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PENTECOSTAL HOLINESS CHURCH CONTINUING - Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set
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Rev. Dr. David P. Griffiths PhD DD reports:
Proverbs 22: 28 Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.
 I was brought up in an old time Mission Hall in Liverpool, England of
Wesleyan Holiness Doctrine. I can remember the great nights of revival –
souls coming to be cleansed of sin.
The preachers of the day were not afraid to preach “the blood” and the need to
repent from sin to escape an eternity in hell.
Preachers like Maynard James preached on the Unpardonable Sin,
Jesus warning being in relation to the activity of the scribes, God calling me to expose present scribes and the bondages they place on people.
 "God has declared war against sin forever" is the declaration of this WEC group featuring my father who was also a Pastor of Aintree Gospel Mission
We cannot give credence today to the decadence and greed that has infiltrated the Church. We must go back to the landmark!
I can remember great missions tent meetings at Emmanuel Bible College in Birkenhead. I can particularly remember the preaching of Rev Stanley Banks who stood on our Mission Hall platform with great dignity in his presentation of pure holiness. As a child I can remember the commitment of young people going out to far off lands to preach the Gospel. Oh! for a return to this commitment.
At the Southport Convention I can remember witnessing a little lady preaching from a platform that only just revealed her head and shoulders. I realise now what a great lady this was. She was Gladys Aylward – the great missionary to China. How her heart pulsated in breaking through all the barriers that had been against her in reaching her goal to bring souls to Jesus Christ!
Please see our slide show of some of my dad's missionary pictures of Africa in the 1930's.
I was brought up with all of this. My dad William Griffiths was a WEC missionary who had been trained under Rees Howells at Swansea. He had gone out at the Keswick Convention committing his life to the Lord whatever the price. Click on WILLIAM GRIFFITHS SLIDE SHOW for his African Missionary pictures (1930's).
God brought me back to all of this. I had seen so much change occur from these days in the Church in Britain. The World had come in and so God was saying to get out. Get out of this abomination that was taking over our nation.
He has done a great thing with me in setting up a movement to bring forward the remnant together.
We have a wonderful group of people working together with a local, national and international perspective.
 Here we have Matthew & Lindsay Griffiths, Sheila Standish, Margaret Dransfield and Marjory Beynon on a Church outing to Summer Wine country in 2007.
Here we have Margaret Dransfield climbing a hill near Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland during a Church Mission to Northern Ireland.
Marjory Beynon of Chester dances on stage with
Albert Solomon & the Philadelphia Church Choir
in the Sri Lankan war zone at Vavuniya
Sheila Standish and Marjory Beynon
praising the Lord in Sri Lanka
Lindsay Griffiths ministering in Tamil Nadu
On the way to a missions meeting on the
Isle of Scalpay in the Hebrides
In John Wesley's Prayer Room, Cornwall.
Rev. Kim Freeborn is featured with Sheila Standish.
Margaret Dransfield with
Revs. Griffiths and Jacob in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India
Ministry in the name of Jesus on the borders of the
Sri Lankan war zone
Quite a change from being a 1970's D.J. Presenter
at Liverpool's Top Rank Suite in the 1970's!
God took me from this to coming back fully to him at
Ein Gedi Kibbutz on the Dead Sea Israel
I heard his audible voice calling me back home to meet my wife Lindsay in Scotland and begin our ministry. We love each other so much, God showing us the corruption in the Church - far greater than I ever saw in the entertainment industry. Will you join us in our quest to return the Church to its holiness landmark?
Our honeymoon was in Israel where I took this picture of the Sea of Galilee. Do you see anything special about it? E. Mail me at phcc4219@aol.com and consider joining us at the Bible College of Wales Continuing with Director Brian Mason, Intercessor coming together with us as team going forward led by the Lord Jesus Christ.