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What Rick Joyner, the huge growth of the Charismatic Movement in Wales and the Knights of St. John have in common in building up their Kingdom whilst destroying fellowships holding onto the Nation’s Protestant Constitution.

In setting up Chapel Pentecost we are aware of the impossibility of the task. We are a fellowship under constant attack by the religious establishment in Wales, so much so that we are constantly defending our position that has affected our ability to gain ground in a land that once knew revival. 

In getting to the bottom of this we look at four publications mentioned in the Bibliography. These presentations give clear insight into our problem in “breaking through” in Wales with Holy Ghost led Revival of the Chapel tradition rather than that of the Roman Catholic authorised infiltration that like Constantine embraced is a mish mash of apparent Christian doctrine with paganism.

We have to ask if the carnal establishment has roots in anything religious for it seems that if one is not in a certain order nothing will go for you. Advertised meetings produce no interest, Christian outreaches produce no gain unless they are connected to something! 

The charismatics are flourishing however with an apparent revival at Cwmbran and well attended meetings throughout Wales. Why is this? What can be happening for while there is this flourishing there is an almost total ignoring of those who stand for the Constitutional Principles of the Protestant Reformation, those who stand for the principles of pioneer Pentecostal and Mission Hall fellowships of the 1920’s and of those who reject the notion of the new Charismatic revivals that have fooled so many despite of the obvious fact of their connection to witchcraft and the integration of paganism and Christianity that goes back to Constantine.  

Rick Joyner of Morning Star Ministries so beloved of modern charismatic ministries in Wales with his connections to the Kansas City Prophets, Toronto, Wagner, Warren and Bentley of Lakeland has written a book embracing the Knights of St John, an order with a Grandmaster clearly linked historically with the Order of the Knights of Malta that is within the York Rite of freemasonry. Incredible as this may seem this order seems to have moved from the military activity of the Crusades that included naval activity in the Mediterranean to being a protector in Wales of aline of Christianity that has become the respected order in Wales. Anything outside of this seems to be dealt with by those who will infiltrate Protestant movements to manipulate them back into the fold or if this is impossible destroy them through legal or official channels.

In his book Courage that Changed the World Rick Joyner presents the Order as a “little band” that saved Europe from Islam becoming known as “The Knights of Malta”. To become a Knight of Malta which seems to be Joyner’s invitation one has to make a vow, the concept of swearing a vow being alien to Christianity never to retreat before the enemies of the Cross but as we look at St. John’s Order Cross we see another Cross. As we see the Cross of Catholicism we see a sun around it, the Sun being the physical entity of which Baal is God according to occultic understanding.

Matthew 5:33-35 
King James Version (KJV) 
Again, ye have heard that it hath been said by them of old time, Thou shalt not forswear thyself, but shalt perform unto the Lord thine oaths: But I say unto you, Swear not at all; neither by heaven; for it is God's throne: Nor by the earth; for it is his footstool: neither by Jerusalem; for it is the city of the great King.

Relating the physical exploits of St John to the apparent spiritual exploits of the Charismatic movement Joyner goes back to the exploits of the Crusades when from 1096 to 1291 apparent Christians swept across the Middle East in military activities to recapture the Holy Land from Islam. In this context Joyner admits the merciless blood lusted activities of apparent Christians whose evangelistic efforts where based on enforcement through threat rather than the free choice God offers. From this militaristic base in 1113 the Pope recognised a transition to becoming servants of hospitals, the support of a hospital in Jerusalem from Wales having its base in military action rather than humanitarian care. It was as if there was being an establishment in the physical senses of there being a combination of threats of destruction combined with a desire to care for people, an aspect still alive today as we show later.

In the militaristic sense the last garrison of the Knights of St John according to Joyner died as the last Christian defenders of Palestine, the few survivors moving to the harbour and ultimately says Joyner becoming great mariners once settling at Rhodes, the East and West “Church” at this time going through their great splits whilst Islam was unifying.

Whilst all this was going on the Order of St John had become very wealthy from the booty of the Crusades and from what they had captured from Muslim ships and caravans. The Knights as Joyner continues also restricted the growth of the Ottoman Empire by their sea battles from their fortified base of Rhodes.

