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Word from the Lord through DPG, 07/12/14
“The Exposure of the God of this World”

“Thou hast exposed the operations of the god of this world, in:-

“(1) The political arena: governments not keeping their God-given constitutions, removing ancient landmarks. Thou has exposed governments who have rebelled against Me; & how can there be a General Election campaign in Great Britain, for example, without the issue of the slaughter of the innocents being number (1) on the agenda? This is the greatest child abuse, & is even more of Satan than the child abuse cases hitting the news day after day.

“To suck a child from the womb, away from a mother, is the ultimate child abuse. This needs to be number (1) on the agenda of every political party. How innocents can be slaughtered in such numbers is the greatest child abuse of all time.
Example of a baby born to the Wetzels - 
a child is just as alive in the womb as out of it!

“Any nation that slaughters its innocents is under a curse no political party will be able to overcome. No nation can prosper with a policy of killing children. That nation will be under a curse, awaiting the rise of Babylon, the only solution being National Days of Repentance & Prayer, to remove the curse by saving the lives of the innocents.

“That is number (1) on My agenda. In Great Britain’s case, thy monarch assured Me as head of state, she would keep the laws of God. By slaughtering the innocents, thou hast looked to slaughter the Lord thy God. For as you kill a child, you are attacking the reproductive system I created, & are right up towards an angry God, to whom thou hast broken covenant, the protections of which no longer applies to thy nation.

“The solution needs to be number (1) on the agenda of any political party.

“Also on the political agenda is the re-definition of marriage. Marriage is of Christ & the Church. To even remotely touch this, is touching the very sacred heart of God in His union with the Church. Who has bewitched you?

The Marriage of David and Lindsay Griffiths as Christ and His Church

“Also in the political arena, the incoming of the influence of foreign laws & philosophies in the courts of thy land; courts that still bear the Protestant tabs, but courts that give no heed to what the monarch promised. In thy cases shown on http://www.constitutionkeepers.org, an edict of the Lords Spiritual & Temporal is what thou stood on, awaiting a judgement. But behind the scenes, deals were going on to overturn an edict of the House of Lords. Thou hast been consistent in standing on the original edict; & it is thee who has bore the cost, instead of the bankers of mammon.

“All this has to be turned around, & the corrupt bankers exposed, & replaced by those upholding the Constitution.

“Thou art right to bring together a group of people determined to uphold the Constitution of Great Britain, those in the United States willing to uphold the Mayflower Compact, & those from Commonwealth countries looking to uphold the principles of the British Constitution in their own nations.

“So these core values are key to the success of the Constitution keepers:-

“The plight of the innocents; the understanding of marriage; & law that is under the Constitution, rather than foreign values.

“Thou shalt be called the Constitution keepers; or the Compact keepers in the United States, for thou will stand on the landmark set of old, to restore stability to Great Britain, its Commonwealth, & the United States.

“Now, a word for the United States: Thou must understand that when I say in My Word ‘neither Jew nor Greek,’ this applies to black & white. All are equal before Me as sinners, whatever race or creed; & when a man is washed by the blood of Jesus, he is neither Arab nor Jew, neither black nor white, but is a joint heir with Christ.

“So rejoice that in Me, one becomes as Me on this earth, the full manifestation of the Godhead.

“These are My sons of God, called to have dominion on this earth. It is these sons who stand on My Word, washed by the blood, & partakers of My divine nature, that the whole Middle East issue is solved by a one-state solution under Christ, where Arab & Jew come together as one in Christ Jesus; for those joined to the Lord, of whatever background, become one spirit (I Corinthians 6:17), become married to Me (Jeremiah 3:4). They put on Christ & His armour, for this is the unity that is portrayed in My Word, rather than the false unities of the Emerging Church.

“Now I deal with the role thou hast played with the Emerging Church:-

“Part (2) (of the prophecy): Thou has gone right to the heart of the Emerging Church. They may shout & scream from their position in the false unity movement, over what thou hast done. Thou hast removed that which had stolen My landmarks. Movement after movement has been stolen from Me. The Foursquare Gospel can once more be preached in the Alliance fellowships of Elim & the Foursquare movement in the States. Holiness can return to WEC, the Methodists, & the Nazarenes. And so the list goes on. Movement after movement has been taken over by the curse of the Emerging Church.

