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Word from the Lord through DPG, 02/04/13
“The counterfeit has been prevalent in Britain over many years; & it is a form of apparent adherence to God, without any submission to God’s will. It involves church-going on a Sunday, & living one’s own life the rest of the time. There is no understanding of hearing from God, not gathering possessions on earth, but using one’s resources for the gospel, & bringing one’s children up in the training & nurture of the Lord.
None of these adherents have a place in the kingdom of God.
“Counterfeit (2): Those who give adherence to the scriptures of Alexandria have been taken away from Biblical Christianity & are therefore under a curse, for giving adherence to scriptures that have taken away & added to doctrines that do not have their base in the inspired Word of God. Commonly this group is known as charismatic, that base their operations on experience, rather than the Word.
“This group also are not a part of the kingdom of God.
“The third group are those who surround themselves with liturgy, & bow down to altars made with hands. I abhor the bowing down to across made with hands. I abhor the keeping of festivals. Christianity is about a  person; not altars made with hands; not the keeping of dates; but complete surrender to Jesus Christ, the resurrection being represented by coming out of the waters of baptism, & not through the goddesses of Easter.
“My Word is clear about those who preach another Jesus. This counterfeit Jesus is related constantly to the physical element, for I do not live in altars made with hands. I live in the hearts of true believers.
“So the counterfeits are there in great numbers. They give respectability to their operations by gathering in their respective Churches Together groupings.  Yet they are not apart of Me.
“Where is the Church that gives its whole life to Me; that does not consider ownership as part of the criteria for existence? Where is the Church that has grasped & understood the Sermon on the Mount? Where are those who will come down & lay down all on the “altar” (not made with hands) for Me?
“You carry with you a full surrender message. Those of the counterfeit will call thee a cult; for you do not carry with you the chains of centuries of counterfeited Christianity. What you do carry with you is the Passover of God; for you are protected from being a part of the counterfeit; for you have been washed clean by the precious blood of the Lamb.
“This washing clean demands a reaction. It demands a handing over of one’s life to the Lord; the Galatians 2:20 activity, pulsating from the heart of the genuine Church.
“You are aware that those in the counterfeit need the saving grace of Jesus, & this can only come through handing over earthly lives, to move into the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.
“This is the Word I have given thee: to declare My Sermon upon the Mount as the criteria for Christian living. Who will come into the kingdom of God, & resign from the world? Who will give up their own will for Mine? This is the real Church; for flesh cannot exist in the presence of the Lord.
“Come unto the holy God, you sinners. Be ye separate. Be led of the Spirit to fulfil the demands of the Isaiah 61 call. For each missionary yof God is to be free to go when I call, the individual to go into the whole orld, & preach the gospel.
“The Every Creature Commission was never part-time. It is now your place to present real Christianity to the people; &you do this by relating Christianity to a person, rather than a philosophy; a person who gave His life that all may be saved – on condition that the whole of a life is brought to the Saviour, to fill with God.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 19/02/15
“The Prosperity of God”

“Word of faith is a Biblical term; yet it has been used to breed corruption. Likewise, the word ‘prosper’ is a Biblical word; yet it has been used as a word that has bred corruption, rather than the resources to fulfil the call to reach every creature.“So within this climate, I call you to use the term ‘word of faith’ & ‘prosperity’, but in the way I have called you to use them.

“Now, let us look at the term ‘word of faith.’ Two words stand out here: ‘word’ & ‘faith.’ The Word is the seed, from where faith grows. As you sow the Word, so from the Word comes faith; & through faith, so one prospers, to establish the covenant of God. This is the power to get the wealth.

“What has come in is personal ambition. The belief has been there that the wealth has been there for the ‘I’ or the ‘me.’ But Paul declared, ‘I live, yet not I.’ The Early Church gave up everything to follow Me. They prospered, but not through the material lusts of the flesh. They prospered because all of their lives were caught up in the gospel. Possessions were laiddown, rather than sought after. But what they did need were the resources to r

each every creature; & this came through sowing the Word.“You see, the Word of God cannot be returned void. What the Word does is bring faith; & faith brings abundant fruit; overwhelming fruit, far above what human comprehension can think about. Through thy television station thou art sowing the Word; & the Word of God cannot be returned void. And they are coming to their ‘tables of the Lord’ with their attitudes of selfish lust, where it is clear in My Word Abraham came with his tithe, holy & precious to the Lord; & the prosperity which followed, if you look at My Word, was used for the establishment of My kingdom on earth, to establish My covenant.

Hence we have the Abrahamic Covenant, with all the fruit that accompanies this. But in that equation came supreme sacrifice, even to the point of being willing to sacrifice a son. “So, what has gone wrong with the Word of Faith movement, has been the introduction of selfish ambition, that has come with the seed being the wallet, to individual ministries backed by commercial companies that market publications that are contrary to My Word; & they proudly portray the wealth they have. Y

et this wealth is built on commercialism rather than My Word. “My Word is very clear: ‘The wise man buildeth his house upon the rock.’ Who is the rock? I am the rock. Who am I? I am the Word. So the wise man buildeth his house upon Me. So when the wind doth blow, it cannot fail.“But the foolish man of selfish ambition falleth continuously. This is why, in the Emerging Church, they keep coming for prayer. What is their prayer? For selfish ambition.“But thy ministry is different. Instead of saying ‘yes’ to their cries for prayer, you are saying, ‘Study to find yourself approved unto God.’

‘Attend to My words. It is these that are life to those that find them.’“So, it is the Word that giveth life. It is the Word that giveth faith. So above all things, it is My desire that you prosper & be in health. It is for those who have laid their lives down, to manifest the life of Christ that this prosperity, this health is all about. For it is for those who hearken to the voice of God. It is for those who become doers of My Word who will prosper & be in health.

To prosper, one lays one’s possessions down; not to demand more out of personal ambition, but to have the resources to perfect the saints for the work of the ministry.“It is with this heart you come together as Trustees, to establish the covenant of God. Peter declared, ‘I have given up all to follow Thee.’ The reply of the Lord was clear; & thou has gone through the commitment & sacrifice required, to move in the hundredfold of God, which is all the resources you need, to bear the fruit required of a true saint of God, who is as I am on the earth, who walks with Me in the heavenly places, high above principality & power; empowered of the Holy Ghost; who is honest about the buffeting he goes through.

For within the life of the true Christian is the removal of pride. For within the Word of Faith movement, there is a showing off of the possessions they have, as a way of getting people to give money to them. “This is the mark of the foolish man, who has built his life on the sand of realised possessions.

Only those built on the rock, built on My Word, who have sacrificed & suffered, will gain entry into My kingdom, to be true ministers of the Lord. “These are the people, yet not people, but the manifestations of the Christ on this earth, who are in prosperity & health in My thinking, rather than in the thinking of the god of this world, the god of pride & selfish ambition, which is so much of the Word of Faith movement today.

“And I have called to thee to be as the Early Church, giving up all to follow Me, the seed being the Word, which is never returned void. “This is Word of Faith Increasing. This is the establishment of My covenant, for which you have been given the power to get the wealth, so as to fulfil the call of My Word, rather than the lusts of the god of this world through man.”