 Joyner is overwhelming in his support of the Knights with their Grandmaster (a title which should strike alarm with Christians) D’Aubusson resisting the Muslim attacks in Rhodes. This support even turns defeat into victory with Joyner saying that the Knights had gained the respect of the World even to the point of unravelling the Ottoman Empire.

Seemingly against the gains of the Reformation over Roman Catholicism Joyner instead of becoming excited about the new freedoms focuses on the Knights now arriving at Malta. We now gain understanding of the Masonic title. It would seem they were again preparing tog ain ground with Lafayette becoming Grandmaster in 1557. The fortifications built at Malta declares Joyner holds back the Muslims whilst in England Henry VIII had confiscated the Order’s property after which Queen Elizabeth I according to this publicity agent for the Order even acknowledged that Europe would have fallen to the Muslims if it had not been for the Order!
Queen Elizabeth I was the great Protestant Monarch that restored the great Constitutional Acts of our Nation restoring the 1534 Act of Supremacy after Queen Mary re-established the Knights in  Britain whilst suppressing the Protestant Reformation. The Elizabethan Settlement in its determination to keep Britain Protestant forbids foreign influence in spiritual and temporal affairs yet today we discover the British Royal family involved in the knights, HRH Duke of Gloucester admitting being proud to be associated with the knights.

There is no suppression therefore today in Britain as the Elizabethan Settlement demands of foreign spiritual activity that affects our Protestant Christianity. Knights and Dames of the order clearly influence our “Church life” to coincide with the objectives of the modern agenda to follow. This infiltration is not new with Florence Nightingale being made a “lady of Grace of the Order of St John in1901, the English order following onto having both Roman Catholic and Anglican members, the Order moving onto establish the St. John Ambulance Brigade linked to the Ophthalmic Hospital in Jerusalem. Clearly breaking the nation’s constitutional acts Queen Victoria granted the Knights a charter; the British Royal Order of Chivalry. What a base therefore do Joyner’s charismatics have to build on, with the second Queen Elizabeth alienating herself from the first by becoming the Sovereign Head of the Order of St John.  picture.

In Wales the influence of the Knights is pre-reformation, Ivor Wynne-Jones, in his bookThe Order of St John in Wales takes the influence back to the1100’s. Here Wynne-Jones relates how Giraldus of St. Asaph and Ifan ap Rhys of Trebrys gave up land at what was then Dolgynwyl for the Hospitallers of St. John to set up a hospice at what is now Ysbyty Ifan or Ifan’s Hospital. The hospice was built and the Church of John the Baptist. It is presumed this was with the approval of the then Prince of Wales Llywelyn the Great.
In 1282 Llywelyn Ap Gruffydd, last Sovereign Prince of Wales was defeated by King Edward I who was quick to recognise and accept the Knights of St. John at Ysbyty Ifan whose the Master was Ednyfed.

Edward II who succeeded to the English and Welsh throne in 1307 gave a confirmatory Charter according to Wynne-Jones declaring; To all sons of Holy Mother Church, Llywelyn Prince of Aberfraw and Lord of Snowdonia, know that I have conceded in free alms to the house of the Hospital of Jerusalem of Dolgynwal, and the brethren of St. John, all the church of Ellesmere for the need of the poor in Christ, as it belongs to us by right of patronage, donation or presentation.

With Palestine seemingly lost for ever to the knights but as Joyner points out with the threat to Europe abated, the Order as it does today thrived in Europe, for it is this order that prospers in keeping the order of the religious status quo, the new charismatic movements thriving too with this protection. 

Wynne Jones takes this thrivin gback to 1312 when the Pope gave the Order for most of the property belonging tot he Knights Templar, an order with a position just higher than St John in the York Rite of freemasonry to be giving to the St. John knights. This giving of property included estates in Wales, and according to Wynne-Jones some time before 1338 the Ysbyty Ifan estates were combined with the commandery of the order at Halston, near Oswestry. 

