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Broadcasting from the North Wales Coast

from 23rd May


10.30 a.m BST; 5.30 a.m. USA Eastern Time; 4.30 a.m. USA Central Time;3.30 a.m. USA Mountain Time; 2.30 a.m. USA Pacific Time; 1.30 a.m. USA Alaska Time;11.30 a.m.  USA Hawaii Time; 3.00 p.m. India & Sri Lanka Time.  

Brian Mason Intercession
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7.00 p.m BST; 2.00 p.m. USA Eastern Time;1.00 p.m. USA Central Time;12.00 p.m. USA Mountain Time;11.00 a.m. USA Pacific Time; 10.00 a.m. USA Alaska Time;  8.00 p.m.   USA Hawaii Time;
11.30 p.m. India & Sri Lanka Time.  

Preachin' Teachin' & Singin'

Old Fashioned Gospel Service with David & Lindsay Griffiths
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2.00 p.m BST; 9.00 a.m. USA Eastern Time; 8.00 a.m. USA Central Time;7.00 a.m. USA Mountain Time; 6.00 a.m. USA Pacific Time; 5.00 a.m. USA Alaska Time; 3.00 a.m.  USA Hawaii Time; 7.30 p.m. India & Sri Lanka Time.  

Bible College of Wales Continuing
Lecture Programme
The Anointing Parts 9,10 - 6 June;Parts 11,12,13 - 13 June; 
Parts 14,15,16 - 20 June;  Parts 17,18 - 4 July

How to be Led by the Spirit of God Parts 1 to 3 - 11 July;
Parts 4,5 - 18 July

Jesus the Healer Parts 0 to 2 - 1st August; Parts 3,4,5 - 8th. August;
Parts 6,7,8 - 15th. August;Parts 9,10,11 - 22nd. August;
Parts 12,13,14 - 5th. September; 

The Other Jesus Parts 1,2,3 - 12th. September;
Parts 4,5,6 - 19th. September
continuing into the Winter Season 2016
Lecturer: David P Griffiths   David P & Lindsay Griffiths

 25 July; 29 August; 26 September
Bringing the Apostasy of Nations and Legal Issues right to the throne of Godwith intercession led of the Spirit and the Son interceding to the Father -The Courtroom of God!

Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays 

2.30 p.m GMT; 9.30 a.m. USA Eastern Time; 8.30 a.m. USA Central Time; 7.30 a.m. USA Mountain Time; 6.30 a.m. USA Pacific Time;
5.30 a.m. USA Alaska Time; 3.30 a.m.  USA Hawaii Time;
7.00 p.m. India & Sri Lanka Time.  

Brian Mason Bible Study  

Matthew 26:28 King James Version (KJV)

For this is my blood of the new testament, 
which is shed for many for the remission of sins.

With the appearance of the bloodless accommodation gospel there needs to be a return to the preaching and teaching of the blood of Jesus! 

Here Brian Mason present the Word of God in study in preparation for this Word to go out all over the World


3.30 p.m BST; 10.30 a.m. USA Eastern Time; 9.30 a.m. USA Central Time;8.30 a.m. USA Mountain Time; 7.30 a.m. USA Pacific Time; 6.30 a.m. USA Alaska Time;4.30 a.m.  USA Hawaii Time; 8.00 p.m. India & Sri Lanka Time.  

Margaret Dransfield 
With Wings Like Eagles

Prophetic Utterance in relation to specific issues! 

Word from the Lord through
David P Griffiths, 07/03/16
“The New Season” 

“My Word talks of times & seasons, & so the new season coming through is one of major breakthrough, after the miracle of survival through the testings. “And so, a new dynamism will come through new programming, straight from the throne room of God.

My Word is to touch the hearts of believers through these programmes, & to bring conditions for world-wide revival. Thou has talked of a Constitutional court, & I am telling you how you are going to do it, not in the way you thought. 

“Now, I know also thou hast to relate programming through social media, so there is the requirement to use your own names through this way of communication, even though I know your heart is to proclaim My name first. But this will come through these programmes. 

“So, as you come together before the Lord, & discuss the new programmes season, one programme I am giving you is ‘David & Lindsay Griffiths Breakthrough Intercession,’ in which Margaret & Marjorie can be involved, & you will be touching areas of justice, & My Spirit will lead you to bring into the open, not only the injustices you have seen over the years, but so many others. 

