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We are PRAISING THE LORD! Having received texts threatening us and our operations from North Wales saying that we would be destroyed "Through official channels" we are pleased to say GOD HAS MOVED and a report from the Charity Commission is to come out in 2013 (now 2014) about our ministry - showing that although we need to improve administrative procedures (which we are doing) there was no question about our honesty.
We give the Lord all the praise as we were completely open and honest to Charity Commission Investigators who were open with us.
Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)
And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken
to the voice of the Lord thy God,
and wilt do that which is right in his sight,
and wilt give ear to his commandments,
and keep all his statutes,
I will put none of these diseases upon thee,
which I have brought upon the Egyptians:
for I am the Lord that healeth thee.
1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)
Quench not the Spirit.
Despise not prophesyings.
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
For many years, this ministry has been run by trustees with a sacrificial heart putting far more finances into this ministry than what has been taken out.
The ministry is growing tremendously through the power of God, however, a group in North Wales has got together threatening to destroy us "through official channels".
Our radio station & audio recording studio is ready and about to be equipped with the latest high tech equipment & we are about to set up a TV studio to produce programmes initially for Asia as well as beam Bible College lectures around the World.
As regards to our Radio Studio to be named after Margaret Ryder for it will be fulfilling her heart was delayed due to being reported to building regulators, whose action dramatically put the costs up of the operation. We had been told no planning permission was necessary by the County Council and this was correct, but we were not told that we needed Building Regulators to come in! We will know in future!
As regards to the running of this Charity we now have new Chartered Accountants who are working hard to put us on track in relation to administration.
The Charity Commission are coming in December 2012 to check our books etc. and we are looking to work with them and our new Accountants and Solicitor to put our administration right.
Lindsay and I have been exhausted by all of this but are looking for support as we grow from "small" (not despising these times) to big thanks to our dear Lord Jesus.
Word from the Lord through Rev Dr Cllr David P Griffiths, 05/12/12
“You have shown over many years the self-sacrificial nature of your operations; & in that dedication, there has been an expectation of that same heart in government; that those who run for government office would have the same sacrificial element to their thinking.
There is an element of this in the Town Council, where people of all political parties look to get on well together, without payment, for the good of the community. They have seen you are not religious bigots, like the Pharisees & Sadducees, but are open in your dealings, & have even been prepared to confess error.
“Likewise, in the running of thy Charity, the Trustees have shown a sacrificial element; & within this context, it can be shown that there has been administrative error, but not error with self-motivation.
You have shown serious error in government, in that the nation has not kept its promises to God.
“So, which is the most serious error? The error of not keeping a nation’s promise to God, or the errors of a group of trustees who operate with a sacrificial heart, in looking to obey God constantly; or the error of a nation in absolutely disobeying God, even to the point of sacrificing its infants.
At the judgement seat of Christ, which is going to flag up as being the most serious error?
“The administrative errors of a charity can be put right. The removal of a life from the womb gets put right by Me, by My taking of that child, but removes God’s intention for that child to have a life on earth. Man cannot put that right.
“You have sacrificed your careers & your finances into the cause of God; yet government, by moving from the promises of the monarch to maintain a Protestant nation, has moved into the concept of multi-faith, with organizations unless you join them, they see to it that you are outside the ability of being able to maintain a financial base for your activity.
“You have sacrificed that ability, & have shown the new Bibles to be multi-faith orientated. For by introducing these Bibles, the churches that use them have removed the Lordship of Christ; & so no longer Christ has the pre-eminence in these Churches Together operations; for the very name of making the Church plural, is in line with their doctrine of Christ just being one god among many. Churches Together fellowships, commonly with an NIV, believe there is more than one Church, & that Jesus is a son of many gods, rather than the begotten Son of God.
“So who has made the greatest error here? Your ministry, with its sacrificial nature & administrative errors, or the error of proclaiming Jesus as being a god, rather than the fullness of the Godhead bodily.
“Now, you are suffering going through all the books in relation to administrative error; errors which can be put right easily. What, however, about the error of removing the pre-eminence of Christ, which the new translations do? What error is this, to present before the judgement seat of Christ! You being open about your administrative error to the accountant, solicitor, & Charity Commission, looking to work together to put matters right; but what about those who have changed the words of My Word? I have set up the Higher Criticism course so you can bring them back to Me.
“So there is salvation available, & forgiveness; but only to those who are open, & confess their sin openly, can there be salvation.
