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Look, I am not an old fuddy-duddy writing this, bored with life and frustrated wondering what I can do!

I have the "joy of the Lord" as my strength but write here with every conviction that we are seeing our Christian heritage undermined by a group of individuals determined for unity - even at the price of denying the Cross.

What we are witnessing here is out and out disregard of the Word, a total miss-use of scripture particularly with the “new thing” & yes we do challenge hypnotic music too with demonic beats and revivalists burning with out of marriage lust behind the scenes who still embrace the heresy of Romanism.

On the next pages you can go through the lunacy of modern revival. Oh! And again we are not religious fuddy-duddies – amazing events went on with all the great revivalists but they not come with their signs and wonders in the names of false angels, demonically motivated tattoos and hypnotic music designed to take an audience into the control of another – other than God.

One of Todd Bentley's numerous tattoos - this one very familiar

Medusa was beheaded by the hero Perseus, who thereafter used her head as a weapon until he gave it to the goddess Athena to place on her shield. In classical antiquity the image of the head of Medusa appeared in the evil-averting device known as the Gorgoneion.

The question to ask is why would a revivalist if he was Christian have tattooed on his body Medusa amongst other evil images?
We write as Pentecostals, signs and wonders people but only after the preaching of the blood bought Word, with full surrender – revival like judgment day conviction rather than the vanity fair carnival of Satan and his cohorts so many are being induced into.
A key figure is all this lingered behind the scenes at Lakeland – a Peter Wagner who seemingly commissioned Bentley during the so-called outpouring of Lakeland. His very words are featured on the next pages.

Peter Wagner was involved with the changes brought into Fuller Seminary against the vision of its founder. It was here that he had become Professor of Church Growth in 1971. During his thirty year tenure here at the Fuller School of World Mission, instead of an increasing hunger for developing world mission occurring a new thirst arose – a thirst for study of the social sciences. The way forward under Wagner instead of hearing from God and going forward was the new approach of social programmes.

This approach moved the Fuller movement from accepting the inerrant (without error) Word of God to a new more mystical sphere, a sphere hung in the contemporary culture as with Lakeland. Speaking at the Evangelical Theological Society in the 1970’s he said this;

….Well I think that we evangelicals need to be aware that we are actually living in the 1970’s, in a fantastically changing age, an age in which there are fantastic changes in a perspective on theology, that by the time the 1970’s are over, if anyone talks of theology in the singular – he might just as well not talk about theology because we need to see theology in a plural sense …..

Theology, seems to me, is an effect. Now that we see it in a contemporary world, nothing more or less, than an attempt to give answers from the basis of God’s revelation to questions that people are asking. And for every different kind of people, theology has to take different forms …..

So a new approach was coming in the realm of theology, God was doing a new thing in response to changing condition so the God who changes not changed!!!!!!!

We believe not – for God is bound to his word that cannot be returned void whatever the social conditions but here in the 1970’s we were witnessing the fore-runner of the purpose driven Church and guess who earned his Doctor of Ministry degree under the tutorship of Peter Wagner – none other than Rick Warren, the celebrated founder of the Saddleback Church – from where “purpose-driven” has been driven all over the World!

The Emerging Church was being formed in the 1970’s, one of part of it being Lakeland/Toronto, one part of Wagner’s teaching being crucial in all this so different to the great revivalists and that is his “paradigm” shift from the individual to homogeneous group, Paul Smith in his excellent book from where this information comes asking the question – how can a group be born again? John3:3. New Evangelicalism Paul Smith. Calvary Publishing, California, USA.
Business methods as with purpose-driven are a very important part of this and Wagner on commissioning Bentley who was deep in sin at the time used the false NKJV word “equipping” in the context of ministry rather than the correct word “perfecting” but of course that word is of the “former things” and that there had been a “paradigm shift”! Oh Boy! How can so many fall for this?

1 Timothy 4:1 King James Version (KJV)

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

On reading the following pages you will discover

1)             Emphasis on the physical phenomenon. Study of Bentley’s book Journey into the Miraculous really illustrates this particularly his apparent “born again” experience including his admitted continuance of the mass!

2)            There is clearly a higher group in all of this rather than the Royal Priesthood of Believers – the positions in the Five Fold Ministry rather than the activities being more important.

3)            Use of the Alexandrian “Bibles” of the Higher Critics in that people are equipped by man rather than perfected by God.

4)           Rebellion by removing landmarks including the inerrancy of the Bible is all part of this,including the “new thing” takeover of Fuller.

5)           Emphasis on the “Fathers Love” rather than conviction of the Spirit, but this love is like a “new love” for the true love was one that sent his only begotten son to die.

John 3:16 King James Version (KJV)

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.