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Word from the Lord through
David P Griffiths, 11/03/15

“Which Party Leader is
Upholding the Constitution –
the Oath of the Monarch to God?”

“In My name, at the last General Election, at the count at Venue Cymru, My Word was spoken out through thee. This word spoke of serious consequences for the country; & now, that outlet for speaking out My Word has been taken away.

“You can no longer speak out My Word on the platform of an election count; but what you can do, is warn of the severe consequences of the failing to give heed to the words of My prophets, who are regarded by the humanists as delusional, weird, & of a mental disposition commonly known as crazy.

“To remove the foundations of a country, however, is like unto a man who goes to a physical building, who places dynamite into the foundations of that building; for from the foundations, the whole building will fall.

“Such has been successive governments who have not given heed to the Constitution of the nation. Parliamentary sessions begin in prayer. Yet, act after act of Parliament have been passed without giving heed to the voice of the Spirit. Upholding the Constitutional Acts of the country is not even thought of; & now if you bring these Acts up to the attention of judges, you are regarded as delusional, weird & crazy. In effect, what they are saying to Me is, ‘What the Queen swore in 1953 was delusional, weird & crazy.’

“So, what do we do about it? I have called thee to form The Constitution Keepers, to bring together those the world sees as delusional, weird & crazy. The world, as I declare in My Word, hates the keepers of holy writ. These are the keepers of sola scriptura; of the Protestant Reformed religion established by law; people abused by the system that has no foundations. These are the present-day Elijahs, who was also treated as being delusional, weird & crazy. Yet he, in My name, controlled the natural elements, as indeed The Constitution Keepers of thy nation. In restoring the foundations back to the country, will see little ones born out of wombs rather than destroyed through Acts of Parliament that kill, steal & destroy. They kill the innocent child. They steal through taxes of those who have passed on, have already paid their taxes, leaving those of inheritance without resource; & by destroying the foundations, they remove the stability of children who, instead of being taught the Word of God, are now being taught a philosophy of personal greed, a policy now endemic in the Church with its lack of understanding that the seed is the Word.

“So, we have one huge mess: an election of party leaders who have not given heed to the Word of God; an election of party leaders without foundations, who are ignoring the oath of the monarch to God.

“Yet they call you delusional, weird & crazy. But only those who are upholding the Word of Almighty God, only those who have become fools to become wise, only those who preach My Word - & what is My Word to those who are perishing? What is a person who denies the existence of God? So who are the ones who are really delusional, weird & crazy? The ones who build without foundations.

“Bu this time, there is to be a major miscarriage. In the courts every day, there are major miscarriages of justice. For no longer does the crest above the judge’s chair have any foundation; & it cannot have, when Parliamentary act after Parliamentary act has ignored the foundational Acts of the Parliament.

“Now, this is a Constitutional statement, with the Constitutional Acts given to the Protestant clergy of the realm to ensure the adherence to these Acts. This is not a political statement in the sense that one is supporting one political party. But it is a political statement when you say that a party in government needs to uphold the foundational Acts of the country, else the country will fall.

“So, which is the party upholding the Constitution, & the Protestant Reformed religion established by law? For unless this is understood, then the people will vote for a government in the same sense that if they chose a builder to build a physical house without foundation, then what would happen at the first storm? The house without foundation would fall.

“And how do I describe in My Word a man who builds his house upon the sand? Yet it is you, The Constitution Keepers, who are apparently delusional, weird & crazy. I, however, know different.”

Word from the Lord to DPG, 14/04/15
“When is the General Election Campaign Going to Start?” 

I have appointed ministers of the gospel, in line with the Oath of Her Majesty the Queen, to ensure her promise to God, to ensure the Settlement of the First Elizabeth, & all the Protestant heritage of thy nation is upheld in any General Election campaign. For parties not to uphold the Oath of the monarch in their campaign strategy, is not to uphold the vow of the monarch, thus making promises given in any General Election campaign null & void; the ignoring of My prophets, as throughout all history, bringing destruction to thy nation.

“Prophets throughout the world are revealing the signs of the times.

Prophecies are being fulfilled continuously, those with spiritual eyes being able to discern that the deliberations of politicians are relating nought to the Word of God, but instead are ministering to the selfishness of man. “By bringing the nation back to God, immediately you remove the stress from the people.

The bringing in of the seven-day working week by past governments placed strain on families, strain on the NHS. So today, you have overcrowded A & E s, not able to cope, it being well known that stress is the main reason why people are in hospital anyway. “So what is the obvious NHS policy? Answer: remove the stress from the people. The suicide rate goes down, & the strain on the hospitals removed.

It is obvious. My Word declares it: ‘The letter of the law killeth.’ It is there – stands out a mile, in the Book the monarch promised to uphold in her Coronation Oath. For in saying that she would propagate the Protestant Reformed religion established by law, one has to ask how that religion was established; & the answer is, sola scriptura.