“The compromise of Alpha has been removed. The domination of false apostles & prophets has been removed. Those who manipulate money through charging for elderships, that whole ministry of wizardry, has been removed. The curse of the altar rail & separate priesthood, has been removed.

“Now, I could go on & on over what thou hast done. For thou has removed the seed of Satan from Pentecostal & evangelical movements.

“Now, one can expect a backlash of movements that have had their false foundations shaken. For thou will stay firm upon what I have called thee to do. For the rebels of witchcraft are being removed from these movements, & are being found guilty before the throne of God.

“But thou will be used, with old-time conviction preaching, to bring conviction of sin to these movements, that those within it be given opportunity to repent before God, & return to the landmark of their founders.

“But thou will insist on a return to the one Book; the Book that came as a result of not only My blood, but the blood of many martyrs; the one Book that declares the begotten Son of God; the one Book that declared the perfecting of the saints for the work of the ministry; the one Book that is the completed canon of God, from which can come My rhema word, for a given situation. Yet prophecies have not ceased; & your call for the Protestant Reformed movement to receive the empowerment of the Holy Ghost, is indeed an invitation from the very throne of God, so that this movement, along with the restored evangelical & Pentecostal movements, can be as one in reaching every creature with the gospel.

“This is My call; & as you watch these intercessions, featured now on My websites & on YouTube, please understand these are of Me. For I have caused My intercessor to bring about division; to pull down the infiltration of Satan, so as to bring about the understanding of the true Rock on which the Church is to be built, & is always being (or has always been?) built; but now we can look forward to My movements returning to Me. My Bible College of Wales, with the return of the intercession that gave to Rees Howells being continued in the mantle of the Continuing Bible College.

“And I speak now to all those involved in this continuing ministry: Prepare for government. That is your call. Do not be distracted. Thou art called to prepare for government; for thou has repaired the breach through these intercessions, which have all been of Me.

“Now, understand this: in preparing for government, get ready for true revival.

“Rejoice, & be exceedingly glad. Thou hast come before Me, & experienced My victory. All principalities & powers are under My feet; & thou hast been raised up with Me. This is thy position in Christ.”

Isaiah 9:6 King James Version (KJV)

6 For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

1 Corinthians 12:27 King James Version (KJV)

27 Now ye are the body of Christ, and members in particular.

CONSTITUTION KEEPERS like Shadrach, Meashach & Abednego, like Daniel are not obligated to keep any law or ordinance not in line with the the Monarch's Oath to God and Her Constitutional Acts & in USA 
out of line with the Mayflower Compact.




Let it be understood: God is calling Great Britain 
back to Himself but for this nation to prosper - 
and distance itself from the New Global Order 
dominating worldwide legal and political systems!


Word from the Lord to DPG, 04/09/15

“Britain’s Identity Crisis”

“Britain’s true identity is not only in the monarch’s oath to Almighty God, but is also in the whole Coronation Service, with its emphasis on Nathan the prophet & the priesthood of Zadok.

“Now, this is very important when it comes to understanding the social policy of Great Britain, if it is to remain Constitutional. There are 2 key areas here:-

“(1) There is a constitutional monarch as head of state, which is why Protestants are to be involved in the political arena in Great Britain, to support the monarch in her oath to propagate the Protestant Reformed religion established by law. This oath is immovable, for you cannot remove by law an oath of the monarch, & those looking to remove that oath are in effect guilty of high treason, such is the seriousness of what I am about to say.

“(2) In the Coronation Service, there is a major emphasis on the prophet Nathan. I have given thee this role as regards to Great Britain. For as Nathan spoke out, so dost thou.

“Now, let us get to the root of this. To reject the voice of the prophet is to reject the bloodstream of God. For without the shedding of blood, there is no remission; & in the Coronation Service, there is mention of unworthiness of men. There is mention of the oracles of God as living oracles, not just dead words; & the prophet or the preacher brings forth these oracles as living stones, in other words, the life-blood of society. The idea of the Upper House is for such prophets to gather to ensure that the Oath is kept to, the Coronation is kept to – that is, its Service - & all of the Constitutional Acts are rigorously adhered to.

