For the trueindependent Scotland is the Scotland that hears from God itself. For having an independent Scotland under European suppressors is not being independent at all. Being independent means separate from foreign powers. Scotland’s role in the United Kingdom is to be under no-one except God. For I, the Lord, am speaking to the people of Scotland, ‘I want you independent under Me.’
This is the independence message of integrity: to hear from me; & this is to initially clear up the filth that has infiltrated the national Church, & take the Scots reformed position into the rest of the United Kingdom, removing the altars made with hands; wearing the Puritan preaching gowns of the Reformation, & the tabs of legal authority. In this, the Scots are to lead the way in the United Kingdom. 
“This is true independence. This is true integrity; & the fires mentioned by the prophetess shall burn, saith the Lord, & shall bring forth a revival into the whole of the United Kingdom; & the Scots shall then enjoy a prosperity which they can share throughout the Commonwealth & be blessed again.
Not only shall the fish return to the shores, but brilliant minds shall come forth from Scotland once more. ‘Wha’s like us?’ they say. But this time, there shall be no pride of man. The Scots shall say, ‘Our success shall be of God.’ Its legal system will be an example to the world once more; not interfered with by foreign powers; but this legal system shall find that there will be lack of use.
The gangsters of Glasgow shall be saved. That city will once more be a centre of the gospel; & the courts will be wondering what to do.
“I shall heal the wounds of the nation, saith the Lord. Where there has been division, there shall be unity. And I shall use the wrath of the Scots, not against flesh & blood, but against principalities & powers, & Satan himself. The Leviathan of the Great Glen has been removed, saith the Lord. Instead of the monster of suppression & division which the Scots have had to endure, there shall come a nation of harmony & peace. 
“This is the message of true integrity & independence; of a nation under God, fully reformed, fully independent from the suppression of foreign powers, to play the leading role in the United Kingdom, this referendum idea being treacherous to the core, presenting an independence which is not independence at all.
The question should be, ‘Do you want a Scotland as a little country under foreign supervision, or a Scotland that will play a leading role in a United Kingdom relying solely on Almighty God?’
[Praise the Lord!]