The Ysbyty Ifan estate now included Penmachno andits watermill and the grange at Gwanas near Dolgellau and the manor and church at Carno, the grange of Llanwyddyn with the church at Tregynon. It is obvious in all of this property gaining that the Order has no idea of what the Church is with references constantly referring to the physical rather than the spiritual, a serious problem today in the so called Church in Wales and the charismatic movement that emphasizes physical signs and experience related events rather than the Word of God.

As in the present day charismatic movement in Wales and beyond rank is very important in the Order from Pastor or Commander as in the Order down. Likewise the emphasis on ministering to others rather than God brings the present day charismatics and the Order of the same doctrine and emphasis. Despite of the apparent militaristic background not coming to the fore there has still been some turbulent times for the Order with what they call the Church at Clerkenwell being destroyed in the Peasant’s Revolt of 1381 but they rebuilt it as theyre built the hospice at Ysbyty Ifan after Owain Glyndwr destroyed it.

Significantly Wynne Jones blames Owain Glyndwr and his activities for the breakdown of law and order claiming that powers of the Order were abused but despite of this surely Glyndwr was simply looking to bring Wales back into Welsh rule. Likewise today as we are looking to restore the ethos of the non-conformist Chapel movement to Wales, we are being looked at as lawless rebels and nothing could be further than the truth for it is in the Constitutional Acts of Britain that sees Wales as an equal partner in the Union not coming under England but under God. These acts give legal protection the Protestant remnant or do they as they are widely ignored or unknown?
Rebellion against St John Order control was not unique to Wales for in 1523 the order accepted defeat at Rhodes when residents rose up against them, the Order departing the island with alltheir considerable possessions. 

Wynne Jones recalls that the now famous Wynn family of North Wales, famous in the twentieth century for supporting a Roman Catholic form of nationalism in Wales including a dramatic protest before the Prince Charles Investiture actually took a stand against the Order in the seventeenth century, Sir John Wynn in his History of the Gwydir Family declaring, There continually fostered a wasps nest which troubled the whole country. I mean a lordship belonging to St John of Jerusalem, called Ysbyty Ifan, a large thing that had privilege of sanctuary, a peculiar jurisdiction not governed by the king’s laws, a receptacle of thieves and murderers who safely being warranted there by law, made the pace thoroughly peopled, no place within 20 miles was safe from their incursions and robbery……… kept most part of that country all waste and without inhabitant. Today Wales lacks the prosperity of its own resources, the nation being one of receiving constant grants. 

Great social and medical expenditure is at the forefront rather than being an industrious land with the true Church taking its constitutional position rather than coming under a religious system seemingly supported by the Order than is either based in charismatic heavy shepherding and apparent spiritual yet physical experience or the Church in Wales hotch potch of dead religion combined with paganism!
Clearly the account of Sir John Wynn clashes with Wynne Jones perspective, a classic divide in a nation that is continually at odds with itself!

The history of the Order in Wales shows the importance that if we can have a Monarch that actually stands on what King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I brought into being we can have protection from foreign order that look to instill an alien form of Christianity upon us. Thank God Henry dissolved the monasteries that had a great effect on the Order in 1540 with the Order’s property confiscated. Thank God Queen Mary’s efforts to restore the foreign rule were suppressed in 1558 by Elizabeth who gave the land at Ysbyty Ifan to Reformer Dr Ellis Pryce and Thomas Fychan but we have to ask where are these reformers today in Wales? Where is the once powerful Chapel movement that influenced the political and social scene? The Order came back with respectability with a Royal Charter granted by Queen Victoria in 1888 and the forming of the St. John Ambulance Brigade in 1877.

Those of the Protestant Reformation are now seen as outsiders in Wales despite of their strong legal position in the Constitutional Acts which are illegally and treasonably widely ignored in the legal circles of Wales. We need the real reformed Church to rise to take over and give freedom of choice to the people who continuously moan of how their perspective of Church is one of deadness, control and manipulation of which they want no part.

Gossip and legal action against remnant Protestant fellowships abounds in Wales and even the reformer who took over Ysbyty Ifan is presented as one who had dealings with the devil!