“Thu has already asked for a place in the Upper House, for it is from this House thou art to give thy Parliamentary addresses, in line with the oath of the monarch to God, the obligations of the Coronation Service, & all the Constitutional Acts. This is where I have called thee to be – in the Upper House, from where you are to bring the children of the Commons in line with the Constitution, for it is from the Upper House the Commons is to learn of its responsibility unto God, for without this understanding they are as children, reacting to circumstances rather than the Word of Almighty God.

“(3) The priesthood of Zadok: Roman Catholicism has no place in this. For the priesthood of Zadok is a true priesthood of equals; & this is the fundamental difference between the Protestant faith & Roman Catholicism.

“Roman Catholicism embraces a separate priesthood, to whom a lower level of man confesses its faults to, thus making the priest higher then what is known as laiety.

“To combine socialism with this lack of equality is not only folly, but ridiculous. For you cannot shout equality on one hand, & separate priesthood on the other. This ideal has given Britain an identity crisis.

“Yet with the Zadok priesthood, as ministering to Almighty God as joint heirs with Christ, who is the fullness of the Godhead bodily, there is an equality no socialist can offer. What happens with the socialist, is that they form a separate ‘priesthood’ above the people. They hold meetings on how to control the people, outside the public view, whereas those within the Zadok priesthood look to bring converts to the throne of God as joint heirs with Christ, ministering to God as equals, rather than to each other.

“This is the supreme equality that comes out of the Coronation Service of Great Britain. But there have been those of the Roman Catholic social policy of the EU who have undermined this, & given Great Britain an identity crisis.

“As My intercessor stands at the grave of Karl Marx, he shall not only pull down the forces of darkness around this intrusion to Britain’s affairs. He shall be naming the principality of Antichrist. For what this European Social Charter has brought, is what they accuse you of: control, manipulation & brain-washing. They brainwash the children into understanding a philosophy alien to the priesthood of Zadok. They control & manipulate the people by having secret meetings outside the public eye. Yet they accuse thy ministry of control, manipulation & brain-washing, whereas thy ministry is of the priesthood of Zadok, joint heirs with Christ, everything transparent & out in the open, a concept that places fear unto those upholding the European Social Charter, which is why you hold the upper hand, as Nathan the prophet in all your dealings with government departments, there being enemies & accusers all around you, looking to catch you out on laws that have no place in the British Constitution.

“This is thy position as Nathan the prophet, upholding the Zadok priesthood, a priesthood of equals, joint heirs with Christ, the fullness of the Godhead bodily, an equality no socialist can match – again, an equality no socialist can match, an equality that has come with the shedding of blood, without which there is no remission.

“And thou hast forsaken all for the benefit of the people, whereas Rome holds its riches that came as a result of the indulgences over the people, that the founder of the Protestant Church so bravely stood against. And as he gave his Theses on the door of Wittenberg, so thou hast published thy Theses of 2007 openly, over today’s Wittenberg, the internet.

“So thou has issued the prophetic warning, which unless the nation heeds, will bring about such a fall to Great Britain, for a nation without identity cannot stand.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 01/09/15  
“Are Your Laws Consistent with My Word? I Speak to Western Countries

“Throughout this prophecy, I am going to use the British example. But the principle of what I say applies to all Western countries, particularly Britain, America, & nations of the British Commonwealth.   “Are your laws consistent with My Word?

Now, using the British example, there are Constitutional Acts that demand adherence to the God of the Protestant Reformed religion established by law; that demand that there is no foreign interference & foreign philosophy allowed in those laws; that the marriage example if Ephesians 5 be honoured, that there be understanding that the nation is a theocracy first, then a democracy, that the oath of a Parliamentarian on a KJV Bible means that all the principles of the Reformation be pulsating from the bones of a Parliamentarian, & that the prayers said before a law-making session be an acceptance that God is leading in that session, & that He must be listened to above the philosophies & ideals of man.  

“Above all this, is the obligation to move in virtue, for the power to achieve all this can only come in the power of Almighty God.   “Now, on saying all of this - & I use the British example which is akin to the United States because of the Mayflower Compact – are your laws consistent with the Constitutional obligation?   “Let us look at just a few of them.

