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Word from the Lord through
Rev Dr David P Griffiths,
Chapel Pentecost, Pendalar, 17/03/13
(Tongues and Interpretation)
“Thus saith the Lord: this is the hour of the Lord’s coming – this is the year of the Lord’s coming.
“Do not look back – go forward, saith the Lord. Be filled with My Spirit, saith the Lord.
“Even now, they bow their knee to the Antichrist. Even now, they bow their knees to the idol Mary; their Mary not being the Mary of Bethlehem & of Nazareth; but their Mary is one whom they present as an antichrist, to whom they pray to bring in the order of the Antichrist.
“You are to expose the idol Mary wherever you go – as an idol. Does it not say in My Word, worship no one but Me? Does it not say in My Word to pray to the Father in the name of Jesus?
“Not only am I filling you with My Holy Ghost, to fulfil My last-day command; I am filling you with fire – oh yes, the fire is to fall upon you as you speak My Word.
“No holding back now – My command is to go forward, preach the gospel toevery creature - & I am holding you responsible for this.
“For if you say you are crucified with Christ, then you have the mind of Christ, which is to go into the whole world & preach the gospel – My Isaiah 61 command.
“As to building up waste places, your country too has become one because of your (Britain’s) denial of Me.
“You are My remnant to build up this waste place. That is why I am putting you in the seats of government like I did with David and Solomon – I have not changed.
“I have called you to meet with heads of state, to build up waste places all over the world.
“This anointing you carry to build up waste places will build up Zimbabwe, & thetelevision station you are building in Kenya will broadcast into Zimbabwe & have special Zimbabwe programmes. You see, Antichrist is already defeated through the blood of Christ.
“My Word declares that already many antichrists have come. Such is one in Zimbabwe.
“I am calling you to start the Christian Party in Zimbabwe, where you will appoint the anointed to be head of state in Zimbabwe, & help him build up the waste places. And that land will be a Christian country, saith the Lord. And just as Rees Howells became responsible at that time for Ethiopia, I call thee My intercessors to be responsible for Zimbabwe, where many Christians are persecuted. I am laying the responsibility on you to set them free in My Name, for the Christ is higher than the Antichrist. Expect great displays of miracles, signs & wonders.
“Stay in this place of complete reliance on Me – complete confidence in Me. Have no doubts.
“These miracles are going to follow you all over the world, as you preach as My empty vessels.
“This is the empowerment anointing.
“Acts 2:17-21.”