“Now, one area I will be bringing to justice in intercession: these are the charities campaigning to remain in the EU, because of the financial support they receive, rather than your campaign to get out, which is based on the nation’s Constitutional Acts, for which you have been prepared to lose all you have, rather than those who run charities with high salaries & pensions whose own best interest is the criteria, as it was in Sheila’s choice. 

“So, what is coming towards the court of Almighty God, is the innocence of those who operate by self-denial, & the guilt of those who operate by best interest. “So, this breakthrough intercession programme will have a dynamism, for it will expose the corruptions, & bring out the anointing of the righteous. What a programme this will be, David & Lindsay!

It will be live, unscripted, although I will give you guidance where the Spirit is going in the programme, as I am doing now. You will have the world map & pointer in relation to injustices going on around the world; & so, the Constitutional Court will be in action, in intercession according to Romans 8. It will be a powerful programme; & this season will be a preparation for going on world-wide satellites, & so technical quality & technique must improve in this season too, & there are 3 areas here:

  • Stage setting, which you are dealing with now;
“But there are 2 other areas,
  • In studio lighting & affects, & also
  • Camera technique, you needing to train others in the technicalities as well.

“I want these programmes to be technically better than the world has to offer, the content in the anointing already being well higher than anything the world could muster. “So, there is much work to do in this new season of going-forward programmes; & indeed, the Bible College channel must come to the fore, with lectures linked to related courses. 

“Another programme I am working on is a prophetic singing programme through you, Lindsay, which I am looking for you to be visually at your best. Lighting will be important too, in relation to where the Spirit is going in the programme. Special effects are important too.

So, there is much preparation to go on for these programmes, as I am building up for major satellite coverage. “Now, I Brian I am looking to re-instate the Rees Howells link, so that there can be major breakthrough in relation to operations to fulfil the Every Creature Commission. Words will come through him in relation to this, & dynamic programming will come out of this as well as the break-down of those using the Rees Howells name outside of the vision. “The biggest area of breakthrough in this will be those into transference revival, outside of those being prepared to pay the price.

The old principles of revival is what I shall reveal through Brian. The old principles of the recognition of utter wretchedness, before the climb to the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, is what I shall reveal with Brian; & he too will have the map & the pointer, & show on the map what the Spirit is doing throughout the world.

“Now, in Cardiff I am restoring your vision of an international Church, a Church of all races & backgrounds; & the Mission which has already been set up, to expand, & with this I will talk with Clive in relation to this dynamism, which will take this city for the Lord, to impact the whole of South Wales, along with the inhabitants along the Severn estuary, these areas being important in the anointing, as we look to go into Cornwall, on the travels of John Wesley. 

“Now, John & Maggie have been holding fest in Newport, where there are so many disillusioned Christians; & a whole ministry is being built up here in the Lord, along with a ministry to Jewish people; & this whole dynamic of Jews & Christ Jesus is going to expand, with Jewish people being touched & receiving Christ all over the world. 

“And so, there is a going forward right across the board, in this ministry I have set up. For this prophecy is about programming, & I am looking to use you all in this. The other areas, of mission houses & expansion of ministry, I will deal with again. World-wide missions & trips, I will deal with again. This is about programming. “Already programming is going out at Bellwood, which thou has been a part of. You will see how I am bring you together in programme production, in further prophecy.

“Now, as Margaret & Marjorie settle into all of this, & be on-screen & be part of programming, which you can do with the new stage setting, I shall reveal My will in relation to programmes they will be doing, once this settling into the new programming process has taken place. 

“Such programmes like ‘With Wings like Eagles’ can be a theme from those, as the world sees it, getting older; & how to be getting younger than older, can be a theme through Margaret, as she develops her prophetic ministry. For as My Word goes through, so people will get younger, the ageing process broken. For I have come to bring life & not death. 

“This is a major area for many people, Margaret, & I will be showing through you how to get younger, & move in divine health. “So, the prophetic, healing, pastoral, evangelistic, will come through this area, & as you involve yourself in community groups, you will see that breaking through ageing is a major area in so many people’s lives. 

“And so, the whole concept of getting younger will be massive in these programmes.

“Now Marjorie, that Word you have taken in over the years needs to explode, & reach out all over the world; & so, take this time as a preparation for ministry, as you speak out that which you have learnt, in the Rhema of God. For this is the dynamic of what I have called you all, & that is, to reach every creature with the gospel.”