Have I decided to destroy My reproductive process, where a man leaves his parents to be joined unto one wife, I speak as Christ & the Church? For the supreme blasphemy here is not that you have allowed same-sex marriage, but that you have failed to understand the Ephesians 5 analogy in your law-making, which has resulted in the marginalisation of the faith you are on oath to propagate by becoming a Parliamentarian.  

“Have I guided you in your law-making, to allow for the slaughter of innocents living in the womb of mothers? For if you are to be guided by Me, you have to ask, ‘Have I guided you to make allowance for sin, or to be at war with it?’ For what you have done has made laws that have made sin righteous, & those of righteousness sinners.   “This is why so many Christians find themselves in the legal process, as defendants rather than prosecutors, when constitutionally it is to be the other way round.  

“Hence this ministry, from through this prophecy comes, refuses through the British Constitution to be a defendant, but is well on hand to bring to task governments that do not uphold the Oath of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, given in 1953.   “With the collapse of the European Union going on all around you, & your open borders policies to EU citizens, have you not realised your covenantal obligations to the Commonwealth, & to citizens of the United States of America; & likewise in America towards British citizens, particularly of the Protestant faith?

The Constitution Keepers web-site has been prophetically set up by Me, to bring about the conditions for the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain, & the Mayflower Compact, to be honoured throughout Britain, America & the Commonwealth countries.   “It is to the nations of the Commonwealth you have obligations, to bring about a Common Wealth. Commonwealth is to be free of the rule of despots, with people of all races working together in a common objective; that rich countries realise their obligations to the poor; that nations like Zimbabwe have blacks & whites working together in equality, yet understanding that whatever race that the skills require to run a country are fully understood.

To come to a deal in the Rhodesia crisis to cast out of a country those with the skills to run a country was ridiculous in the extreme; & the consequent poverty of that decision is there in the faces of black people in economic deprivation.   “O Great Britain, thou hast ignored the God of thy Constitutional Acts for far too long. Thou hast embraced the Coronation Service of Israel, yet you have not fulfilled its obligations. As with Israel, so with thee. My prophets weep before thee, yet you have allowed their accusers opportunity to try & destroy them. Yet if only you give them high position in thy Upper House, will you save thy nation.  

“For in the Upper House, they are to preach thy Constitutional obligations. They are to preach Parliamentary members of both Houses their Constitutional obligations. This is to occur in America too, & all over the Commonwealth, that this prophet is saying that unless this is heeded, the consequences are dire for the entire world. For there is coming soon the Prophet, Priest & King, who shall appear in the sky before thee; & you shall all appear before Me, as either those who have kept My Word, or those who have not.

For I come to take those who have been found faithful, & they shall arise from amongst the rebels, & I shall meet them in the air, where I shall be dressed in a raiment of crimson, riding a white horse, & the trumpets of heaven shall be heard all over the earth; & around Me shall be legions of angels, & the devil who has led thee in government shall be quaking in his shoes; & all those who have followed him shall be gnashing their teeth, for the time of opportunity to repent, will have gone.   “For the Great Judgement will occur, with those who have blighted My Word cast into the lake of fire, along with the devil & his counterfeit legions of angels, who rebelled against Me & the government of heaven. For rebellion is of the sin of witchcraft.  

“And as I saw him & his angels cast out of heaven, so will I see you, the devil & his angels, cast into the lake of fire.   “Yet there is still opportunity for you, O Parliamentarian, to repent & embrace the God of thy Constitutional Acts. In America too, to embrace the God of the Pilgrim Fathers, who entered thy shores to bring the good news of the gospel to both native & new Americans.  

“The time is short. Will you give heed to the cries of My prophets, or will you continue to persecute them with the laws of thy rebellious Parliaments?”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 05/09/15
“The Sinners Cheer as the Righteous are Jailed – America’s Identity Crisis”

“George Washington stated ‘You cannot govern without God & the Bible.’ Ronald Reagan stated about the importance of virtue (the anointing) in government. Yet now, without the Bible & without virtue, government operates in the United States, looking to jail the righteous & protect the sinner. This recent example in the State of Kentucky is one that has stirred the body of Christ to action; yet it must move by My Spirit.