Whilst we observe Joyner’s analysis of the worldwide modern agenda of the Order Wynne Jones gives the peculiar objectives of those of the order in Wales:

i)                          Encouragement of all that makes for spiritual and moral strengthening of mankind in accordance with the first great principle of the Order embodied in the motto Pro Fide. Here again we see the emphasis on mankind rather than God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. Nothing seems to have changed from Old Testament day with the emphasis being on the Sons of Eli to minister to each other. It is for present day Sons of Zadok to rise up and emphasis the pre-eminence of Christ Jesus and the ministry to Him primarily.

ii)                        Encouragement and promotion of all work and charity for the relief of persons in sickness, distress, suffering or danger, without distinction of sex, class or creed, and the extension of the second great principle of the Order embodied in the motto Pro Utilitate Hominum. Putting God first gives the supernatural strength to meet the needs of the people, the true Christian understanding that it not the works of righteousness that brings salvation to the people for “churches” that emphasize this always put the people under suppression for it is not God but Satan! II Cor. 4:4

iii)                    Control and Operations of St John Ambulance in Wales (where there are about 7,000members, of whom 3,000 are cadets.) The Brigade also has an Air Wing, based on Cardiff Airport. This organisation because of undoubted good works is right on the forefront of good reputation but what of its spiritual credentials? Would God emphasize the good works or the coming to Him by his Spirit?

iv)                   Recommendation to the Grand Prior of the award of medals, badges, certificates of honour for special services in the cause of humanity, especially for saving, or attempting to save life at imminent personal risk. Whilst it is clear from the Bible to give one’s life for another is of great sacrifice one has to remember the context here of the pre-eminence of the Saviour who gave his life for us all and his name is missing from this list of Welsh objectives and from the list presented by Joyner.

v)                       Assistance in the maintenance and development of the St John Ophthalmic Hospital in Jerusalem. Whilst care for those in need is of great importance this work clearly has its origins in the Crusades of such violence that brought murderous gangs of squalor to the Middle East in the name of Christendom rather than a connection with those who look to reach every creature with the Gospel, a Gospel that has at its pre-eminence the Saviour who took the violence for mankind rather than give it to people, then look to heal them.

The valiant deeds of the Knights however according to Joyner were soon forgotten after Islam ceased to be a threat. This charismatic leader however declares that the Sovereign Order of St John of Jerusalem, Rhodes and Malta is today recognised as the World’s oldest Order of Chivalry with a headquarters established again in Malta.

Joyner has listed the Knights modern agenda:

i)               To defend the Christian faith. This however is faith as they see it bringing a Roman agenda that has to be established across Christendom, those with an Early Church agenda being suppressed and being brought back into establishment like the Primitive Methodists were by the use of Higher Criticism and its Roman “Bibles”.

ii)            Preserving truth and honour. The “truth” of the Knights however is never presented as Jesus, but truth as they see it, a self-righteousness truth that in our view comes with control.

iii)        Devotion to serving “our Lords, poor and sick.” The Knights must be seen to do this, a point alien to true Christianity.

iv)         Each knight dedicates himself to Christian service and humility. Good works and humility is the mark of the counterfeit Church, the true Church recognising its position as Christ Jesus body starting in humility at the Cross but moving onto resurrection power.

v)             The wearing of the Eight pointed cross. Roman Catholicism portrays a different Cross to the Cross of Jesus Christ and this St John Cross is akin to the Roman Catholic Cross of Baal, the sun god as you see on this picture.

vi)         The portraying of a motto: “As we are united in Christ, we are unite in one another.” No mention of the name of Jesus here, Christ meaning “ anointed” but there is another Jesus in the Bible following on from Lucifer’s Isaiah 14 declaration.

vii)     Applicants must be practicing and exemplary Christians, active in Church, doing charitable works, helping those in need, the sick, orphans and aged. 

Applicants to be a Christian need to be as Christ Jesus; John 5:30.
Joyner concludes by determining that the knights seem to be called into the last battle between light and darkness, Joyner’s Lord apparently having true noblemen and families throughout the World calling divisions petty. Jesus however came to divide and so Joyner calls the Lord’s mission petty? Luke 12:52.

Joyner’s final sentence declares that some of these knights may be in your Church. Indeed this is true, in our view to bring about an honour of this World rather than the honour of being the manifestation of Christ Jesus on this earth; John 4:17.

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