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Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 09/02/15 
“The Believe for a Million Campaign (Mark10)”

“Thou has shown commitment, drive, & determination in My name to fulfil the purposes of God.

“The forces of darkness have done all thy can to blacken thy names; but yet thou hast not operated in thine own names, but in the name of Jesus. They must now pay the cost, for the forces of darkness have used men to speak evil of thee, & the reaping to the sowing must now take place.

For those who have lied against thee, manipulated legal cases against thee, must now pay for their sowing, as you must receive for yours. For whatsoever a man sow, so shall he reap, declareth the Word of God. Peter declared, ‘I’ve given up all to follow Thee,’ & so by removing Sheila’s choice, the forces of evil have tried to remove My Word.

“So, in Sheila’s Choice thou hast found the antichrist spirit, for by removing her choice, they have tried to remove My Word, on which the gates of hell cannot prevail.

“The forces of darkness emphasise personal gain, whereas you enforce monetary gain for the kingdom, to complete the 7-Year Plan [Deuteronomy 8:18].

“One must go forth in the Sheila’s Choice campaign, to receive all you can get back for the kingdom, within the context of the hundredfold return, beginning for the glory of God rather than personal gain.

“It is time to bring to justice all the perpetrators of all those who have looked to place the letter of the law against thee.

For in effect, they have looked to destroy thee, & not knowing the Word, they have wondered how you have survived; & the answer is in the Word of God, that the gates of hell shall not prevail against My Church.

“I am therefore taking you on a journey, to believe for a million, this being only the first stage, & after paying back the comparatively small amount of owings on the Charity, one must do the following, believing strongly for great victory in this, for I am the way, the truth, & the life.

“From study of Mark 10, you see the word ‘houses,’ & it is in mission houses I ask you to invest, from this initial one million.

“From Rhos on Sea, the large house of authority: take it, refurbish it, for a television & radio studio, library & staff living quarters.

“Number 9 may be retained, as a guest house & prayer house, & even refurbished to include a loft extension where you can intercede & pray. For I am not the one to have you lose ground, but gain it.

“So, what has been the care home, becomes the media centre. The Bible College lecture channel can be built up, with lectures in the subjects I have called you to teach the students of the world.

“So, there is a lot to happen over the coming years of this 7-Year Plan; & in this, you see the word ‘houses,’ & from this initial million, one can take an authority seat in Rhos on Sea, with mission houses at Bellwood, & begin to build in the North of Sri Lanka, at or near Vavuniya, between Trincomalee & Batticaloa, & Jaffna. For the Bible College of Wales Continuing will be known for its mission houses, from where every creature can be reached, & from this initial million, you can make a start in the seat of authority at Rhos, the first mission house at Bellwood, & another in the North of Sri Lanka.

“This £1,000,000 will get you there, along with a transport vehicle in UK, & one in Sri Lanka, to carry your staff & mobile equipment. For in UK, I am calling you to fulfil the prophecy of the prophetess, of the fire in the North, going from village to village in the Highlands & Islands, televising meetings, letting the events be known all over the world, of great miracles even in Great Britain.

“These mission buses will carry media equipment, for as I am bringing revival to Great Britain, with you looking north from your base in North Wales, so I am bringing you to bring revival in the North of Sri Lanka, from your base at Bellwood with your colleagues there.

“This is only the initial million, for there are many more millions to follow. For this example, of basing South & going North, will take place all over the world. This is the 7-Year Plan coming into fruition. It takes wealth to fulfil it; & as you take the ground believing for this one million, I will direct thy paths.

“So, to summarise:
“(1) On receiving the million, clear all owings on the ministry.
“(2) Seat of authority in Rhos, for a media centre, with media bus for mission.
“(3) Likewise from Bellwood: mission house & media bus.

From there, mission houses in the North of Sri Lanka. Then, further millions are to come in, the Sri Lanka to Tibet movements fulfilled, & South to North moves all over the world being fulfilled. For I am thy Jehovah Jireh, thy provider, not for selfish lust, but for the extension of My kingdom on earth. A mighty army has come thy way, so thou will fulfil My promises; & even though My army may be unseen, it is an army carrying the blood of the Lamb, so that you may go forth protected, wearing My full armour. For My message is not one of the desperation of the god of this world, but of the fulfilment of My Word.

“The next stage as regards to resources, is to believe for a million.”