And as we witness this desecration of the Bible Belt, the weeping in heaven is great. For what was once a great nation that stood on the Word of God the Pilgrim Fathers brought, has now been reduced to the rites of Satanism that allows for the worship of the flesh, rather than for God’s Word.

“There are many asking when the Judgement will come; but the Judgement is already upon a Church that has allowed itself to bow to the rites of Satanism, in what is known as the Charismatic movement. “You see, you need a Church that stands on the Word of God, just as the incarcerated sister has done, not by the false experiences of the Charismatic movement.

“You see, if you are going to have a nation standing on the true Word of God, then the counterfeits of Satan have to be exposed. Outside of Fuller Seminary, outside of Saddleback, did My intercessor stand; a so-called ‘seminary’ & a so-called ‘church’ that has compromised My Word through Higher Criticism, embracing scriptures that uphold the sinner, rather than convicting him or her; so that now, when an outrage occurs, only a remnant can stand, for only the remnant upholds the true Word of God, so the forces of Satan criminalise the righteous, so that the sinner can be in control of the legal system, placing those with the Word of God in their hearts behind bars as in Daniel’s day.

“This now has affected America from upholding righteousness throughout the world, with Britain & America standing before Me as guilty of grievous crimes, the Church however being the most responsible for allowing this to happen, by embracing Satanic translations of the Bible, brought about through the spiritualists Westcott & Hort, rather than the true Word of God that came about through the authorisation of the British monarch. “O America! Thou lieth in the pit of snakes, not just because thou passeth ungodly laws, but the Church has embraced false scriptures that has allowed this to happen.

“I have warned in My Word that there will be those who embrace another Jesus, & it is the Church established in America that has done just that, thus allowing government to operate without the true Bible embraced by Washington, & the virtue embraced by Reagan.

“So thus, America has an identity crisis, for it knows not My true Word. King James preachers, arise! The time has come to preach My true Word. “

Then refer the readers to www.constitutionkeepers.org

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 12/09/15
“A Warning from the Lord”

“Thou art to keep going the Constitution Keepers programme, because a nation that does not keep its Constitution is going to fall. A nation that does not insist on its inhabitants keeping the Constitution, is going to fall.

A nation that accepts immigrants carte blanche, without the insistence on those immigrants accepting the Constitution, is going to fall. “In Britain & America’s Constitutional heritage, there is the base of the Protestant faith, & the Protestant faith alone, the understanding of the Reformation therefore being essential to understand the Constitution.

“All I am saying here is the obvious; yet nation of Britain & America, you are ignoring the plainly obvious, & are acting as if you have no Constitution whatsoever. So, what happens to a building that has no foundations?

You are of the foolish man, building a new house on sand, with the wind of an Islamic diaspora coming your way. “You already have allowed all manner of gods into thy nations, already undermining your Constitutional heritage. So what now for thy nations?

Would Saudi Arabia allow a diaspora of Christians & Jews? No, because they would say it would undermine their Islamic heritage. Same with Iran, & also the Westernised Islamic states, like UAE & Qatar & Kuwait.

They still look to uphold their Islamic heritage, even to the point of forbidding Christian evangelism. “So why are they not taking in their own people, of their own faith, the reason being to take over the world, & the great diaspora is on; & by reacting to the situation, you are not reacting to the Word of God, but to the reaction of man, & with your philosophies of socialism, you minister to the people first, rather than give Christ the pre-eminence, which is the Constitutions of Great Britain & America.

“You are of the foolish man, building his house upon the sand. For I am calling thee in thy ministry of God, to bring about a diaspora of Christians towards the Western nations, to bring those nations back to their own Constitutions. For your open door policy to other faiths, you are bringing about a collapse of your nations that can only be put right by those embracing your Constitutions.

This is why the Constitution Keepers programme & web-site is so important; & it is noticeable too that it is from Commonwealth countries that your College has its students; & your alignment with Suresh is so important in this, for you can tell from the Beatitudes who I am going to use to evangelise Western nations. “Thy accusers keep coming after thee.

Thy accusers continuously look to bankrupt thee. Yet all you are doing is upholding the Constitution of thy nation, whilst your accusers have another agenda, to bring an end to movements of the Protestant holiness persuasion. And thou has been facing an Armada of enemies, an Armada determined to sink all thou hast done.

