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I don't want people talking for me
I want to talk for myself
I speak as a Prophet writes Rev Dr Cllr David P Griffiths when I say that for sometime I have known Benny Hinn is truly a Minister of Almighty God - and a good one - even a great one.
I have also known however that what is around him is not. I speak as a Prophet and say publicly to this great man of God to come out from among them.
2 Corinthians 6:14-16
King James Version (KJV)

Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?
And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?
And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.
I am giving thee the prophecy God gave to our ministry on 5th. August 2011 and say you are welcome to take this on board too.
“I have come to you with this call, & you know to keep out of organisations that have the love of money as the base of their operations. My written  Word warns against that activity.
“There will be those who see they can make money out of thee. As you know from My Word, I have no objection to thee collecting money for the extension of My kingdom. I have every objection  to using the gospel for commercial gain. The gospel is there to save souls; to save souls, & make disciples. It is not there for commercial gain. That is why the books that you will write, the money goes to the ministry; & also it does not go into the hands of commercial publishers – only those who use the profit to establish My covenant. That is My Word – it is clear.
“When those come in who see the commercial gain, you will then see the ways of the world compete with the ways of God.
“I have no objection to thee having thy manse a place of rest as well as a place of work. I have no objection to the use of tithes & offerings for the use of this manse to preach the Word all over the world through the use of technical advances.
“I have no objection to the use of tithes & offerings to be used for the very best of equipment & the looking after of family & staff.
“I have every objection to publishers coming in, commercial companies with shareholders, to use what I have called you to do for the extension of the world’s kingdom.
“You have exposed the two big boys in this; Zondervan, & Thomas Nelson - & there are others. The gospel is not to be used for commercial gain. There can be profits made; but all of that profit is to establish My covenant; that is in My Word.
“Looking after the earthly needs of My people is in My Word. As well as a house of work, you need a house of rest; I have no objection to that; none whatsoever. I have every objection to commercial companies coming in & taking over ministries.
“I have no objection to financial advisers, as long as they are there to give you natural knowledge. I can use the education of this experience for My purposes. But financial advisers are there to give advice, not to control. My role is to control, because you are not your own. You are to be the empty vessel.
“I appreciate you need earthly education. As a child you needed to learn to read, write. Those skills which thou hast learnt are to be given up to Me, so I can use what you have learned for My purposes. Such as it is with finances. You can learn the best place to keep money, to hold until My Word comes over what to do with that money.
“I will use that which you have learnt, by My Spirit, & give instructions over what to do at certain times. Get a hold of this: I cannot use, to the extent I want to use, even men of God who are in the clutches of commercial publishers. Why do you think I am telling you to expand thy tent-pegs? As you get bigger, these publishers will be knocking on your door, seeing the commercial opportunity & offering you great wealth.
“What you do is set up your own publishing operation, either through a non-for-profit company or charity, one organisation which does not have as its root the love of money. What I am looking for is the passion for souls. The establishing of My covenant, that is why I am looking for you to get wealth – not for commercial gain.
“This is the root problem even in small “churches.” People see themselves making money for themselves; holding on to that which they have got. If they were truly submitted to Me, they would have no problem with handing over their tithe; they would have no problem in hearing from Me as to where their offerings were to be placed. But what they have is an agenda of their own, which they ask God to bless. My promises are conditional upon hearing from Me. In other words, their lives are run with commercial gain. Yet the wealth I have called you to gather is for one purpose & one purpose only: to establish My covenant. Then I can look after your earthly needs, at a pace even higher than you are prepared to think.
“Your critics are those who live a life of commercial gain. You make the people of their own thinking uncomfortable. As you broadcast My Word from thy manse, you will bring that conviction in the same manner as you brought that conviction in the local church.
“You see, My Word is pure, not to be blighted by commercial gain. My Word, My written Word, is not to have the names of commercial publishers on it, but to have not-for-profit companies, charitable trusts – whatever.
“You cannot make money for commercial gain from the sale of My Word. The profits made are for the extension of My kingdom, not for the extension of earthly greed.
“Be open for great extension of thy tent-pegs. No! you have not been able to respond to the demands of people. What is important - you respond to the demands of the Living Christ. You will be criticised for not responding to the needs of people. I never called you to respond to the demands of people. You are to respond to the demands of the One True God, & Him alone.
“I never called you to go running after people. I have called you to study My Word, & respond to the demands of My Spirit, to be what I have called you to be: the empty vessel. For it is not by might, or by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord.”
You have not shown desire to make money for yourself but the pressure has been on to make money for the publicist - those who control and manipulate you. I am calling thee out in the name of Jesus!
On this interview Benny Hinn grapples with his publicist in relation to being able to open up his heart. He needs the freedom to do so.
In Jesus Name - we set thee free!
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