So to ignore this will bring death, & is the reason why thy Constitution refers to spiritual & temporal. The spiritual comes first, because the Spirit brings life. “So under the British Constitution, laws & activities around laws, if they are based on the letter rather than the Spirit, are not laws at all, but acts of high treason. For they bring people under death rather than life, & that is unconstitutional.   

“Now, if you examine what has been going on around thy charity, government agencies have looking at the letter rather than the Spirit, which is not legal, for the Spirit comes first. “Now, is this being addressed in the General Election campaign? No; the policy is to throw more money at the NHS. As I said to the Galatians, ‘Who has bewitched you?’

Remove the stress, remove the over-regulation & letter of the law application, & empty the hospital wards. It’s not complicated.  “As regards to the economy, instead of paying all this interest to bodies unknown by the people, who are incredibly so rich they can lend money to nations, why not take the Word of God, & tithe unto those upholding the Constitutions of Christian nations?

This involves far less going out to bodies that bring destruction rather than life; & places money into the hands of those who will keep governments on track. “Instead, what thou hast done is place the prophets under stress as to whether they should be allowed to talk at all. You bind them up as best you can with the letter of the law, when all they want to do is bring life rather than death.  

“This business of nations lending money makes no sense at all. The earth is the Lord’s & the fullness thereof. Instead of being under bodies which apparently have more money than the nations, you recognise those, as in Britain, who have been given the Constitutional obligation to ensure the Constitution is kept. “What in effect has happened is that modern laws have been passed by sittings of Parliament that have ignored the Constitutional obligation, these laws placing unbelievable pressure on those upholding traditional values.

So the ignoring of the prophets have brought in rather strange laws; even laws of foreign powers & courts that have no place in the British Constitution. The studies of Daniel Hannan give reference to much of this. “So the General Election campaign has not got started yet. For the issues being raise by politicians bear no relation to the Constitution of the nation. The Constitution of the nation protects the unborn child.

When is that going to be said in this General Election campaign? The Constitution of the nation does not allow for the gathering of strange flesh. The Constitution of the nation does not allow for equality & diversity in the way it is presented. For there is only one religion established by law in the Constitution, & only one way to God. Other apparent ways to God do not have equal status in the Constitution; & neither is there allowance for diversity in the manner in which it is presented. 

“However, there is equality & diversity in the Word of God. On the subject of diversity, there is one body with many members. On the subject of equality, those who come unto Me are joint heirs with Me. But it is not under those terms that the modern equality & diversity laws have been given. For those have been brought in to make sin acceptable, thus making these laws not legal under the Constitution.  “So, to sum all this up, & this thou can prophesy: a nation not on its foundations, of whatever political persuasion, will fall.

Now, the storm is brewing. A judgements against nations who have turned away from Me. The signs are all around you. Babylon looms on the horizon. There are signs on the earth & in the sky. Yet the British General Election campaign fails to acknowledge this. “In the past, the nation has been called to prayer by its monarch; & God has answered prayer of a nation on its knees before Me. Yet, the modern equality & diversity laws would not allow this to happen. For the appeasing of other religions would have to take place under these modern equality & diversity rules.

The secularists & the homosexuals would have to be appeased. “So what chance today would the nation have against Hitler? Would the weather have been changed in the Allies’ favour, as in the Second World War? Over the South of England has come massive pollution clouds. Is not this a sign you have lost the favour of the Lord? The plagues are gathering to come unto thy nation. For, as with Pharaoh, you have placed the people under the letter of the law. My prophets have warned about this for years.

I am the Lord: I change not. Honour Me, & I will honour thee. But you go through your acts of religion, denying the power, denying reverence to Almighty God. So the new Parliament will have members not honouring My Constitution, & the Oath the monarch gave to God. The babies will continue to be slaughtered, just as they have for years.  

“But there is a factor now this new Parliament will have to consider: the continued strain on the NHS, & the increase of the plagues of judgement upon thy nation. “But I say this to My remnant who have kept faithfully to My Word: as in Psalm 91, it shall not come nigh thee.  

“You will be there to lead the people to the Cross of Calvary, from where all burdens are lifted. For at the cross comes salvation to the people, & is the place from where a nation can regain its spiritual sight, rather than that of modern-day rules of equality & diversity, which have no place under the British Constitution. “Will you repent, O nation of sinners?

For the time is very short. For I shall appear in the sky for those who have stood under My Constitution, which is the Word of God, on which I am the I AM.  “You touch My prophets with thy laws & regulations. But let Me tell you, they are so much more powerful than thee, because they have been to the Cross, & been risen up in resurrection power. 

“Now, will you choose life above death, or continue to persecute the prophets with your modern laws of destruction? “I plead with thee this day to repent, O nation of sinners, & come back to the Rock on which thy nation was originally built.

In isolating itself from Rome, so as to become a nation of the Protestant Reformation, a nation of sola scriptura?”