Yet it is thy house that is built upon the rock, & it is thy house that shall stand; & as in the days of Noah, I am calling thee to build an ‘ark’ in Sri Lanka, a safe house for when the main storms shall come. For there are those professing to be Christians who are laughing at thee; & their laughter shall be turned to tears, for not coming aboard the ark which thou hast built.

“All this I speak in spiritual terms; for that which thou seeth in the physical covenant, is a type of what is to come in the new covenant. “It is now the time to build the Sri Lankan ‘ark,’ to My glory, so that My young people, should I tarry, can continue thy work when thou art with Me in the mansions of Heaven.

“I have given My word. It is up to thee now to act upon it, & warn the nations of Britain & America of the dangers of reacting to circumstance rather than to God.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 25/09/15“Despite of the Monarch’s Oath to the Country, Humanism Decides how the Nation is to be Run”  

“What a mess occurs when the secular state takes on the anointed of God! Inconsistencies are easy to find, for instead of following the nation’s Constitution based on the never-changing Word of God, they pass laws that react to situations, rather than hearing from the Spirit at given times.

 “The secular state, as it is called, has no thought for the morals of God. It has thought as to how people are behaving. The secular state, so called, looks to remove the conscience of the nation when it passes laws promoting & liberating those in sin, & criminalises & suppresses those of the conscience.

 “When that secular state looks to take to law those of the conscience, its case will always be full of inconsistency, for its worldly god ever changes, to meet the demands of new social norms. The Constitutions of Great Britain & America are built on those who have sacrificed & forsaken for the cause; but to the new social norms, this is something that no longer occurs.

Rationalising this behaviour is strange, & unacceptable to the humanistic mind-set. “So when we start looking at the social norms, it becomes obvious that these norms are without foundation in the Constitution the monarch swore to uphold. The Constitution declares the Word of God as being the oracles of God, the most precious book the world can afford; yet the laws of the secular state are inconsistent with its pages. 

“The fact that the mind is renewed by the Spirit no longer occurs in modern laws. The fact that the unborn child is to be protected as a human being no longer occurs under modern laws. The fact that a man leaves his parents to be joined to one wife as Christ & the Church, no longer occurs under modern laws, which embrace cohabitation as a normal way of life rather than a life of sin.

The warnings in the Scriptures of same-sex relationships are not heeded, with those embracing the holy oracles of God being criminalised for offending those living contrary to the Constitution. So whenever the secular state takes on the anointed of God, the case of the secular state is always found to carry many inconsistencies, for the laws they quote relate to a never-changing world & an ever-changing God, which is why the Constitutional Acts override such laws, because their stability is in God rather than the god of this world. 

“So we therefore discover that humanism & secularism has a god, a god that convinces them that is it of human rationale that bring about these laws, whereas the Word of God declares that there is a god that blinds the minds of those that believe not. So if their minds are blinded, who then is of mental incapacity? Those of the so-called secular state, or those who are the anointed of God? “So who then is thegod of this world? This is clearly Satan. So in their blindness, the humanist is no longer a humanist.

The secularist is no longer a secularist. Just as those who no longer live become as Christ on this earth, then likewise those of the rationale, with their blinded minds, become as Satan, opposing those whose minds have been renewed by the Spirit, who are as Christ. “So the battleground is no longer of human thought, but deeply rooted in spirituality, which is why the Constitution places virtue first in law application, rather than the philosophies of man.  

“This is why the philosophies of Great Britain & America can only be that of the Protestant Reformed religion established by law in Great Britain, taken over to America by the Pilgrim Fathers; & this is why the areas that uphold the Protestant faith are in stability, whereas those who embrace that which the Protestant faith protests against, are always in chaos & inconsistency, which is why the case they place against thee is a shambles, because of the mental assent Apostle Wesley warned about, the coarse world of reason President Reagan warned about, there being only one winner in this, the One who won the battle 2000 years ago.

For at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow, & that includes the god of this world, who embraces secularism & humanism for his own ends, in reality there being no such thing as humanism, for the blinded humanist becomes as the god of this world, & the anointed of God as Christ Himself.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 03/10/15“You Can No Longer Sing ‘God Bless America’
-The Demise of a Nation”

“A nation that turns its unborn into buckets to die, will not be blessed by God. A nation that turns the ethos of Ephesians 5, of the real meaning of marital relations, is not only a nation that blasphemes God, but is also a nation that will fall into the effects promoted immorality will always bring.

