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Word from the Lord through DPG, 29/10/14

“When a prophet speaks, people within a secular world analyse what is being said, & criticize it; for they speak from the narrow perspective of their own understanding & culture, rather than the wide perspective of the prophet, who through Me is able to place all things into perspective.

“The fact remains, the EU was never legal in Britain; & consequently, all the laws that came out of it have never been legal, the people looking for a trading union, not political & social integration; & what is worse, legal integration.

“There has never been a referendum in which the voice of the people has come out for such a change in the British Constitution; indeed, such a change would be illegal in itself, with the monarch’s promise to uphold the Protestant religion established by law, there being a key phrase in this title, ‘established by law!’ EU integration never was.

“So, your operations in upholding the Protestant religion established by law, are legal. That which has come against you in the areas of legalism, because it has its background in EU integration, is neither established by law, or ever allowed by the vote of the people. Indeed, you are dealing with such a rebellion by successive governments that indeed what you face is the sin of witchcraft, which is why you were never ‘led’ to co-operate with government bodies operating under such a curse.

“This is the sin of witchcraft, the context being all the warnings as spoken by My prophet over many years; & now you see the imminent collapse of the EU institution, collapsing just like the Roman Empire, which allowed immorality & legalism, the Empire destroying itself through over-burden of law, cruel application of law, corruption in high places, particularly against Christians, who upheld a moral stance in law, rather than the immorality the Roman Empire became famous for.

“Such immorality abounds throughout the whole of Europe, even in the heart of the Roman Catholic Church, a ‘church’ where for many centuries, anything goes.

“Oh how, Britain, you have forgotten your heritage! And how government bodies have forgotten the heart of the reformers. Charities grew in Britain with a high moral stance, not placing people under law, but setting them free through the sacrifices of charitable pioneers, who stood up against the cruel culture of their day that placed children up chimneys, & so on; that took dear people out of their African homeland to shackle them with chains, so that they would never see their families again.

“Indeed, the sacrifice of those involved in your own charity, who risked their lives in the Sri Lankan war, to enter a hospital without medication, to bring the healing balm to suffering victims of a war the British Commonwealth should never have allowed. You placed your lives on the line. Givers have given all they can, yet is thus considered in government reports? Nay; only the narrow perspective, not the wide perspective of the prophet.

“A nation that allows immorality & over-regulation is one akin to the Roman Empire, which collapsed in its own self-righteousness. Such is happening to the EU & all its member states; nations of immorality & over-regulation, bringing immense suffering for all the people of Europe, the EU having removed the ancient landmarks of nations, to bring a control that is grossly out of line - & I speak for Britain at this time – certainly out of line with the Constitution of the nation.

“It is for this reason you have not been ‘led’ to co-operate with such a rebellion; for the heart of the nation’s Constitution has not been heeded in the enquiries, both hidden & public, that have come to judge thee.

“For within the Roman Empire there were underlying societies looking to destroy that which was of Me. Such societies, within the context of the EU, have been running their secret agendas within the EU format; agendas alien to those who stand for openness & transparency, which really means to bring the darkness into the light.

“But all this political & legal integration has been found out; for will they go back to thy ancient landmark, the contents of which are seen in thy Constitutional Acts? Or, will they follow the religious integration that has continued alongside the political, social & legal integration of the EU?

“But running alongside this EU agenda, has come the religious manifesto of Satan. If he can have ‘Churches Together,’ then the Biblical doctrine of one body can be removed.

“If he can have Jesus as ‘a son,’ then he can allow for inter-faith unity, one prohibited under the British Constitution. If he can have ‘community churches,’ then he can have social counselling to the people, rather than worshipping God. If he can promote his separate priesthood, then the strength that comes through the royal priesthood of believers can be removed. If he can have adherence to the capstone, then he can bring in Egyptian slavery all over again, My Church being called to set the people free from the schoolmaster; & everywhere you go in Europe, you find people chained by these shackles.

“No wonder the system has come against you; & how these evangelistic programmes on ECCTV are so liberating for the people! There is the Saviour coming soon; & this is portrayed in The Midnight Cry. Letter of the law has placed overwhelming burden on the National Health Service in Britain, with the strain & pain of over-regulated society causing illness after illness, & sickness after sickness.

“And yet, I can speak through a lady whose own body has been miraculously healed; who cries out to the people to come unto Me.

“Oh, what is the benefit of ECCTV? The answer: to set the captive free, by the landmark you are again upholding; the landmark that came out of the Welsh Revival: the Bible College of Wales.

“How it interceded for the men of Dunkirk! How it took faith to extremity through personal sacrifice; & this is the mantle thou hast picked up, the eccentricity of the College being legendary; eccentricity because of a peculiar people. They were so strange to the world. The handed over their possessions for the sake of the gospel. The trusted God, & distrusted human logic. Yet they changed the world.

“In the 1930s, there was the threat of fascism. Today on the horizon comes an even greater threat; for Babylon is arising, to take over from the EU collapse. And how you must intercede, for I have brought unto thee an intercessor of the Rees Howells breed; & how on ECCTV he has cried out that the Protestant Reformation is increasing; that the great holiness Convention is continuing; & that even though Rees Howells & Samuel are in glory, the double portion of their calling can manifest through My continuing College.

“It has not been given the resource of My original College; that has been given to those of Higher Criticism. But what it has, is men & women of sacrifice, prepared to pay the price so that all may come unto Me, & not perish. But have everlasting life.

“The intercession group, declaring the peace of God, continues. They cry out now on television. Yet one of sacrifice has been taken out, reacting to the wiles of this world rather than the calling of God. My calling is still upon her, & she can return on her hearing from Me. For thou hast been called to be overcomers, this manifesting in the On Fire Meeting, during which the wiles of the devil are duly exposed, for My glory to come down.

“Oh, & how you are to expand ECCTV, with the recordings of the saints of old; those who have stood on the landmarks of movements which today have been stolen from you, into the chains of multi-faith bondage.

“Oh, how I have called you to ‘be ye separate!’ Yet they see that as being cult-like. For you are joined unto Me as one spirit; & as such, you are joined unto Me to have authority over the chains of legalism that has come in through the god of this world, who has not only blinded those of religious, political, social & legal integration. He has blinded those who have failed to take up the mantle of the Elizabethan Settlement in Britain. He has blinded those who have failed to take up the mantle of the Christian charities who brought great social reform; & he has blinded those who proclaim unity with each other, instead of oneness with God.

“Now, the warning. Babylon is on the horizon, for Britain & also Europe. My plea is you take heed of the prophet’s warning; for failure to do so will bring in the slavery of Babylon, such as occurred in Old Testament times.”