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Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 20/01/15
“The Choice in Wales: Standing Stones, Druids, & the Dragon Flag v. the Cross of Jesus Christ”

“The old hymn, ‘Who is on the Lord’s Side?’ is the message in Wales. For Wales has a choice to prosper & be in health, or continue to over-strain its National Health Service, its social services, which is the result of bowing down to a flag which depicts Satan, who comes to kill, steal & destroy.

“So, Wales has a choice: to embrace the flag of Satan, or to embrace the cross of Jesus Christ. The question is simple: Who is on the Lord’s side? The flag of defeat, or the cross of victory, from where Jesus laid down His life, bearing the sins & sicknesses of this world.

“But let us bring this reality into what this particularly means in Wales. What thou has achieved in Wales will go alongside the achievements I brought through Seth Joshua, John Elias, John Wesley, William Williams, D P Williams, Jeffreys brothers - all the great preachers who have come out of this land.
“What has been achieved by thee through My Spirit is on a par with these great ministries; for thou, like them, has taken on this nation of Wales; & of course this leads us on to the Bible College of Wales & what I intend to do through it in the future, all over the world & in Wales.

“Thou art to fill the buildings of Swansea with those especially chosen from all over the world, as the harvest to Rees Howells’ surrender. For what was sent out, must come back.

“You see, Rees Howells was big time into seed faith. He planted seed all over the world; but the seed was not money, as the false prophets & apostles declare. The seed is the Word; & the ministry became the Word of God, planted all over the world. The seed he planted, the seed is the Word, & the Word multiplies. So no wonder you are getting this passion for mission houses. For the mission house is the greenhouse of natural seeds, where they are nurtured to grow to maturity. This is the perfecting of the saints; & the saints are empowered of the Holy Ghost, which is why I have called thee, in the diplomas I am setting up through thee, to teach on how to be led of the Spirit, the anointing; exposing the other Jesus, past missionary adventures, sound theology & doctrine – all of this I am setting up through thee.
“But what about Wales? Once thou hast set up the College in Wales, to house the overflow from the seed faith of Rees Howells, thou will give Wales the choice, between the flag of Satan, or the cross of Jesus Christ. This is what thou art setting up: an operation to receive the return of the surrender that came through Rees Howells.

“Now, the charismatic counterfeit must be thwarted. It has been a spiritual counterfeit of immense proportions; but thou stood at Fuller; thou stood at Saddleback; thou stood in San Diego; thou hast stood against the Romanist plot & its indulgences; of seed faith not of God; but thou hast stood for the seed faith of Rees Howells; of the planting of the Word, from which will always come a mighty harvest of those who understand that they are to be the manifestation of the Word. For this army of the Lord is as I am (I John 4:17). This army of the Lord is married to Me (Jeremiah 3:14). This army of the Lord is my body (Ephesians 5), full clad with My armour (Ephesians 6); which treads on principality & power from the high position in Christ (Ephesians 1 & 2; Colossians 1 & 2). Now, this army, on the Lord’s side, is going forth all over the world, to preach the gospel; to make disciples of all nations; to baptize them in the Name above every other name; an army empowered of the Holy Ghost, so powerful that the threats against thy ministry look so small, from subversive groups that are on oath so destroy you, representing the standing stones, the sun worshippers, of the pagan flag of Wales, that has brought so much shame on the nation. For the only place which will bring life, is the cross of Jesus Christ, the preaching of which is foolishness to those which are perishing. And this is why I brought to your attention the great preachers of Wales. Thou art to broadcast the preaching of Maynard James, & the passion & conviction I brought through this man of surrender.

“You see, I have brought thee to Wales to preach the gospel; to bring in the harvest from overseas into Wales, to preach the cross of Christ. I will bring those in this vision unto thee, one such man being of the Gethsemane experience, like thee, who has cried out for the valleys to come back to Me; a land that has been barren, as the hymn writer wrote. But can thou say together, ‘Open Thou the Crystal Fountain, whence the healing stream doth flow?’ The over-stretched Health Service, the social services, the benefits system, cannot provide it. Can Wales once more cry out to Me?

“Prepare for a mighty harvest. Prepare for a mighty harvest. For I am the way, the truth, & the life. No man cometh to the Father, except by Me.

“The widely used flag of Wales was defeated at Calvary. Time now to pick up the flag that represents the cross of Christ. For this army is the army of the hymn writer, ‘Marching as to war.’

“What is this army lifting up, but the place of Satan’s defeat? This is the army of the Lord. The army has a barracks. What do you think those buildings at Swansea are for? They shall be called the Swansea Barracks. This is what this is all about in Wales. Thy time has not been wasted here; & these attacks are under thy feet, in My name.

“They said they would destroy you through official channels; but I have already destroyed the one they represent. My blood was shed for that destruction; & you see, those under the flag of the defeated one, that is why they are intent on destroying things, & not wanting to build things up. They are under the standing stones & sun-worshippers of the pagan flag of Wales which they wave so proudly.

“So, the choice is clear: the seed, My Word, or this pagan flag of defeat.

“Choose thee this day whom ye will serve, Wales. For My army, the return of the sacrifice of Rees Howells, is coming to take My land.

“This has been thy preparation.”