Word from the Lord to DPG, 16/04/15  
“A Constitutional Message to all Political Parties at the Time of the 2015 General Election, Asking You the Question, ‘To Whom Are You Giving Allegiance: the New Global Order, which is control & manipulation from outside – illegal under the British Constitution, thus placing you under the god of this World – or is Your Allegiance to the God of Heaven, to Whom thy Monarch swore an Oath that gives full Authority to the Prophets of God to ensure you keep the Law?’”

“My prophets are being attacked in Britain from every side, with the controls & manipulations of the New Global Order. Yet government office after government office needs to realise that the crest of the monarch represents an oath to the God of Heaven that gives full power to the prophets to ensure that every government servant gives honour to the Oath the monarch swore.   “This holy declaration unto God must be kept in its entirety.

For to break such a covenant before God, one removes the cover that saved the troops at Dunkirk. Attacking ministries of God with laws heavily influenced by the New Global Order would leave the nation highly vulnerable when it comes to the defence of its shores.   “Now, what happens in reality is this; & this has occurred throughout history: a nation will attack & attack its prophets. They cry aloud in the wilderness for the nation to repent. In effect, thou hast set up a wilderness television station, from where you are delivering the word John the Baptist gave before the first coming of the Lord; & now you are giving the same warnings before the second coming of the Lord.    

“So, in effect you are operating with the spirit of Elijah, with all the warnings of national disaster if you do not obey the God of Heaven.   “So, the message to all the political parties is this: Will you obey the God of Heaven, or continue with your manifestos that bear no relation to the oath the monarch gave to God? Which one of you has mentioned this oath in your manifesto, & assured the people you will keep to it?  

“You see, all your man-made plans will return void, unless you have the Biblical foundations the Protestant nation is built on. For all you are doing, is bashing the watchmen of your nation with law after law that bears no relation to the oath of the monarch to God. So, when you apply the letter of the law against them, rather than the Spirit, which is the Constitutional obligation, you place yourselves under a curse, for you have broken the monarch’s oath to God, the defendant being the overseer of that Constitutional Oath.

The whole thing is crazy, & I am waiting for a political party to rise up that will uphold the Constitution fully, & obey the monarch’s oath, & give place to the prophets who are there to ensure the oath is kept to.   “Yet, you have had the monarch apparently sign away powers to Europe; & you have had to ask, ‘Is the signature of the monarch higher than the oath of God of the monarch?’

So the God of Heaven laughs at thee, for there is only one answer to that; & unless you stop this endless letter of the law applications against thy prophets of God, then thy nation will fall, & it will only be the prophets of God that can build it up again.   “So where does that leave your political party?

Now, in the Second World War, the monarch called National Day of Prayer to the God of the Constitution. But today, you have given place to so many gods in thy land, in thy multi-faith orgy of extravagance, so thy people would not know which god to pray to.   “So in thy Olympics, you chose to pray to the gods of the created rather than the Creator. So an almighty curse came upon thy land with that Olympics; so great that only the prophets of God can get you out of it. Where is that in thy manifesto?  

“Oh, Great Britain, as you once were known, thou art in deep trouble. Babylon is on the rise; your air space is being infiltrated, you have drained your military of its resources, & you are looking stupid in the world. For the once-great power that honoured its Constitutional God is now the sitting duck for the messengers of Satan to run havoc in thy land, a land of over-stretched & over-worked people, each one of you in the parties being Pharaohs of legalism; & each one of you do not recognise the voice of God, despite of Parliament’s undertaking to pray before each sitting, you come at the people with your pledges & promises, yet we are not hearing about the military protection against Babylon.  

Defence has become a non-issue, yet you are more vulnerable today than in the days of Hitler. That is the seriousness of the situation. For you are promising the earth to the people; promises that cannot be delivered, because you have ignored thy Constitution, thy covenant with God, & left thy nation vulnerable, because not only have you attacked the prophets of God, who are there to protect the nation with spiritual armour; thou has also attacked thine own military, with cuts so great that they are no longer able to stand up to foreign attack, as in the days of Lord Nelson & Sir Francis Drake.  

“You foolish, foolish nation! You persecute the prophets, you deny your Constitution & covenant before God, you allow foreign powers to influence your political & legal structures, & you reduce the military to a fraction of what it is meant to be, leaving yourself open to the rulers of Babylon, who are ready to take over, & bring thy nation under the rules of the Pharaohs of the New Global Order, thy people, having already lost their day of rest, will now have to work harder, under the slavery & bondage of foreign powers.  

“So, where does that leave your Last Night of the Proms? Will they be able to sing, ‘Britain never, never, never shall be slaves’? You have broken thy covenant with God, & already thou art under the Pharaohs of foreign powers; & unless one of you political parties openly defends the Constitution, you can expect in Great Britain a slavery akin to the powers of the Egyptians against the Israelites.   Yes, the prophets will rise up.

It is time to see them as being those who will save the nation, & stop persecuting them with all your global laws. For it is the letter of the law that killeth, & the spirit that giveth life.”