“A nation where the family is undermined, where children no longer have a Mum & a Dad, will inevitably fall into a mire of violence; for it is through the stability of a Biblical family that a child is to be brought up, a child who will not go astray. Just as a house is built on sand, so shall it fall.

How can I bless a nation that ignores its foundations? How can Thanksgiving Day be blessed, when what the Pilgrim Fathers stood for is completely ignored?“The Compact of the Mayflower between Britain & America has not only brought stability to both nations, but has brought about conditions for stability throughout the world.

“I cannot bless nations that break their covenants unto God. One President said, ‘It is impossible to govern a nation without God & the Bible.’ Another President warned of ‘the coarse world of reason,’ that virtue had to take priority in all aspects of government life.

“Yet wat do I see today? A nation in turmoil, a nation that has forgotten its roots, & a nation no longer protected by the stripes of the blood of the Lamb. You are now on your own, America, without the protection of God, & so have to fight your own battles.

Thou has not protected thy borders from infiltrations that are coming in from all over the world. All over America are cells of those looking to bring harm to the nation. Yet you allow them their freedom, & criminalise the righteous.“You deny access in thy educational establishments for the true Word of God. Even thy seminaries have fallen under the spell of Higher Criticism. So you have so-called Christian ministers talking about God in a critical way, rather than manifesting the Saviour Himself.

“The debauchery of the Emerging Church has brought about a gospel of accommodation, of social enterprise of churches that help people, rather than minister to God. The ethos of seeking first the kingdom of God & His righteousness, is lost in thy nation. So how can God’s provision apply in a nation determined to go its own way? A nation that makes up its own laws, with the argument that they bring freedom; but where is the freedom for the unborn child, sucked out of the womb in great pain?

“So you are a nation, America, that in its present form cannot be blessed; & the slavery of Babylon is upon thee. For thy businesses are over-regulated, thy people are under strain. For thou art no longer a nation with a vision, & so thy people are perishing all around thee.

“So, America, where is thy people who are making a stand for the old paths, for justice to return to thy nation? For I have a remnant who have separated themselves from the debauchery of the Emerging Church; who have warned of the tyranny of government, in no longer standing on the Constitution of the nation, of God & His precious Word.“However, thou hast chosen to persecute My prophets.

They are the sons of Zadok, who came over from Great Britain in the Mayflower. They are born again by the Spirit of God. They are the sons of God, bursting with the compassion of the Christ who died for thee. They look to restore the seminaries to the teaching of the true Word of God. They look to bring to government God & the Bible & the virtue so necessary to run a nation. Yet, America, you legislate against them.

Yet through them, I can bring life & not death. For through your existing policies, thou hast brought about the holocaust of dying babies that Hitler & Herod could never have contemplated, in their operations of death. For in the name of immorality, thou hast killed generations of true American people, & replaced them with infiltrations from outside.

“Now, the true American is one born again. It matters not the colour, the race, or the gender. For true Americans uphold the Constitution, & this was brought into the nation by the Pilgrim Fathers; & the warnings of Deuteronomy 28 are very clear for those who disobey God. “There needs to be a national repentance, a humility in all the seats of government, to restore the nation back under God.“And now to the Emerging Church.

There has never been a paradigm shift with God. He is the Lord that changes not; & unless thou returns to the preaching of the blood of the Lamb, then thou shalt surely fall. For thou art sending multitudes to hell with thy accommodation preaching. Thou art encouraging the love of money, rather than the love of God, the true minister forsaking his/her wealth, as Peter & Paul did so as to reach the lost.

“For there is a price that has to be paid, to be a true minister of God, & that price is your life. For as I laid down My life, so My ministers are prepared to do the same; & just as Abraham was prepared to slay Isaac, so I will save the lives of those who are prepared to do the same.

“You cannot hide your sin forever, Emerging Church. For the hour of judgement is nigh, not only for thee, but also for a nation that has forgotten God, & the Constitution of the Mayflower.

“Please no longer sing ‘God Bless America,’ until thou has returned to the fold.”