“So when it comes to dealing with your administrative errors, remember you have been right by the spirit, & if Christ can forgive the grossest crimes, so then should a nation, with a beam in its own eye, show mercy to those with motes.
For a nation has to realise that the beam of taking away life has much more serious consequences before God, unless that nation repents, & stops its progression into death, rather than its reliance upon God.”
Background to this prophecy is in relation to a hostile group continuously and anonymously complaining to Government Offices including the Charity Commission to burden us down with over-regulation.
This is our Lord's reply ......
Word from the Lord through DPG, 07/03/13
“Upholding the country’s Constitution is a key area of thy Charity, registered with a British government agency. That agency, as you know, has to operate under the nation’s Constitution, which so many are unaware of. Thou art to remind the agency of its obligations under the Constitutional Acts, that include:-
“(1) Applying law with law and justice in mercy. This is so important in relation to what you have been through, which has been tremendous suffering through those who failed to give their name, to affect and hinder the Charity’s operations.
“Whilst this is understandable from a group intent on hostility, it must be understood that the Commission is there for those upholding the foundational Acts of the nation.
“(2) The monarch’s promise to uphold the Protestant Religion established by law – the Coronation Act (1689). We all know that the Christian base of the nation has been constantly eroded over the last tenure of the monarch; so when a group looks to gain the ground back, it comes under tremendous attack from those operating under a secular humanist banner, who look for selfish motive in activity, rather than the sacrificial approach of, frankly, our Trustees and Council of Reference.
“(3) The Elizabethan Settlement that brought back the 1534 Act of Supremacy fully recognises the existence of the spiritual and the temporal. This obligation is on all government activity today. Hence, would there be a Speaker’s Chaplain of this was not the case?
“The Holy Spirit is asked to give guidance to MPs in law-making; and so constitutionally, it is reasonable to expect that the Holy Spirit be asked to guide application of law. Waiting on God, and meeting deadlines, therefore conflict with each other; and those standing in faith must be supported rather than pressurised to meet deadlines. The law has to be applied with law and justice in mercy – this is a Constitutional obligation. There has to be an understanding of the spiritual and temporal. This is a Constitutional obligation.
(4) “The overriding philosophy, whatever men may say, Constitutionally this is the Protestant Reformed religion established by law – exactly what the LCMI Charity is portraying. Humanitarian operations come with that; and it is clear that this is being suppressed through over-complication and over-regulation. Whilst the Charity has shown it is happy to bring in procedures, this should not be at the expense of its going forward operations. We are going ahead to be licensed sponsors with the UK Border Agency, to enable us to bring in the professional skills required to set up a global media operation in line with fulfilling the monarch’s promise in her Coronation Oath. Holding us back with technicalities will be putting a restriction on what the monarch promised to do; we as an established Christian Charity desiring to assist the monarch in this obligation.
“It is clear the Charity’s profile is going to increase; and the assistance of government agencies is going to be very important in this. It is clear that we live in a Britain of many failing charities and businesses. Yet, God never fails. Part of the Charity’s activities is to build up people to fulfil the purposes God has given them; and one aspect that comes up time and time again is over-regulation, and over-aggressive application of laws commonly out of line with the nation’s Constitution.
“(5) The working together ethos: if the nation is to get back on its feet again, government agencies, charities and businesses have to work together, under British law, not foreign. Foreign law is ripping apart our Christian heritage our Charity is looking to uphold; and there is obligation on the monarch (1534 Act of Supremacy) to suppress such infiltration. The use of foreign law is illegal in Britain, as you see from the Act. Over-burdening charities and businesses with foreign laws is an act of treason against the state. We are asking the monarch to act in suppressing the infiltration so as to release charities and businesses to operate under British law, rather than foreign.
“Now, it is our turn to issue a complaint to the Charity Commission. To act against charities agreeing to European law so as to benefit from big grants – this is a massive issue; and we have information, through a British MEP, on large charities who have acted in this way, on whom we issue a complaint. Britain traditionally has had vibrant small business and charity, a concept that constitutionally all government agencies have to uphold.
“Now, to conclude: are we to have that support required to see through our vision, to uphold the Constitutional Acts of the nation; or do we have to bow down to influences that have changed the nation beyond recognition, to those God led to set the foundation stones of the nation? Because you cannot have both, because one conflicts against the other.
“We have chosen the Constitutional Acts related to the monarch’s oath, rather than this new over-regulated society of the letter of the law rather than the spirit.”